Over the Air (OTA) update will be available for cars in the future Your

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Over the Air (OTA) update will be available for cars in the future Your -

Unlike traditional cars, modern cars are operated by millions of lines of code to doing cool things they are designed to do. For example, to simply perform a navigation and infotainment standard, there are about 20 million lines of code and like all software, it must be updated regularly either for bug correction or addition new features. The problem with this is how to implement it in cars that have been sold to the public.

Traditionally, whenever there is an update of the software cars, manufacturers have had to issue a formal recall, the form their dealer service technicians on how to update the car and car owners should bring the car to the workshop to get the update done. All these results in high costs as such it must be done when there is no other way.

The good news is that as of 2015, about 20 percent of vehicles sold worldwide will be integrated with a kind of expected connectivity module and the number of connected cars sold worldwide to grow more than six times to 152 million by 2020 as reported by Forbes business. Therefore, the modern cars of software should be updated OTA using the method similar to the way you update your smartphone or tablet today.

Jim Pisz, corporate director of North American sales strategy Toyota has spent a lot of time working on the OTA technology for cars. He explained that every new car sold in the world would have a data communications module and it was not about infotainment but the functionality of the vehicle. He said he was on the car tell the client that he did not feel well before the client knew (about it) and if an error code came, he went to a large data center and it was noted as an exception. The information then will return to the dealer or the customer. It uses the same data connection that provides drivers with information and security services of the real-time navigation.

However, there is also a downside to this method because it can be hacked. The researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller demonstrated by hacking several cars with their data communication modules and able to take control of the vehicle moving away for some cases. Therefore, it does not take much time for data security for cars to move up the list of priorities. One way to solve this problem is to use encryption to maintain each system manufacturers a secret. As a proprietary system, so manufacturers are free to use their own encryption method.

The advantage of using OTA updates for cars is that car manufacturers can realize savings of up to $ 2.7 billion in 2015 and growing to $ 35 billion by in 2022 according to estimates by IHS Automotive. In addition, it could reduce warranty costs, which could increase the overall completion rate for recalls related to software and improve customer satisfaction by not forcing them to go to the dealership just put update software on their cars.

another concern regarding the OTA updates is that certain personal information may be reported back to the wholesale data center and it could be sold to a third party or used to challenge you. Unfortunately, there are no laws or regulations for the United States. Pisz assured that Toyota did not need personal information and it will not be automatic.

Regardless, the live updates for cars will become part of your life over the next decade.

More Restrictions Added to Tesla Autopilot Feature in response to videos uploaded by people using this Dangerously

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More Restrictions Added to Tesla Autopilot Feature in response to videos uploaded by people using this Dangerously -

Videos uploaded on Youtube showing people doing stunts with Tesla Autopilot function on private roads that could cause damage to themselves and the people around them. Regarding this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said additional constraints will be added to the function, the call gains with the event investors.

It seems that people have tested the Autopilot function limit in the car Tesla models if it is intentional or accidental. In addition to this, there are people who obviously were using the functionality recklessly. Musk seems to realize that Tesla has some responsibility that the company designs and implements the system.

Musk did not specify the particular constraints that will be added in the function. However, one possible constraint that could be implemented is to ask someone to sit on the driver's seat that some of the videos showed that no one is on the driver's seat while the car Tesla is it -even driving on private road. Occupancy sensor can be installed on the driver's seat to check that side of the driver's seatbelt is clicked. If it is not then the car could not even be able to start.

Tesla and Google believe that fully autonomous cars are the future of the automobile. However, the two companies have another way to implement them. Tesla estimates that driving is necessary for the human operator to take over in response to scenarios where the system may not be able to handle it. The company will gradually add more features and more autonomy to its car model.

Google on the other hand believes that the steering wheel is not necessary.

Congress must consider cars as connected multi Trillion Market

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Congress must consider cars as connected multi Trillion Market -

connected cars found on public roads is only possible if supported by the government. Apart from the technology that is currently built by automakers and technology companies, road infrastructure is able to support the technology is also essential to make it a reality. That is why the Congress should consider as a trillion dollar market.

The idea of ​​connected cars is for cars to be able to communicate with other cars or other vehicles using vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and for cars to be able to communicate with other infrastructure such as traffic lights, road signs using vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology. All such communications need a spectrum that media to transfer information from one object to another object.

75 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9GHz band has been allocated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the automotive industry to improve transportation safety through intelligent transport systems in 1999. 2014 , senators Marco Rubio and Cory Booker introduced a Senate bill to open this spectrum to companies and non-auto users. There was no opposition from the Association of global automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, however, of this feasibility study is far from complete.

There are approximately more than 30,000 deaths happened on US roads each year. With the car technology connected using the spectrum, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) estimated at about 80 percent of it could be eliminated. With both technologies, Intersection Movement Assist and Left Turn Assist, could eliminate about 1,083 deaths and 0,000 accidents per year.

There probably will impact the opening of spectrum to the pubic. The opening of spectrum can improve trade; however, it could lead to congestion in the spectrum. The limitation of spectrum usage could lead to a safer environment. However, Congress should allow for further research before connected car spectrum reallocation.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R comes with Carbon Fiber Wheels

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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R comes with Carbon Fiber Wheels -

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is a car model produced in series inspired by technology from motor racing. The most interesting part of this car's wheels as they are made from carbon fiber. These wheels are produced specifically for Koenigsegg hypercars and therefore the car model will be the first mass-produced car in the world that will be running on carbon fiber wheels.

According to Ford, the carbon fiber wheels weigh about 18 pounds each while the standard aluminum wheel weighs about 33 pounds each. Therefore, there is a total reduction of 60 pounds in the unsprung weight and about 40% drop in rotational inertia. The wheels are measured 19 x 11-inch front with extra half-inch wide rear. In addition to this, it is wrapped in super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with a compound of unique tread and construction.

The carbon fiber wheels are produced by Carbon Revolution of Australia. They demanded a special coating to protect the resin carbon fiber resulting from UV degradation and road salt. The sidewalk impact test was running so smooth until it was needed to be executed twice just to be sure.

Unfortunately, Ford GT350R has to be tested some more time before it is put on the market. It is expected to be released at the end of this year.


Flying as seems possible in the coming years, with Terrafugia TF-X

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Flying as seems possible in the coming years, with Terrafugia TF-X -

Terrafugia, a US company develops a mode of transport which seems to be impossible just a few years ago and those that we can not see or imagine in books or movies. The company develops TF-X, a flying car that aims to improve safety, simple and convenient to use. The development is expected to take at least 8-12 years.

TF-X is designed to be safer than the autonomous car that is now undergoing road tests. It will also have the ability to avoid automatically the other air traffic, bad weather, and the tower airspace controlled and restricted. For emergency cases, such as when the operator determines that the vehicle can not automatically complete the landing, the operator can activate the parachute system comes pre-installed in the vehicle itself or the operator will be able to disembark from the vehicle landing untrusted zones. In the worst case in which the operator does not respond, the vehicle itself automatically land at the nearest airport.

It will be easy to learn about how TF-X safely. It will take no more than five hours for the average driver to do so. On top of that TF-X can operate in either manual or automatic mode between landing zones approved or airports. The driver will also have the freedom to control the vehicle with the aid of a tool in the vehicle which is similar to a steering wheel in a car.

There is no information on the price of the vehicle. However, if you want to have a before it is made public, you are able to do so by booking a transition now, so that if you bought the transition, you gave TF-X option to purchase prior than other consumers.

An online game developed to show the difference between the human pilot and robot

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An online game developed to show the difference between the human pilot and robot -

errors, a free online game that was developed to simulate what happens when there is more robot driver that human driver in the same way at some point. The online game was developed by Swedish Stugan game accelerator and Swedish Transport Administration. It is an online game that puts you behind the wheel of every 26 driverless cars that ran around a tree. The result is that most likely you will break through the pattern marching orders in less than 0.3 seconds after you start the game, smashing cars and other more or less repeat the process until the the gap was wide enough to drive normally.

The simulation shows that if a human driver drove recklessly, he or she may be more dangerous than a robotic driver and there is a ripple effect to it. It will not only will affect only one car, but it would potentially spread through the blocks at the end will destroy all the efficiency that supposedly robotic car bring us first as readers of robotic pilots somehow.

Therefore, the conclusion is that there should be some safety regulation that will limit what a human driver can do to be able to use the road safely with the robot pilot . On top of that, human cars will also need a certain level of automation to be able to handle a certain scenario. In this way, we hope there will be less traffic and low accident reports.

Carry Portable could be seen on Tokyo Streets soon

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Carry Portable could be seen on Tokyo Streets soon -

Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors invented a pocket carrier that is small enough to be carried in a bag. This invention is known as carrier "Walkcar" and is currently implemented on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. For those of you who are interested in the product, you will be able to book via the website of autumn 2015 and the expedition begins from spring 2015. The device will be evaluated at 100,000 Japanese yen (about 800 $).

What is interesting about this carrier is that, apart from its small size, it is able to move at up to 10 kilometers per hour (6.2 miles per hour) and for a distance of 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) after three hours of charging, it is powered by a lithium battery. In addition to this, it is strong but light as it is made of aluminum and capable of taking loads up to 0kg (265 lbs). It is more like a skateboard rather than a segway.

Walkcar is easy to mount. When the rider step on it, the driver starts automatically when the driver resign from it, then it will stop automatically too. To change direction, the rider just needs to shift his weight in the direction he wants to go.

There are two versions, indoor or outdoor version and weighs between two and three kilograms (4.4 to 6.6 pounds) depending on the version.

Fake City Developed for Driverless car test at the University of Michigan North Campus of

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Fake City Developed for Driverless car test at the University of Michigan North Campus of -

MCity a fake city built above ground of 32 acres near the North Campus University of Michigan was officially opened on Monday morning. It consists of a mix of streets, fake buildings, traffic lights, a bridge, a tunnel and a four-lane highway with entrance and exit ramps. The plant is reported to cost about $ 6.5 million for construction.

The installation is constructed so that researchers are able to do tests on the driverless car, so sometimes someone is crossing the aimless and driverless car road must be able to easily avoid. Twitter users share photos using hashtag #MCity in case if you want to find more information about it.

Driverless car is on trend right now that some large companies are in the testing phase of it before releasing it for public use. Although there are some advantages of its use, there are still challenges that need to be resolved such as policies and regulations aimed at preventing road users safe.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, noted that self-driving cars are not only permissible but mandatory in most spaces. In addition, according to Google, it seems that the biggest challenge of the driverless car is potentially human driver as there were a few times when Google was testing its driverless car; he was struck by a human driver in the back as he or she was distracted by something and not paying attention to the road. On the other hand, "Freakonomics" book noted that the driverless car might encourage binge drinking and destroy jobs.

Harvard Scholar defends Saying Tesla electric car it is not Disruptive

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Harvard Scholar defends Saying Tesla electric car it is not Disruptive -

A story written by Thomas Bartman studying disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School think tank concludes that Tesla disturbing not, but rather a classic holding innovation. Tesla product offers better performance that the product previously published by the same company at a higher price which makes sense if you take a closer look. The story appeared there two weeks in August Harvard Business Review.

According Bartman real breakthrough innovation for electric power is actually electric vehicles and low-speed electric commercial vehicles. These vehicles are most likely popular in the future because they are emission-free and are easy to use in the streets increasingly congested major cities. They are currently sold by companies such as GEM and often not seen on public roads. The disadvantage of these vehicles is that there are no safety requirements so that the maximum speed limit in New York is 25 miles per hour, if you move slowly while others move then in a higher speed than the possibility of you getting hit in the intersection is higher.

Therefore, to say Tesla is disruptive is not quite correct, without Tesla so there is no competitive advantage in the automotive industry, and therefore other companies such as General Motors would be launched in 2011 Chevy Volt or announced 0-mile Chevy Gras EV electric car battery and the automotive industry will not develop now.

Uber brings Driverless developing cars Pittsburgh

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Uber brings Driverless developing cars Pittsburgh -

In order to develop its own driverless car, Uber has partnered with an operating unit within the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) appointed NREC (National Robotics Engineering Center) earlier this year. NREC is known for its robotics research center that works closely with the government and people in the industry to apply robotics for the product and the real-world processes as autonomous vehicle.

However, the partnership is complicated as Uber poached 40 of its researchers and scientists as reported by the Wall Street Journal CMU leaving in a crisis. Among them, six senior researchers and 34 engineers. Besides that Uber also opened his own car search center conductor which is located just minutes laboratories Cren.

Jeff Legault, head of business development for NREC, WSJ said he would have preferred to Uber comes to them and work with the school to develop the technology. However, as the lines between academia and industry is a little gray, therefore it seems that industries always want talented people to work for them by leaving people with low key they left to suffer temporarily. On the other hand, this could be seen as an opportunity for the university to attract the most talented people in the future.

On the other hand, if we take a look at the bigger picture, the location of Uber in Pittsburgh will say that it could transform the city following the technology hub of the America similar to Silicon Valley.

England will be the first country for electric cars to be able to be loaded in moving

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England will be the first country for electric cars to be able to be loaded in moving -

There are about 35,000 electric cars registered in the UK since 01 and the figure is expected be more in the coming years. Most electric cars normally need recharging after about 100 miles; Therefore, there is a need for increasingly charging station to be installed around the United Kingdom. However, it seems that this way is not always enough that the driver of the electric car will need to make a few stops to load the vehicle until it reaches its destination.

The main roads and motorways in England will be installed with a new system that is known as the dynamic power transfer wire allowing electric cars to charge and therefore remove the need to stop a few times just to fuel the electric car. Chargers equipment will be installed below the surface of the road in this way, the electric car just need to stop and it will open automatically.

highways England chief engineer Mike Wilson said that testing out wireless power drive technology help create more sustainable road network in England and to open new opportunities for companies that transport goods across the country. The government of England is also supporting the growth of this technology in the hope that this will stimulate employment for people.

Apple carplay enable automakers to create their own applications in the App

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Apple carplay enable automakers to create their own applications in the App -

General Motors announced that their infotainment system 2016 model range will be compatible with Apple carplay. Apple carplay does not come as a car infotainment system. He is able to work once you plug your iPhone to the USB port of the car and it appears as an option for the central infotainment system. In addition to this, it is only compatible with iPhone running on iOS 7.1 from.

One advantage Apple carplay is that the driver can use the Siri feature of iOS. Therefore, if the driver wants to go somewhere, he can simply send a voice command such as "Where's the nearest Starbucks" and Siri will do the job for him. This way, he did not take his eyes the road and minimizing the possibility of having an accident.


According to Engadget, Apple has made available to car manufacturers to make their own applications to provide convenience to their consumers. therefore, by accessing the application of the manufacturer on the Apple carplay, fuel car owners will be able to monitor the economy or to locate the vehicle. It is as announced by Apple during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, among other new features and updated by the company.

Moreover, automakers such as Hyundai, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen are exploring the idea of ​​implementing the application on Apple Watch.

New production model Perhaps Photos of Tesla Model X Emerged

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New production model Perhaps Photos of Tesla Model X Emerged -

Tesla recently announced that Tesla Model X would be released September 29 2015. The prototype car model was first unveiled in February 2012 and since then has experienced delays in the release for public use. One reason is that engineering challenges falcon wing doors which is reported as characteristic of conception more difficult to assemble.


In recent months, are photographs X model test vehicles painted black or white and heavily camouflaged. However, in recent days, there is a total of 3 Model X images posted on Instagram with a blue or red paintjob with little camouflage covering the lights, trim and front end of car parts, which suggests they could be production models.


Tesla Model X is reported that more than 24,000 bookings with deposits, which, apparently, about twice as much as the Model S reservation prior to its launch in 2012. The range price will be somewhere from $ 70,000 to 142,250 $, which is not considered very cheap. Tesla Model X will be released with two new battery pack sizes, and 70kWh 0KWh similar to the Model S. In addition, it will have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, as announced by Jim Chen, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Tesla.

as the date approaches the final version of the Model X, hopefully there are not many changes to the design of the car and the falcon wing doors is able to function as it is supposed to be.

Exploride Head Up Display Designed for any car

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Exploride Head Up Display Designed for any car -

Exploride is in place for the financing of the crowd on Indiegogo. It is a head-up display or HUD option that has a separate transparent screen or can be projected on the windshield. The best thing about this device is that it can be equipped with a car, same old.

There are many things you can do with Exploride. The device has GPS, LTE, custom Google Maps which provide the best route to your destination, offline maps because it has an internal memory of 8GB, voice activated navigation to remember the route you need to take each time you are on the junction of the road, your car diagnostic information such as speed, tire pressure, odometer, fuel, engine stats and other useful data. With all these good features, we hope that your trip will be driving more enjoyable.

Exploride is normally placed on top of your car's dashboard panel, so you do not need to look elsewhere to find this information and focus on the road. In addition, the device also allows to make phone calls or rejection or even raise and lower the volume by simple gesture. As you take in the phone calls and begins to converse with the other party, you do not have to worry that the other party will certainly be able to hear your voice Exploride also comes with built in microphone that allows you to isolate the noise superior call clarity and voice commands without interruption.

out of all the wonderful features mentioned above, Exploride also supports many music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music, social media applications such as Twitter or Facebook, therefore you can access all your favorite apps in one place.

Finally, it also has a video recording function that records all things happen while you're on the road. Therefore, if something happens and you can show the recording as evidence of what happened.

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, you can do it from the site Indiegogo.

Catalyst XR All-Electric Bus Able Travel 258 miles on a single load

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Catalyst XR All-Electric Bus Able Travel 258 miles on a single load -

made Proterra electric bus, the Catalyst XR was reported to be able to travel 258 miles on a single charge depending on testing conditions in Laurens Michelin Proving Grounds (GPL). The company based in South Carolina managed to reach this range by using a battery of 257 kWh massif. It is quite impressive, since the battery is used to power a vehicle ~ 27,500 lbs.

In order to serve the entire transport path regular public in the United States, the company plans to offer 10 modules packaged as a recent test was performed and the result is that using a 321 kWh battery modules 10, the vehicle could travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. During Max range test, Catalyst XR was maintained at an average speed of 30 mph and consumed 0.8 kWh per mile.

Proterra is one of the few bus manufacturers who focus on building a battery technology from the ground -up be fully electric instead of upgrading a gas-powered bus outgoing. The CEO of the company, Ryan Popple was Director of Finance at Tesla Motors before joining the VC firm Kleiner Perkins, a major investor in Proterra.

Proterra has sold more than 110 buses that are currently active in the transit programs across the United States.

Car built by the University of Toronto Students able to travel 3421 miles per gallon

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Car built by the University of Toronto Students able to travel 3421 miles per gallon -

In recent Shell Eco-marathon Americas, where high school and university students are competing to build an effective vehicle, the winner was the University of Toronto. Unlike other teams that usually have an off-the-shelf model and modify it, the University of Toronto team was the only team that built the car from scratch.

It was the third time that the University took part in the competition; However, it was the first victory for the team in the competition. The team built a gasoline vehicle, which was able to travel about 3421 miles per gallon on a track in Detroit. Prashanth Murali Krishna, co-team leader and aerospace engineering graduate student said that the first year, they had a basic car, an aluminum frame, a poorly designed aeroshell and motor off-the-shelf. He added that last year they have improved a lot, changed a lot of designs, designed and built their own engine.

With this kind of competition, it gives a general idea that the future of transport would be good. Apparently Krishna had no intention to enter the automotive industry after completing this year; However, some of his teammates have plans to be part of the industry and we hope to take their expertise in fuel economy with them.

Another winner of the competition this year, as a cell car hydrogen fuel from Wheat Ridge High School Colorado which is capable of traveling 151 miles per kWh, an electric vehicle battery which is able to travel 450 per kWh which was built by Mater Dei High School students and a car in Indiana ethanol from the University of Colorado Boulder who is capable of reaching 842 miles per gallon.


Elio three wheels and two seats Vehicle Being crowdfunded

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Elio three wheels and two seats Vehicle Being crowdfunded -

Elio Motors recently released a prototype version of Elio is a vehicle with three wheels, two seats. Its size is approximately half the width of an ordinary car, and due to its function with three wheels, it is technically classified as a motorcycle. Finally, it is retailing at about $ 6.800.

Paul Elio, founder of Elio Motors, said the company needed about $ 300 million before it can begin manufacturing cars. It is currently received about 45,000 pre-orders of the vehicle. The company does not follow the conventional process of raising venture capital that private equity would not pre-revenue and capital investment risk thought the project was too big for a possible follow-up control and, therefore, Elio Motors considering some unconventional financing options that make use of the Regulation +, a new regulation that allows non-accredited investors to invest in private startups.

+ Regulation is considered a new program as it just launched on 19 June e . The process of settlement is that the company that requested it needs to enter the period of "testing the waters" where they can advertise that they accept the investment and the investor is able to pledge an amount non-binding. in this case, Elio contracted StartEngine to do the job for them. StartEngine is a new platform built to guide companies by Regulation a + fund-raising process. It is different from Kickstarter fundraising program .

After the amount of the investment was achieved, the company will then submit a submission form 1-a provides SEC with a complete full financial audit. as of now, there are about 100,000 investors are committed to Elio Motors, bringing a total investment of $ 37M.

Autonomous Vehicles Era happens that Honda test also approve self driving cars

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Autonomous Vehicles Era happens that Honda test also approve self driving cars -

More and more car manufacturers are getting from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to test their systems on states' highway. Honda has recently joined the list published in the DMV website. The company has its own vehicle test center in Concord, California, which is just outside of San Francisco. His self driving car prototype, Acura RLX, was hacked for all sensors and computing power an autonomous car should have. The prototype was displayed to the public last year and since then; Honda kept a low profile.

Other car manufacturers are allowed to test their self driving cars in California includes Volkswagen Group of America, Mercedes Benz, Google, Delphi Automotive, Tesla Motors, Bosch, Nissan, BMW Cruise Automation. Other states like Nevada, Michigan and Florida have also allowed to use their roads as a testing ground for self-driving cars.

In separate news, ten automotive manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo had promised that they will implement their new cars with systems automatic braking using the sensors on the vehicle to apply the brake driver there is a risk of collision. The news was announced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Auto Safety (IIAS). However, there is no dateline specified for full integration.

IIAS and NHTSA also said they were open to the possibility of requiring automatic braking systems on new cars in the future.

The researchers found that the activated voice features also can distract the driver for 27 seconds longer

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The researchers found that the activated voice features also can distract the driver for 27 seconds longer -

Car manufacturers try to make most of the features of their car systems they can be activated using voice control as a way to avoid driver distraction from the road. However, a recent study conducted by researchers from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it is found that, even if the hands-free technologies will keep the driver's eye on the road and hands on the wheel, but it causes mental conductor to be diverted somewhere else as long as 27 seconds before finally concentrated to the road and driving.

Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said that the lasting effects of mental distractions are dangerous hidden and pervasive that probably would have been a surprise to most drivers. He even added that motorists could miss stop signs, pedestrians and other vehicles when the mind has been readjusted to the driving task.

AAA researchers also found that the cognitive distraction level varies between the brand and model. For example, Chevy Equinox is equipped with the distracting voice command system under test and the driver was distracted for 15 seconds after he or she has used the system. Mazda6 is considered as the least efficient system than the active voice system can distract the driver for as long as 27 seconds after use.

Another example of the make and model of a car that has the lowest level of distraction such as Buick LaCrosse and Toyota 4Runner all Hyundai Sonata Chrysler 0 and a higher level of distraction.

Transport Information and emerges with data and innovation center at

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Transport Information and emerges with data and innovation center at -

There will be a big change on the driving history. Automakers and technology companies are competing with each other to come up with the most innovative product that combines leisure driving with technology and data will be the center of it.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said they were at a point of inflection in the automotive industry and they thought of themselves as a society of mobility and a car manufacturer. Fields said this in 2015 New York Auto Show where he held a conversation with a small group of reporters in which he developed a new brave future for the automaker.

There are many changes occurring in the automotive industry. There are a few years, the only way we can know what is happening in our surrounding while on the road listening to the radio. Nowadays, carmakers are developing vehicles that are able to share information with other vehicles on the road. For example, if a car went through an empty parking lot, he can simply download the information to the cloud to share with other cars that might need an empty parking lot. However, the challenge comes in deciding who will own the data.

Another challenge is that there should be an infrastructure in place to support data transfer between vehicles on the road that needs government investment. On top of that, if people are not convinced that they need a vehicle to vehicle technology, then technology is not going to bother.

Driverless EasyMile Bus Coming to California and Singapore

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Driverless EasyMile Bus Coming to California and Singapore -

EasyMile, a French company intends to bring one of its electric buses without driver EZ10 with the model in a business park California and a park in Singapore. The driverless electric buses should be running on all electric and is totally autonomous since it has not even wheel. The company plans to have about 100 to 0 EZ10 units in service in 2017.

EZ10 was not designed to run on public roads. Instead it is designed to operate on a contained environment with pre-defined route such as airports, city centers and business parks. However, do not worry because it is capable of running on asphalt.

EZ10 is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is able to fully charge in 8 hours. It can work up to 12 hours and can travel up to 80 km or 50 miles on a single charge with a speed of up to 20 km / h or 12 mph and a top speed of 40 km / h (25 mph).

EZ10 collects data on the basis of information gathered by lidar, video, global positioning system Differential (DGPS) and odometry sensor which is able to estimate the change in position over time. The vehicle is also designed to protect against piracy, as it will stop automatically when there is a request for execution on a different route of the road that is already configured. In addition to this communication fleet management system is encrypted and the vehicle safety system is designed to be separate from the computer network.

EZ10 trial run begins in December and will last for about two weeks 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) along the loop 101-ha (250 ac) Bay Gardens Park in Singapore . It is planned to fully deploy in mid 2016. Moreover, the EZ10 trial in California will take place in the business park in San Ramon Bishop Ranch and it will be from mid 2016.

A team of students break Guinness World Record for strengthening electric car that goes from 0 to 100km / h in 1779 seconds

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A team of students break Guinness World Record for strengthening electric car that goes from 0 to 100km / h in 1779 seconds -
a Stuttgart University team of students Stuttgart, Germany recently set a new Guinness world of Record by making an electric car that is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 1.779 seconds. Previously, he was set to 1785 seconds by ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts which means that the new record of 0.006 seconds to throw out the previous record. The team of students themselves designated as the Green Team.
The built car was powered by four motors and a battery pack 6.62kWh. Based on the weight of the car 0 kg, the power to weight ratio is 1.6 kg / kW. It is considered a superb figures from university students compared to other vehicles such as Formula 1 (1.0 kg / kW), Bugatti Veyron Supersport (2.08 kg / kW) and a Porsche 918 Spyder (2, 50 kg / kW).
Initially, the car was designed with a massive rear wing which was then modified to be wingless the final design. Wingless design will result in less drag and faster acceleration. The attempt was part of the mission of the Green Team Awareness University on electric cars and their capabilities.
The Green Team is currently awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records, but the team is confident that they will find. The result should be announced in the coming days.

Self Driving Cars more prone to accidents, but that does not mean they are less safe

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Self Driving Cars more prone to accidents, but that does not mean they are less safe -
accident records Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the University Transportation Research Institute Michigan analyzed from 2012 to September 2015 all three enterprises which are autonomous vehicle testing that is Google, Delphi and Audi. The conclusion is that cars driving the car as those tested by Google are more prone to accidents, however, this does not mean they are less safe
For this study, both. the researchers compared the rate of auto car accident driving with conventional vehicles. It is found that self driving cars had the average collision rate of 9.1 per million miles traveled to 4.1 per million miles driven for conventional vehicles. Self driving cars also had higher rate of 3.29 injuries per million miles driven to 1.02 per million miles driven for conventional vehicles.
Schoettle sent NBC News that one could conclude that self driving cars are more dangerous, but he did not think that the data actually showed that, like self driving vehicles appears to be more likely to be involved in accidents in general, however, it is not their fault and still be hit by conventional vehicles, and injuries that occurred were less severe and any minor up 'now.
on top of that, apparently self-driving cars are being tested in California in which the environment is less difficult than a part of America as there no snow while conventional cars could meet one of the most difficult road conditions.

Google Getting Impatient as regulators of California has not Spend auto etiquette of cars

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Google Getting Impatient as regulators of California has not Spend auto etiquette of cars -

Since 2014, Google plans to release the self driving car to the public in 2016. The company was testing its autonomous cars on California roads since then and it is reported that there were 17 collisions so far. In total Google has more than 2.2 million miles of testing with nearly 1.3 million miles in the car driving mode.

With a year before the release date, Google seems to be ready, except for one thing, the rules of the road for self driving. Apparently, the Department of Motor Vehicles have the power to do so. Before Google was granted permission to release his self driving car on California public roads for public use, the company must prove that these cars are ready to drive as safely as people.

There appears to have complex questions about the technology that can not be answered yet. Question as if self driving cars fitted with advanced sensors and power capable of driving better than human calculation; is the steering wheel and the pedals still necessary? Can a person even required to be inside the car? Google's answer to these two questions are.

Google tested a total of 73 auto cars driving among the 98 test vehicles that have been granted permission to be tested on public roads by DMV in California. The company is considered also lobbied the California DMV to publish self driving car harder regulation as other car manufacturers who also manufacture auto car driving.

Google representatives are seen to constantly check the DMV and California State Transportation Agency on the state rules, official state flight from Sacramento to Silicon Valley for the test goes as well as sending technical experts and lobbyists in the capital to information sessions on writing the regulations.

A new report shows self driving cars prone to accidents, but that does not mean they are less safe

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A new report shows self driving cars prone to accidents, but that does not mean they are less safe -

According to a new report from transportation researchers, Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle University of Michigan Transportation research Institute, it is found that self driving cars had an average collision rate of 9.1 per million miles driven while conventional vehicles had 4.1 per million miles driven.

The study is based on comparing accident records from 2012 to September 2015, against the three companies that have made autonomous vehicle tests :. Google Delphi and Audi with the registration of all conventional vehicles in the US for 2013. safety record adjusted for under-reporting of safety accidents

It is also found that self vehicles conduct had a higher rate of 3.29 injuries per million miles driven with a conventional vehicle to 1.02 per million miles driven.

According Schoettle, self driving vehicles could be concluded that more dangerous than conventional vehicles; However, the data is actually proven otherwise. auto car driving seem to be more likely to get involved in accidents in general, even if it is not their fault, because they have always been struck by conventional vehicles, but injuries that occurred were less severe and minor up 'now. In addition to this, there were no deaths and there was no type of serious accidents, such as accidents on the head or involving pedestrians.

The research also noted that apparently there is not enough data that self driving cars had only been on the road for a few years and accumulated only about 1.2 million miles and most documents are Google cars. classic cars, on the other hand, have accumulated about three billion miles annually in the United States itself.

General Motors unveiled 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Production Version

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General Motors unveiled 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Production Version -

Chevrolet Bolt EV Version 2017 will be produced based on the concept Bolt began in 2015 Auto Show in Detroit. It is considered serious intention to General Motors to market affordable electric vehicle. The goal is eventually to produce an electric car that is capable of moving 0-mile and priced at $ 30,000. Currently, this electric car is already there, but as a form of Tesla Model S. However, it seems that it will be overtaken by other models such as Nissan Leaf and Tesla own model of 3 soon.

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 version will be more likely to have subtle roof rails and black fender trim. Crossing the proportions help to hide any extra height caused by the setting batteries. However, this is not confirmed until the official introduction of the company itself. For the exterior, Chevrolet Bolt EV version 2017 could look like 2016 Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3.

There is not much information out on the powertrain of the new car model. However, it could probably use the lithium-ion battery which the company is most likely going to get them from his supplier LG Chem. The energy should be at least 50 kWh which is capable of moving about 0 miles or more.

The car production version should be presented next month, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or 2016 Detroit auto show, or both. Mass production of the model will be somewhere at the end of 2016. The price will start around $ 30K after federal tax incentives.

Tesla Model X last offered online Prompt Only Base

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Tesla Model X last offered online Prompt Only Base -

Tesla finally opens a channel to buy its car model Model X on its website. There are basically three configurations, 70D, 0D and P0D each with each own specifications. The entry level is the 70D model from $ 80,000 price, however, after taxes and gas savings, the price is reduced to $ 61,000.

Model X 70D, 0D and P0D will provide 70 kWh with 220 miles range on EPA estimated 0 kWh with 257 miles range on battery performance and EPA 0kWh with 250 miles range on EPA estimate respectively. As for the top speed, 70D and 0D offers all 140 mph P0D offer each 155 mph. The difference between the 0D P0D and P0D is that comes with the Ludicrous mode that can go from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds and includes active spoiler that claimed to reduce and improve the aerodynamic drag.

Tesla also will offer add-on extras that includes $ 750 towing package that can carry 5,000 pounds and cold weather package of $ 1000 which includes a heated steering wheel, heated seats second and third row and some other comfort features as well.

The expected delivery will be sometime in 2016 depending on the model you purchased. As for the wing function Hawk focuses on the Tesla car models might have to wait for a while as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, admitted that the company had problems with the function.

FIXD Help Car Owners Translate Car Check Engine Light in simple and understandable terms

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FIXD Help Car Owners Translate Car Check Engine Light in simple and understandable terms -

FIXD is useful for car owners who are not really familiar with the car's technical definition because it translated car check engine light display and understandable terms so that car owners can do something. In addition to this, it also gives you the seriousness and consequences of each car problem, as pointed the car owner when it is time to move routine balance sheets.

FIXD works with most vehicles sold in the United States in 1996 and Apple iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 8 and Android devices running 4.0.3 or higher. To use it is very simple, you simply plug it into your OBDII port of your car and its sensor will be able to receive the latest information on cars. Unfortunately, his connection using Bluetooth; Therefore, users must be at a distance of the key in order to receive information.

There are some limitations though. First, whenever you want to check or delete a code, you must reestablish the connection as applications will forget the camera whenever he did his job. FIXD also does not keep track of other useful information on the car, it just translated check engine light and reminds you when you need to do maintenance on the car.

FIXD is available on Amazon for the price below $ 40.

10 most significant automotive technology shown in CES 2016

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10 most significant automotive technology shown in CES 2016 -

CES 2016 is full of new technologies from the automotive industry. In Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, he was full of electric vehicles and auto car conduct being displayed. The best part is that they no longer appear as a concept more, however, they become a reality in the coming years. In this entry, we will list the 10 most significant automotive technology shown in CES 2016.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The latest model of electric car Chevrolet Bolt EV is deemed able to travel as far as 0 miles on a single charge with an affordable price of $ 30,000 after a federal tax credit of $ 7,500 US. Another model of electric car having similar specification but similar price, if not more, is Tesla Model 3, which should be unveiled in the spring of this year. Therefore Bolt EV will be affordable electric car reference before.


Faraday Future FFZERO1

Faraday Future is a new player in the automotive industry. His first concept car, FFZERO1 was built for car lovers out there. It is basically one sitting car that looks like a race car. The car appears as a proof of concept of its head of design, Richard Kim and his team for all new vehicle scalable architecture of the automaker. It was built within three months. Unfortunately FFZERO1 will not be their first production car. However, the company suggested some future generation of car models!

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

BUDD-e is the latest electric concept car Volkswagen and it looks just like your beloved Microbus but it is powered electric. The propulsion system of the concept car is rumored to be as Tesla Model S with electric motors to the front and rear axles and the battery placed between them. It is capable of traveling 233 miles on a full charge and its top speed is about 93 mph. Most things you can do with the car such as turning heat or opening the side doors can be done through touch screens, voice commands or gestures.

Kia Drive Wise Autonomous Cars

to produce its own autonomous car, Kia is coming with Drive Wise autonomous driving technology. For its self driving technology, the company will present the urban and road modes. Both modes include combination of radar, camera, GPS and ultrasonic sensors to do things such as negotiation changing, overtaking other cars on the road, and sails across the road from the busy city, the all without human intervention.

in addition to that at CES 2016, the company also introduced the concept I-Cockpit showed the next generation of human-machine interface technologies according to the automaker. the concept I-Cockpit operates in a manner such that the system will be able to recognize the driver's preference by only a permuted fingerprint.

Kia has announced that the company plans to partial autonomous vehicles on the mass market by 2020, while a complete autonomous vehicle was scheduled to be released in 2030.


EHang 184 vehicle driving

EHang 184 is essentially an electric car -sized quadcopter that designed to carry a single person up to 10 miles . Therefore, basically the person needs to enter his destination via mobile apps and vehicles will take him to the destination without further human intervention. It is able to fly for about 23 minutes on a single charge with the top speed to 62 mph. Unfortunately, it is not legal in the United States.

BMW AirTouch 3D

AirTouch 3D was also featured in this year's CES. It is a gesture control system of the second generation BMW that allows users to control the dashboard system that looks like a touch screen, without even touching

BMW Motorrad Vision Head Up Display

at CES this year, apart from innovation to four wheels, BMW also presented its vision for helmet of the motorcyclist there. The helmet is made of a transparent screen placed over the right eye of the rider who is planning some basic data such as speed, fuel level, navigation and road hazard alerts. It is also able to double as closed loop power mirror so that the rider will not have to look at the side mirror all the time.


Ford Sync and Amazon for your home Use

Ford is working with Amazon to come with car infotainment system that is in certainly makes it more convenient for the driver. Ford Sync is designed to be able to communicate with intelligent hub Echo Amazon home so that, using voice commands, users will be able to open or close the garage door or turn on or off the thermostat when they commute. Furthermore, the house, users will be able to stop, start, lock, unlock or fuel range of their car.

Gracenote Dynamic EQ

Sometimes when driving home after a long day, you just need to listen to your favorite songs to elevate your sense . For this reason, Gracenote working on a new layer of technology that is able to analyze each song you play and optimize the sound quality of the playback.


auto Mercedes E-Class Driving

At CES this year, Mercedes Benz announced the next class generation E which is basically a self driving car. E-class was licensed to drive on the roads of Nevada, which undoubtedly the first production car to be granted the license. The car model will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto this week.

Ford applied patent for his design of rear tires that turns into electric unicycle

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Ford applied patent for his design of rear tires that turns into electric unicycle -

Ford has a very unique design for the car and the company has already applied for a patent for it. It is based on the movie "The Dark Knight Rises", a well-known Hollywood film in which the lead figure, Batman, parked his Batmobile, took one of his rear tires and Batpod the trunk Batmobile, set the rear tire in it and races through traffic in the city. Batmobile is Batman's car is then Batpod motorcycle Batman.

Therefore, according to this conception, Ford wants to bring in real life. It is useful in the scenario where when there is poor circulation in the city and the driver needs to rush to another location, the driver just needs to park the car in the nearby parking lot, get a rear wheel hand out the unicycle stored in the trunk of the car, fixed inside and the driver is ready to zip through traffic to reach its destination.


real life mechanism can be expected to be less smooth than in the film that the wheel can be clipped onto an electric motor with battery, seat and foot. Ford called this invention as a unicycle propelled engageable with a vehicle. In the patent, the automaker reported that propelled unicycle could be more quickly and easily maneuvered in the most congested areas.

Ford also suggested that more than a unicycle could be incorporated into the car. The patent was filed in June 2015 and has just been released last week.

Volkswagen electric BUDD-e Minibus Futuristic vehicle that comes with voice control

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Volkswagen electric BUDD-e Minibus Futuristic vehicle that comes with voice control -

With the continuation and Volkswagen scandal Dieselgate who made headlines last year BUDD-e could bring consumer confidence towards the brand. From now on, it is still a concept car with 101 kWh of battery power.

The vehicle is designed to travel an impressive 373 miles between charges, which are based on the new European driving cycle. After the EPA driving cycle was used, BUDD-e is able to travel about 233 miles per charge. On average, the van can travel up to 93 mph.

As for the interior, BUDD-e is equipped with infotainment panels that can operate using touch, voice and gesture control. Waving his hand, it could open the sliding or kicking door he could open the tailgate.

BUDD-e is designed to connect to your home or work space. The driver is able to control the lights and air conditioning or display images from cameras around the house while traveling in the minivan. The best part is that the driver can even open the front door for guests to come while still commute.

By "Hello BUDD-e simple, it could activate voice control of the vehicle or by saying" please put a little fire, "it might raise the temperature in the minivan and the response has an immediate effect. Volkswagen plays with the idea or not to install a feature if the e-BUDD can order and receive its own compartment as an improvement.

automatic emergency braking included as standard equipment in 2022

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automatic emergency braking included as standard equipment in 2022 -

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety) and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has announced that 20 automakers committed to automatic emergency break feature a standard for all new cars in 2022. Among the 20 automobile manufacturers, it includes Audi, BMW, FCA US LLC, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, KIA, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Tesla Motors Inc., Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo Car USA.

Toyota and Lexus will have the AEB standard in 2017, which is earlier than the others. AEB has been proposed as part of security system Lexus and Toyota Safety Sense packages that offered in many car models manufacturers but it comes with additional costs to enable these options. At the end of 2017, all but Lexus GS, Toyota 4Runner and Toyota 86 (developed in collaboration with Subaru) will be installed AEB no extra cost.

AEB systems use sensors on vehicles such as radar, camera or laser devices to predict an inevitable car crash and warns the driver in advance. However, if the driver can not react quickly enough, then automatically apply the brakes. In this way, it could help prevent car accidents or reduce the severity of the car accident.

NHTSA also currently working on an advanced version of the AEB technology as such it is also able to predict the risk of a collision with pedestrians.

How Autonomous Driving will transform the way we Commute

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How Autonomous Driving will transform the way we Commute - in the future

An article by Andrew J.Hoffman, Holcim (US) Professor at the Ross School of Business and the education Director at Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan, raised some interesting indications of what will happen in the transportation industry after the auto motors vehicles launched for public use. It is undoubtedly not only will change how we Commute but the change will also economic, political and cultural.

To begin with, there are two hypotheses that we must do. The first is that there is an improvement of the storage battery technology that is practical enough to be implemented on electric cars in the world. It currently produces about 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3 which promises a range of 0 miles on a single charge at a cost of $ 30,000 after rebates. Second, the self driving technology will mature and will be implemented in vehicles worldwide. It's really hard to imagine given the amount of research and development that are seen in this area by some of the major automakers and technology companies such as Google and Tesla.

With all these assumptions take place, it will transform our personal car in personal mobility. This means that rather than relying on human pilot, we can use our smartphone or tablet to call our car to pick us up and get us to our destination. We also have done our work on the road. In addition to this, it will be shared which means that we do not own the vehicle and after all request we asked them to do, we will return the vehicle to other people to use. This way we do not have to worry about finding parking and it will save us time and cost.

It is expected that the car driving will be safer that according to studies, most road accidents occur because human driver was distracted doing something else rather than focus on the road. We can also reduce the road accident caused by the scenarios of drunk drivers. It is also expected that there will be less theft. However, if it were to happen, we can trace stolen vehicles through the network we can assume that all self driving cars will be connected which means that if a vehicle learns something, it will be shared to all vehicles in the network.

There are also disadvantages of using self driving electric vehicles. The downside is that people still choose to drive without using the driverless technology will pay more for insurance than the risk is higher. We can also hope that the road speed limits will be increased as human error is removed from the equation. It is also a problem for people who like to drive as with driverless technology, this means that driving enjoyment is also removed from the equation.

Driverless electric car will also change the road infrastructure. We can expect that there will be fewer parking spaces and parking garages on many urban roads and houses. In addition to the neighborhood gas stations will be replaced with charging stations and numerous enterprise mobility providers will be expected to build their own. This could mean that we are no longer in need of oil and it could cause problems for oil producers.

Driverless electric cars could also mean that some jobs will be replaced by new jobs. It could spell the end of the taxi drivers, gas station owners and mechanics, as well as long-haul truckers. On top of that, he could say that people take jobs that distance is farther from their home? If this is the case, then it will be great that the unemployment rate could be lowered as the distance may no longer be a problem. Engineers or call a customer center operator could be in demand in the future. Engineers are required to fix the broken part of the self-driving electric cars as if there is a problem when the load of vehicles, owners might need to call the operator to be repaired .

On the positive side, driverless electric car contribute to a greener environment that electric cars will produce less gas than gasoline cars. Having said all that, there are still challenges in terms of protocols and rules that must be resolved before all these can be turned into a reality.

Nokia HERE Mapping service offers Audi, BMW and Daimler

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Nokia HERE Mapping service offers Audi, BMW and Daimler -
Nokia announced in April that the company sells its mapping service, Nokia HERE, the German automaker, Audi, BMW and Daimler. It is done so that Nokia can focus more on the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent and focus on its telecommunications equipment business. Nokia HERE mapping service is built on Navteq, a mapping services company that was acquired in 08 for $ 8.1 billion.
Before the agreement was confirmed, the German manufacturers has been reported to invite some other automakers such as Fiat cars Chrysler NV, Renault SA, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors Co. The idea is that Nokia HERE mapping service can be used in any platform; therefore, more companies are joining the the better deal.
Apparently, carmakers concerned that the mapping service be bought by Google or Apple Uber that they would be lost the control of information inside the car system. It is important for them to provide a more accurate map so it can be used in their self-driving cars and future security systems.
Nokia HERE rival mapping service, Robert Bosch GmbH and Dutch company TomTom digital is also reported to work together to develop a mapping service for self-driving cars. It seems that the mapping services have changed its function to be able to provide real-time traffic information instead of a static map.

Kymeta smart antenna offers that brings wireless high-speed Internet to the car

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Kymeta smart antenna offers that brings wireless high-speed Internet to the car -

There are few cars connected in the market today that offers Wi-Fi technology to exchange information with other cars as well as to provide passengers with the means to connect to the Internet while traveling. However, technology is using an LTE coverage, which provides average speeds around 5 megabits per second (Mbps) and so if cellular service decreases, the Internet will be cut.

Kymeta is a company that is currently working on an antenna to solve this problem. The antenna is simply known as mTenna. It is as patented, low-power, light-flat pannel antenna that can communicate with satellites to provide Internet to consumers.

mTenna has the same function as satellite dish that is usually installed on the roof of a house. Although the two have no moving parts, however, mTenna is able to communicate with satellites across the whole sky as the satellite dish points to one area in the sky.

mTenna is designed to provide Internet access to places such as in the car, flight, and on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere.

mTenna is currently undergoing testing to prove its functionality on the go. It was built on top of the roof of a car and over 8000 miles. It follows that the device is able to maintain a connection with the satellites of different frequencies; it is able to monitor the polarization of the signal and the satellite direction, while on the move and therefore signal degradation can be avoided and, finally, it able to maintain a constant communication with the satellites over all the course.

Kymeta conduct a number Alpha and beta testing in the next year and mTenna will hopefully be ready by the end of 2016. The company also reported a partnership with one of the car to put the device on the market.

Bosch Intelligent accelerator pedal helps drivers save fuel

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Bosch Intelligent accelerator pedal helps drivers save fuel -

Bosch is one of the German manufacturers that are known to make electrical appliances, among others. The recent creation of the company is rather unique. It is an accelerator pedal that vibrates in case if the driver pushes too hard.

The idea of ​​the gas pedal is smart to save on fuel consumption, as well as to alert the driver if there is a potential dangerous situation. As no two drivers just drive the same way and if the drivers wear shoes or barefoot while driving can lead to up to 25 percent of the fuel consumption of the vehicle by the company shared .

Stefan Seiberth, Division President of Robert Bosch GmbH Fuel Systems said that the active gas pedal Bosch helped drivers save fuel and alerted them to potentially dangerous situations as well. He added that the pedal told the driver when the curves of the economy and intersected acceleration.

In addition to the fuel savings, it can also be served as an early warning system, especially when the car approaches a corner and it moves in a high speed or the car is moving in the wrong meaning. It vibrates when these scenarios occur so that pilots can take measures such as slowing down the car or going in the right direction.

The traditional way to save fuel consumption depends on forming the habit of drivers and take some time. However, using the combined assets pedal with advanced automotive systems, it is able to reduce emissions of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 7 percent.

Volvo Cars independent trials with regular truck drivers from next year

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Volvo Cars independent trials with regular truck drivers from next year -

autonomous cars are the future of the automotive industry. That is why car manufacturers and technology companies are competing to launch their own version of autonomous cars. Aligned with this objective, it is not surprising that Volvo comes with its own version of autonomous car and the company is considering to allow the regular route driver to test the system on public roads from next year.

Volvo is currently testing the autonomous system in a controlled environment. However, it seems there is not a lot of scenario that can occur in it and most scenarios already thought off have been tested and implemented in the system. The company provides a regular route driver to take the test instead of engineers and technicians so that they are able to monitor the system behavior when the operator of the regular road is the engine and use it to make daily activities like going to the office or buying groceries from the supermarket.
therefore, for scenarios happened and was not thought off, the team will be able to configure the system.

at the same time, Volvo will test his IntelliSafe Autopilot feature in its vehicles. This function is half the half assistance and autonomous. If all goes well, then Volvo will increase the number of tests cars for 100 cars capable of full autonomy. In addition, Volvo is also developing its future infotainment system as such it is able to connect to Netflix and passengers will be able to watch shows while driving.

The future of transportation for Ford

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The future of transportation for Ford -

Ford considers himself part of $ 2300000000000 automotive industry where he 6 percent market share and $ 5.4 trillion transport market. The company plans to offer its vehicle not only as a material that moves a person from A to B, but rather as a platform for delivery services. In addition to this, the company will offer a global customer experience that includes autonomous driving, services, and even financing.

Ford is working with several companies such as Velodyne sensor for its ultra auto Puck hybrid solid state for mapping and precision DJI for its vehicle drone technology for emergency services. He also created his own team of researchers to experiment on vehicles that will be able to drive themselves and how to use voice control to get the car started in the morning. The company even has to offer financing services for Ford Credit. All these will fall under Ford Smart Mobility.

Ford also works with Amazon with its platform and Eco Alexa cloud device to integrate cars with other smart things in the house. Therefore, parents who are also Ford car owners will be able to do things like check if their children are already at home while they are on the way back.

Ford is able to do most things by themselves. However, the company is also looking for opportunities to work with partners to develop things together whereby both Ford and its partner will contribute to the development of this new product. He will not come into a situation where Ford is a contract manufacturer for another company.

For autonomous vehicle, the company has evolved to advanced engineering stage so that the feasibility study has been done and they are timed on how to convert into a reality.

Ford is expanding its test fleet of 10 to 30 vehicles with most work in Em City, his home turf of Dearborn. Part of the work will be done in California. Recently, the company announced that it has received the license to operate autonomous vehicles in California.


Ford is working with Velodyne to reduce the size of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor that is used to make a precision 360 degree 3D mapping surrounding area of ​​the car that is essential to have a very clear sense of what is happening in the environment for the car to take the correct driving decisions. Sensors and cameras themselves can not provide a complete picture of the environment, but the combinations of them can.

Regarding the development of autonomous vehicle from Ford, according to Don Butler, Executive Director of vehicles and related services to Ford, the technical side is really good. However, there are still challenges on how to manage the unexpected things like pedestrian or cyclist behavior of the system unable to predict. The company is also looking at the learning algorithm in depth to understand how to meet such behavior. From the technical point of view, it will take four years for self drive technology to be mature.

Another challenges are on the regulation, responsibility, social issues and the ever-changing landscape that society needs to adapt. For regulation, accountability and sides of the company, Ford is working with universities and government to overcome while focusing on the technical aspects of handling the ever-changing landscape.

Ford wants to make vehicles that meet consumer expectations. The objective of the autonomous fleet is to get driver completely out of the equation. There are two different paths that occur. One way is semi-autonomous system which is able to help with things like adaptive cruise control or automatic emergency braking stop. The other way is to be completely independent in which the vehicle can drive. However, to be completely self-Ford will have to find ways to handle the unexpected situation.

In the logistics industry, Ford is working with Telogis, a company working together with other companies to manage large fleets of vehicles. Ford offers telematics capacity, including the management and monitoring of fuel consumption, planning, logistics, map pathing and planning of these vehicles are on the market.

Ford is looking for ways to interact and intersect with areas of opportunity and understand how it can help create a new future. They are placed in the area of ​​mobility. The company has been around for 113 years and will be around for many years to come.

Apple trying to buy the rights to BMW i3

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Apple trying to buy the rights to BMW i3 -

Apple is reported to be interested in buying the rights to BMW i3. It seems that the company wants to use the technology of the i3 for its own autonomous car. The most interesting question now that BMW will allow Apple to do?

Normally, the general procedure of business, companies do not share his success secrets to other companies, let alone auto industry that requires technical aspect produce the best technology for its own product, unless something interesting to them too. For example, BMW and Toyota offer, the Toyota gain access to BMW CFRP production process in exchange for the BMW access to Toyota's hybrid technology. In this way, both companies will benefit.

The agreement for BMW and Apple will probably work if Apple offers something that BMW could not reject. Therefore, what might Apple gave BMW? One answer is autonomous car. However, it is less likely to occur as BMW is also working on it, and Apple's new in this field, although it has already succeeded with his computer, smartphone and smartwatch software and hardware. Another possible answer is that BMW to work with Apple to produce an Apple i3 edition will equipped with special features that is available anywhere. In this way, BMW is able to increase sales for i3.


BMW unveiled Prototype 5 Series GT at its Innovation Day in France

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BMW unveiled Prototype 5 Series GT at its Innovation Day in France -

In addition to the electrical exploration as an alternative to fuel its electric car, BMW is also studying the possibility of use the hydrogen cell fuel its electric car. Accordingly, the company unveiled the Series 5 GT prototype which uses the hydrogen fuel cell to power its electric motor at its "Innovation Day" in France.

This is not the first After BMW is experimenting with hydrogen. Previously, the company is reported to use the hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen 7, which in the end only managed to travel about 124 miles on hydrogen. compared to hydrogen 7 the modified 5 series is able to do better at about 300 miles easily as it also comes with 245 horsepower, but it can not compete with electric i8 of the company in a drag race.

BMW works in collaboration with Toyota to develop approved parts industry by 2020. with this, the company hopes that other automakers will also consider making electric cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells. It will not be easy to build, affordable pervasive network of hydrogen stations, but BMW and others are open to the idea.

During his event Innovation Day, BMW also presented a new water injection system for its 1Series. When the liquid is sprayed onto the motor, then it will quickly evaporate and therefore lower, the combustion temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius. It is a technology similar to that found in BMW M4, however, the difference is that M4 uses water from a five-liter tank is to be replenished while the 1 Series uses the condensed water from the system air conditioning and so it does not need to be replenished.

With all this innovation from BMW, hopefully, it will create a cleaner environment.

Firsthand Experience on Android Auto Hyundai Sonata

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Firsthand Experience on Android Auto Hyundai Sonata -

Hyundai Sonata became the first car model that comes with Android Auto dealerships starting from the year 2015 are from. The company provides the system free to any car owner who opts for the navigation system is part of the $ 4,100 package. The price of the car starts at $ 23.275.

Android Auto is reported to be simple to use, flexible and it works (this is the most important part). Like many other car infotainment system that is installed in other cars, Auto Android also comes with voice recognition. It is when you say something like "fried noodles", the system will search for any place to eat that sells fried noodles and show the navigation to the place. Another car model such as Cadillac ATS was also tested for navigation at Logan Airport in Boston; However, what happens is that the radio was tuned to XM Nation hair. Another example is BMW series 7, when the driver said wanted to go to Pelham, New York from JFK, the car attempted to send the driver in Normandy, Missouri.

Android Auto is reported to be easy to install. You just need to connect your phone to the USB port of the car and select Android Auto in the central display. However, it can only work from Android 5.0 Lollipop from. The only thing is that it is still buggy. The contact list was not working during the first hour of driving. However, the problem was solved the next day. In addition, when the car is started, the sound Android Auto will not work, so no voice response or no heart or NPR radio. This problem can be easily solved by disconnecting and reconnecting the phone.

Executive Tesla says the competitor remarks that categorize as Elite Brand

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Executive Tesla says the competitor remarks that categorize as Elite Brand -
Diarmuid O'Connell, Business Development Vice President said that Tesla Tesla's competitors have tried to classify the brand as the brand that only manufacture cars for the elite that price is considered very expensive. He added that competitors have also done the same in 08 at the time when Tesla released the most expensive cars that the price of the car that the company is trying to do now.
He also mentioned that there is no vision of Tesla to produce a mass market car of $ 35,000 by 2017; however, it is the plan. The Tesla executive defends company from its competitors remarks at the Management Briefing Seminars CAR Tuesday.
On another occasion, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla also wrote on one of the entries in his blog in November 2013, saying that the goal of Tesla from the beginning was to make a market mass of electric cars as soon as possible. However, it was not feasible, while Tesla was a startup company that had a single iteration of the technology and do not have experience in the construction of a car as well as there was no economy of scale. Therefore, the initial product would be costly independently.
next Tesla Model 3 would be priced at $ 35,000 before incentives, which is about half of Tesla S model starting price is expected to produce about 500,000 vehicles annually by 2020.

Two New Ford Fiesta models and escape Comes with 3 Entertainment System New Sync

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Two New Ford Fiesta models and escape Comes with 3 Entertainment System New Sync -
Ford recently announced that the company publishes two new models for 2016, Fiesta and Escape, this summer. Both models of cars will be the first models of the company comes with its Sync system 3 redesigned entertainment.
This entertainment system is interesting because it provides access to Apple's Siri button, but unfortunately not the full carplay and Android Auto in the initial launch. However, there will be updates for both functions on all Sync 3 -Equipped vehicles will be done through the update software. Other synchronization features 3 such as improved touch screen and support for Wi-Fi software updates.
It seems that there was a delay in both the implementation carplay Android Auto in new car models. The CEO of General Motors, Mary Barry said his company would implement both Android Auto and carplay in his line of Chevrolet within this year. She mentioned in one of the conference program called Code.
code 2015 Conference was held May 26 to 28, 2015 at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It is where senior executives in the media and big business technology meet to discuss the impact of technology in our lives and our business at present or in the future. The program this year features some personalities like Senator Elizabeth Warren, senior executives from Google and Apple, Target, and many more.
3 Sync entertainment system is based on the QNX operating system from Blackberry which is different from the previous version that was supplied by Microsoft. Ford plans to implement Sync 3 to the entire range of cars in North America by the end of next year.

The challenges of Driverless car before it becomes available in the market

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The challenges of Driverless car before it becomes available in the market -

Some major players in the automotive industry and technology are very interested in the construction of a self driving. It will not be easy to achieve full self-driving cars on the roads because there are still challenges ahead in terms of regulation, social and technical. However, the move towards a fully self driving car can be seen a step at a time. BMW, for example, will have a car that can park in less than a week. Another example is the CEO Elon Musk of Tesla is personally tested on autopilot improved in electric cars of the same company Baidu, a Chinese web company tries to compete with Google with its own driverless car.

Myra Blanco, director of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Center automated vehicle systems compared driverless car with mobile phone. She used Motorola for example. If Motorola engineers stopped the development of cell phone 40 years ago, as he was only able to carry a fraction of the current mobile phone and the mobile phone industry is not so advanced now. It is the same concept as the driverless car.

Driverless car will also issue that must be resolved and people will develop against measure to solve the problem. Some solutions such as systems or redundancies that currently exist in the integrated backup aircraft industry can be applied. For self-drive cars to move, it will need a high definition card and board cameras to recognize the surrounding terrain. In the terrible situation in which the driverless car might not be able to fulfill its function, it is always the human driver to return to work.


SAE International, an association of engineers, came out with six levels of automation with zero means there is no automation at all and level five means a fully automated car that need a little pilot input. The car equipped with driver support is nowadays SAE Level 2. Level 3, human drivers are allowed to not drive the car but no naps or texting would be allowed because they need to remain vigilant in case where they need to take the car. As for the level 5, it is completely in fashion and the human pilots able to make automated naps.

Driverless car is designed to minimize accidents while providing a higher speed. Initially, it might be available in models of high-end cars; however, expect to be progressively available in budget vehicles within five years. However, for a driver to be fully available in the market, would probably about 20 years.

For conventional may be the Safest After All

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For conventional may be the Safest After All -

A hacking experience was made to take control of Jeep Cherokee from a location remote from the location where the car is moving. It was published as an article in Wired magazine recently. According to the article, two pirates were hired to take control of the car from their living room while the writer Andy Greenberg was sitting inside the SUV that cruise to 70 mph on the highway.

The two pirates, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, gained access to the vehicle thanks to its Uconnect infotainment system and implement their malicious code. As an impact, the stereo was blasting hip-hop music, the AC was turned up and the transmission was killed and the car was on the eventhough the driver did not stop these things. Fortunately, the driver was left untouched during this experience.

Miller and Valasek explored on vulnerabilities of automotive digital technology for a number of years now and they reported the details at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas that held on August 1. on another occasion, senators Richard Blumenthai (D-Conn) and Edward.J.Markey (D-Mass) announced that the legislation would direct the national security administration of the road and the Federal Trade Commission to establish regulations to keep our cars safely and protect the privacy of the driver.

Anti Drunk technology installed on cars prevent the driver to start the engine

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Anti Drunk technology installed on cars prevent the driver to start the engine -

Drunk driving could be one of the reasons of the accidents that occurred on the road. To reduce the number of road accidents caused by it, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is coming up with a technology that will not allow the driver to start the car even if he or she fails alcohol test .

agency recently unveiled the prototype of what is called Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADS), which consists of two parts. One is a discreet breath test that can be mounted on the steering wheel or the door of the driver's side. It can detect alcohol in your breath, even if you sit far enough away from him while the other is a touch sensor that is installed in the ignition button or shift that will measure the rate of alcohol concentration (BAC) of your finger. Both devices are able to detect if your BAC is over the legal limit of 0.08 and if it is completed, then it does allow you to start the engine.

There seems to be a good solution for impaired driving, however, General Director of American Institute drinks, Sarah Longwell, argued that it would simply stop many social drinkers officials who have a glass of wine with dinner to start their car.

As car manufacturers are coming up with their own anti-driving technology, the head of the NHTSA, Mark Rosekind, said the agency would not force them to use their system and there are still many things to test and improve and it would take some time to be released for public use.

Mini augmented reality glasses Developed for Driving Safety

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Mini augmented reality glasses Developed for Driving Safety -

Mini Augmented Vision was presented at Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show in April. It is essentially a pair of glasses that is designed to make driving safer because it is able to eliminate blind spots and help the driver to park the car. In addition, the glasses also display critical information to the driver as speed limits and turn by turn navigation. Apart from being used in the car, it can also be used while walking, because it shows the direction to the destination and the time necessary to achieve it.


The product can also be used to read a text message by simply entering the "OK" button that is displayed on top of the steering wheel by pressing. He claims to be simple, efficient and easy. However, the only drawback is that the glasses feel heavy after it is used for a while.


Glass is a research project developed by BMW Group Research and Technology, in collaboration with the mobile chip maker Qualcomm. Jörg Preißinger of BMW Group Research and Technology said that the aircraft was at an early stage, even if it is already working in a strictly controlled test environment and that if technology evolves then these glasses may become available for the public to use.


Which will be autonomous cars taking us into the future?

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Which will be autonomous cars taking us into the future? -
autonomous cars are inevitable in the automotive industry. Most carmakers say they are able to launch autonomous cars in 2020, Tesla, confident that the company can do it earlier, in 2018. So, what exactly is the autonomous car and what makes it so special?
autonomous cars are divided in five types:
Level 0 :. This is the type of cars that are bought before 2011 that pilots must be in complete control at all times
Level 1: This is the type of car that functions such as controller speed, automatic braking and holding the path can be done automatically, however, the functions work by itself. The drivers are always in complete control, which means that his hands and feet still need to be on the steering wheel and pedals all the time. Level 1 cars can be found in most cars on the road today
Level 2 :. This is the type of cars that some functions are already able to work together. Drivers are allowed to keep their hands and feet on the steering wheel and pedals. However, drivers must always be alert all the time. Tesla Autopilot is classified in this level of self driving cars
Level 3 :. This is the type of cars that most functions are enough for cars to be able to lead automatically. Volvo Intellisafe Autopilot belongs at this level of self driving cars
Level 4 :. This is the type of cars that all functions of the car are sufficient to operate the cars. Drivers should not be alert all the time. In addition, this design is suitable for occupied and unoccupied vehicles. cars Tesla and Google cars to reach that level.
There are certainly challenges that automakers and technology companies face in that autonomous cars to be able to launch and use on public roads. One of the challenges is in the legal obstacles and insurance regulation. Last December, Department of Motor Vehicles in California issued a draft regulation that require drivers to sit behind the steering wheels and also require that the vehicle be equipped with steering wheels and pedals too. Google, on the other hand, plans to design auto Car driving without a steering wheel that aligned with authority.
The insurance is also becoming a challenge for self driving cars. For example, if the autonomous car led to a blocked road on a one way street and the only way out is by u-turn and unfortunately it causes accidents. Therefore, who is responsible, the owner or the car manufacturer? Therefore, unless these challenges were resolved, while autonomous cars are not ready to take to the streets.
Another challenge is more on technical challenge of how to make autonomous cars to be able to handle all kinds of scenarios without interference from the human pilot. One way is by equipping autonomous cars with advanced technology such as deep learning and advanced equipment such as sensors or cameras for them to be able to do things they are designed to do.
deep learning is an algorithm in which the system is able to learn and manage new scenarios that never met before in the testing phase . Therefore, on the basis of data collected from sensors and cameras, the system is able to find models, predicts the next thing that will happen and find the best way to handle the scenario. Everything is done without interference of human operator.
To develop a learning algorithm in depth, the major automakers are working together with another technology company, Mobileye. The company has developed smart cameras that are able to detect the area, calculated the possibilities of a collision and stop occur. Mobileye has worked with Hyundai and Tesla among other automakers to develop assistant systems of the advanced driver-related vision.
learning algorithm in depth requires enormous processing power that normally known as supercomputers. These supercomputers are no longer as large bulky machines. They are more likely that the construction of an electronic chip. Nvidia is one company that has experience in their development.
Therefore supercomputers should be able to collect large data collected from cameras, sensors or lidar systems, analyze data in real time and make decisions based on it. All must be done in the shortest time possible. The input can be as large as multi-terabyte size. He should be able to handle the input jack when the car rolls on a six-lane highway with thousands of cars that travel around it and at different speeds. He should be able to handle thousands of objects on the roads.
Hopefully the authorities and automakers find way to solve the problems so that we can experience the advantage of having auto car driving on our roads.