Redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma Entry Level Model Variant begin at $ 22,0

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Redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma Entry Level Model Variant begin at $ 22,0 -
Toyota announced on the body redesigned 2016 model Tacoma in January. Recently, there are rumors that Toyota reducing the number of variants that the company offers for 2016 Tacoma car model as such the single cab Tacoma TRD or Pro variant and two-wheel hand drive version are available. However, TRD Sport and TRD off-road versions are still available.
Despite all this, there are still about 28 Tacoma variants that include two or four-wheel drive, short or long bed, access or complete cabins with four doors and four or six cylinders. Tacoma entry level which is the SR Access Cab 4 × 2 is equipped with an automatic six-speed transmission and a four-cylinder engine of 2.7 liters. It will be priced at $ 22.0 which is about $ 1,0 more than the entry-level 2015 Tacoma. The upscale level Tacoma is the company is coming up with a V6, all-wheel drive and will be priced at $ 39,375. These prices, unfortunately, does not include the destination and the cost of delivery. 2015 models, the cost was an additional $ 885.
The difference between 2016 Tacoma Tacoma 2015 2016 Tacoma is that will come with improved rigidity, redesigned interior and exterior, upgraded infotainment system, V6 3 5 liters, LED lights, wireless phone pad and new load of safety features.

Ford Motor unveiled MoDe: Flex e-Bike Prototype

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Ford Motor unveiled MoDe: Flex e-Bike Prototype -
Ford Motor unveiled MoDe: Flex e-bike prototype at the conference "Going Further with Ford", held in June 2015. in addition to the e-Bike prototype, the company also introduced the mode: Link application that aims to provide real-time information on navigation, weather, time and traffic between other characteristics
mode :. Flex e-bike boasts to allow the pilot to make hands-free navigation turn-by-turn while being able to keep track of your heart rate the MoDe. Link app is currently extended to be able to work on smartwatch biker therefore be able to access information in real time on his wrist. in addition to this, there is a special function that can be activated on the smartwatch. the function is known as "no sweat fashion" that will monitor the heart rate of the rider and if the heart rate is faster, so it will increase the pedal electric assist so that the driver could not put much effort to pedal e -Bike and therefore we hope that the rider will not sweat after reaching the destination. This feature is useful for runners who do not want to attend a meeting with a wet shirt when he or she rides her bike to work
These new features are released after Ford unveiled Mode :. Me and mode: Pro eBikes that are designed for commuters and delivery services, respectively three months ago. All these shows Ford's effort to push another mode of transport without any transport wheel drive.