Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology

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Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology -

Mercedes has made many improvements over the next Mercedes Benz E-Class in 2017 edition of the company. Some of them like remote control car via the smartphone application, unlocking and vehicle-based NFC start using adaptive headlights smartphone, 84-LED, onboard the vehicle X communication, the maneuvering aid avoidance, adaptive cruise control, adaptive management, active revolutionary urgency for cross-border traffic, rear seat airbags seat belt, and many others.

Remote Parking Control via the smartphone application

Mercedes calls the parking distance control function that the driver park. Unfortunately, this interesting feature will not come to the United States at this time because it is a feature of Mercedes Connect Me, which is a connected smartphone service used in other countries, whereas in the States STATES, Mercedes offers a different service called mbrace. Hopefully it will be released in the United States soon.

Park Pilot is a function for which the car is able to find a parking space when the parking system is activated. Once found, the driver can leave the car first, then the driver can control the parking of its smartphone application. However, this can only work if the driver and the smartphone is less than ten feet from the car. The function can also be used when leaving the parking lot in a similar manner.

The system also feature in drill mode, so that the driver can shoot straight or backwards in a garage space and make adjustments. This is useful when the parking space is so tight that the driver may not be able to get out of the car after he parked the car manually. Throughout the process, the system is also able to bend the mirror for pressing the car.

Your NFC smartphone is the key to your car

This is a nice feature so that the car can be locked and unlocked using a NFC smartphone as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, and BlackBerry. In addition to this you can also wirelessly charge your smartphone inside the car.

light1 light3 light2 light4

Light System Smarter

Each beacon of class E is incorporated with a single chip LEDs 84 which is an upgrade of the 24 LEDs on CLS-class. In addition to this there are a multibeam adaptive lighting system that can spread widely beam cornering and low driving speed or dim the light to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic.

Vehicle-to-X Communication

Vechicle-to-X is a way for the vehicle to communicate to the central server when the communication between the vehicle for vehicle n has not yet been implemented. An optional kit is already available on the market Euro A-class while class E is still using cell communication to send and receive information on traffic and road conditions to the central server to share with cars near. The only limitation is that it works only Class E for the E-Class model. Therefore, if the whole region, you are the only drive E-Class, then you will not receive information.

In the future, Mercedes will add a new feature by which it can tap into the government based traffic reports. For entry, the company is already in talks with the German authorities to do so. In addition to this, the system does not store any personal information, once the authentication is successful, so, that way, eventhough hackers can hack into the system, but they will not find any useful information.

Apart from the above new features, is expected Mercedes Benz E class have a lot more new features that the company will announce during the North American International Auto Show 2016 in Detroit. Stay tuned for more!

Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers

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Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers -

Jaguar Land Rover has come up with a technology that allows the driver to control the car remotely from ' a smartphone application. It is useful in a scenario where there is a very tight parking lot that is there is no place for the driver to open the car door after parking his car, then the driver will be able to get off the car before the car is parked and standing near the car and control it so that it can perfectly park in tight parking space. The same scenario applies to the output instead of tight parking.

The smartphone app also has the ability to start the car, check the brakes, throttle and steering and gearshifts. When the car is in the remote pilot mode, the car will be able to go up to 4 mph (6 km / h) and the driver with the application Smartphone need to be within 10 meters (33 feet ) nearby in the car so that the work.

Another prototype that appears to be more advanced than the first prototype was revealed recently. The second prototype is able to make its own 180-degree multi-point turn in a narrow street so it is almost impossible for you to make a proper turn. To be able to do so, there are additional ultrasonic sensors that allow the car to assess the environment and make an about-face as needed to turn around.

Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth

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Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth - car door

A team of engineers from Kiekert AG, a German automotive components, working with students at the Erzbischoefliche Liebfrauenschule 'Cologne Business school, to provide a solution for the problem where sometimes, drivers accidentally dent their car doors because they are not careful when they open the door of their particular car in a narrow parking slot.

the solution is substantially a called i-protection technology that works similarly to the collision avoidance systems forward. Therefore, when the driver opens the car door, the system that was placed on the door of the car monitor the proximity of the car door and the nearest concrete about him, whether another vehicle parked , garage walls or other obstacles. If she's got too close, then there could be an alarm to warn the driver or the car door will adjust the speed and energy of the opening set of the car automatically.

Kiekert said patent the invention will be retained by the group of students in the partnership with the company. He won top honors in the [email protected] contest for school students sponsored by Boston Consulting Group.

Although there seems to be a good idea, however, technology is still room for improvement. In addition, the technology should be in place for high-end luxury cars. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial

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General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial -

General Motors is coming up with a technology that is able to track your eye and adjust the direction of the headlights according to the direction of your eye. The problem with the current flagship car is the headlight is always pointed in a straight line regardless of the situation of the road. Therefore, when your car is approaching crosswalks or curves, the lighthouse will always pointed forward. It becomes unpleasant when driving at night or driving in bad weather because there is a part of the road that the driver can not see clearly. The technology will be developed by the engineers of Opex / Vauxhall.

The improved version of car headlight that will be developed by GM will be able to follow the road towards similar to what some adaptive headlights can do, except that it can also move both horizontally and vertically in the direction of your student, even in some strange scenario such as driving in bad weather and in a world situation.


How does it work?

there will be an infrared camera and infrared illuminators that is installed somewhere in the driver's seat, which is able to identify your student and track its movement about 50 times per second. In addition, it can also work even if there is a change in the driver and no calibration necessary that the system will be able to adjust accordingly.

In addition to this, our eyes blink often, therefore it is the algorithm set up so it does not do the headlights jumping up and down erratically whenever the light the driver. Only when the driver looks at a specific direction over a period of time, the headlight system will easily adjust the direction to follow the direction of the eyes.

The lighthouse with eye tracking functionality should be introduced in the next few years, Opel / Vauxhall will be the introduction of mobile headlights without eye tracking capabilities over the next 18 month.

Smart Drive Program Launched in New York to monitor the conduct Habit City Drivers

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Smart Drive Program Launched in New York to monitor the conduct Habit City Drivers -

New York Department of Transportation has recently launched a program for its drivers to keep track of their habits conduct such as the amount of gas they use, when they drive, where they are and how fast their cars are as good as when they brake hard or when they make a tight, fast turns. This program is known as Smart Drive and it comes with benefits. The program offers discounts of up to 30 percent on their car insurance Allstate and incentive of a $ 25 value as mentioned in the program's website.

Smart Drive aims to understand how people drive in the city that will hopefully solve the traffic problems such as the famous dead in New York. The impasse is a type of traffic jam where the continuous queue of cars blocking the entire network of the intersection of the streets in late traffic in all directions come off.

Smart Drive will continue until August 2016. To participate in the program, the pilot needs to plug a device into the diagnostic port of the vehicle (OBD-II) which is available in cars made from 1996 onwards the device transmits data in smartphone app of the conductor such as the dashboard, Metropia and Green Commute Smart Drive and the cloud server. The device, however, does not support hybrid or electric vehicles.

BMW i3 Coming to Copenhagen under the Share Program DriveNow

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BMW i3 Coming to Copenhagen under the Share Program DriveNow -

After the success of the i3 implementation in DriveNow fleets in Germany, United Kingdom and the United States US, BMW has recently announced that the company will add 400 more in its i3 electric car DriveNow service that will operate in line with the Copenhagen infrastructure setting from September 2015.

BMWi said sharing car with electric vehicles is an important step in the initial access opening practice for electric mobility to the general public. With this published statement, he showed BMW's support to reduce traffic and emissions to improve the quality of life of the city through accessible electric vehicles and car sharing. BMW i3 was chosen because it is the first car to implement intermodal routing feature in which public transport services are included in the route guidance of the navigation system. Carpooling can also be considered as a great way to introduce electric vehicles to many more people.

Dr. Bernhard Blattel, head of BMW Group Mobility Services said that in Copenhagen they have already seen the future of mobility. It is at the request of the instrumented, interconnected, quiet electric. They were happy to be able to present the capabilities of the BMW i3 and expertise in mobility concepts future-oriented in the Danish capital.

Blattel added further that BMW i3 and British Arriva PLC, the biggest Copenhagen bus operator were not rivals but BMW provided to cooperate with public transport providers to further develop mobility urban in a customer-oriented and sustainable way.

Volkswagen to study for emissions of fraud

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Volkswagen to study for emissions of fraud -

The German manufacturer is currently under enormous pressure as new fraud surface emission recently. The company is currently under study and things seem not to look good. Volkswagen has also set up a website for car owners to check whether the vehicles they are the model concerned and they need to bring them to the garage.

as much as 28 US states, and other countries like South Korea, Switzerland, France, Italy and especially Germany have opened an investigation into fraud. Even longtime CEO of the company is being investigated, Greg Archer, director of the clean vehicles Transport & Environment environmental group told Reuters that the Volkswagen scandal was just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently it seems that not only Volkswagen, but other companies such as Mercedes, BMW and Peugeot cars produced are reported to use 50 percent more fuel on the road inside the laboratory . Therefore, the gas that is emitted by mass product companies cars are at a much higher rate than the number that businesses claim to be.

It is said that Volkswagen will go up to 11 million cars and commercial vehicles that are containing illegal software. Germany watchdog KBA has set a deadline for the company to finalize the rehabilitation plan is October 7 The EPA also says add more steps in the regulatory process to prevent the situation from again in the future. The scandal appears to have shaken the automotive industry and the German establishment and it seems it will not be easy to regain public confidence.

mobile application to know the current state of Traffic Light Ahead about two blocks

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mobile application to know the current state of Traffic Light Ahead about two blocks -

Enlighten is an application for iOS and Android that is able to let the user know what is the current state of the traffic light about two blocks ahead. Therefore, when we know about it, we can know how long we need to wait for the fire to change its current state and so it somehow makes the waiting time to be shorter and we could the use to do something else, like for example browsing songs on Spotify.

The application user interface is very simple. There is only 1 circle on the screen that is able to turn red, yellow or green depending on the current status of the signal. At the bottom of the circle is a counting function timer that aims to let users know how long they should wait before changing the light color. It may seem that you control the traffic light, but in fact you are not. When the light is about to change to green five seconds before there is a noise generated chime to alert the driver to stop what he is doing and prepare to focus on the road.

For applications to work, it needs the cooperation of the city. As need access from the central system, which will then talk to the traffic lights in the city and transfer the information to Enlighten. Although the whole process needs about 1 second, however, the negotiating process to make it viable in every town takes longer. Currently, it works only in Portland, Eugene and Salt Lake City.

Enlighten is developed by a company called connected signals with headquarters based Portland and Eugene.

Six Next Generation Electric Cars to compete with Tesla

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Six Next Generation Electric Cars to compete with Tesla -

Although it appears that Tesla floods the new electric cars on its developments, they are not the only company that is coming with electric cars charge. There are 6 other electric cars manufactured by another company that can not lose with Tesla.


The first electric car model Aston Martin Rapide EV manufactured by Aston Martin. The company announced with confidence that the all-electric version of its Rapide sedan goes on sale in 2017, which coincidently in the same period as longer range Tesla. In addition, Rapid can compete with Tesla on the mileage of service, but it hopes to win the heart of the customer with its sheer power and its more than one hundred years worth of style and performance. The expected range of Rapide is 0 miles.


is coming with Nissan Nissan Leaf which is dubbed as the most affordable electric car on the market. The initial version is able to travel 107 miles, but yet, the company said that they are currently building a new version that can travel up to 310 miles on a single charge. The only thing is that it seems normal, but it has lower price and greater efficiency which in fact can get into the way of life of an ordinary person.


Audi e-tron Q6 SUV can be considered as the electric car model that is able to compete directly with Tesla Model X. It surely will be a tough competition. Q6 e-tron actually three separate motors, one for the front and two in back. In addition to this the design and positioning battery gives the car a lower center of gravity than most SUV's and giving it excellent handling and the feeling of luxury. The car model is capable of traveling up to 310 miles.


Another direct competitor to Tesla's electric car models from Mercedes-Benz. Luxury car manufacturer presented a concept for the transformation in the Frankfurt Motor Show this month and plans to launch an EV that will be unique and emotional member of the Board of Directors. Before that, the company launched B-Class is a compact sports coupe and Smart ForTwo electric vehicle that is even more compact than B-class. He planned mile range of 250-310 miles.


Porsche unveiled a concept car electric vehicle, E Mission earlier this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Although the company has not announced a production plan, but there are rumors that the car model could be on the road in less than five years. It is said that the car model is capable of charging up to 80 percent in only 15 minutes, much faster than Tesla, which takes about 40 minutes to charge a Supercharger station. The expected mile range is about 310 miles.

Thunder power EV is manufactured by an automobile manufacturer based in Taiwan. He is said to be able to accelerate to 62mph in under five seconds with a top speed of 155mph. He should be released in the road in two years. The expected mile range is about 373 miles.

Bosch services in the future Era Connected Car

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Bosch services in the future Era Connected Car -

Connected car could bring a new opportunity for many companies, whether an established company with years of experience or start-ups. Bosch could be one of them. It seems that the company is entering the market at the right time. Previously, Bosch is known to work with most manufacturer companies; however, it is currently expanding its services to technology companies and business car rental.

At the end of 2015, it is expected that Bosch will have about 0,000 connected services for vehicles industries. Some of the services offered by Bosch, for example, for car rental companies to monitor the distance the car traveled and the collection of their data so that it is easier to do maintenance when needed.

Bosch expects sales of its radar and video sensors for cars to double this year. The sensors are used for the driver assistance system that is able to automatically apply the brakes if necessary or to help the car to stay in the same lane especially when driving on the roads. The sensors and cameras are even necessary in a larger scale that automakers are pushing for self drive cars when the cars computers play a greater role in road safety.

Recently Bosch is reported to work with TomTom, high -definition mapping provider to integrate data from Bosch sensors with TomTom maps to create navigation systems for auto cars -conduct. It appears that the German manufacturer has found new sources of revenue for its activities.

Stanford University Deployed MARTY an autonomous electric car that is capable of Drift

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Stanford University Deployed MARTY an autonomous electric car that is capable of Drift -

automobile laboratory at Stanford University unveiled its own version MARTY recently, just before "Back to the Future II "film was released in cinemas. MARTY The university is basically a DeLorean car strongly that is able to derive, but it is done without the presence of the driver. Drifting is a way of driving that keeps lateral movement when the car is moving in a circle. It is done as part of ongoing research at the University Automotive Safety and autonomous control systems.

MARTY is an abbreviation of bed Multiple test for the actuator to yaw control. It is presented in an event in the university itself hosted by Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters with the team of the university project, Professor Chris Gerdes and students John Goh and Shannon McClintock and Chris Heiser Motors Renovo, the company that provides the component to the project.

a DeLorean was used and modified as the team did not want to use a car from a major automaker, and it was the perfect car that the team was looking for a platform driver rear wheel and mid-engine. original engine of the car was removed and the steering rack has been replaced with an electric power steering system and the suspension was modified to make it able to derive, which is something that the original DeLorean do could not do.

Tesla Model S Autopilot Feature Apparently Capable of Self Learning and Improve Some car owners

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Tesla Model S Autopilot Feature Apparently Capable of Self Learning and Improve Some car owners -

Tesla Model S car owners are reported to be noted that the car model has the ability to learn and self improve itself. In Tesla Motors Club, the forum owner of a Tesla owner posted his experience Model S held, has plunged an exit ramp before, however, after a few days he was almost able to adjust Consequently every time he needed to drive through an exit ramp without him to do anything.

another Model S owner had the same experience. The owner wrote that he or she noticed the first time the car took the curve at full speed, it was not able to stay in the corridor and therefore the alert "take control immediately" has been activated. However, after some drive through the same curve for several times, it is now learned to slow down and there was no problem taking the curve. This made the owner thought that the car is really doing some self-learning.

The situation has left some Model S owners confused because they do not understand what is happening. However, when we looked back at the discussion with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which took place last month, it makes sense. Meanwhile, he explained about "learning fleet" through which the work of the fleet of all Tesla as a network. Therefore, every time a car learns something, the whole fleet learns something. Updates occur regularly, most likely as a background process. Therefore Model S should improve each week and the owner of the vehicle must notice the difference in a week.

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Unveiled at Tokyo

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Mazda RX-Vision Concept Unveiled at Tokyo -

Mazda is known as the only company to mass produce cars which run on the rotary engine. It was back in 1967 when Mazda has successfully commercialized the rotary motor by adjusting the Cosmo Sport, which also known as the Mazda 110S from oversea.

Since Mazda has continued to research and improve the rotary engine to improve power output, fuel economy and durability. In 1991 he won the victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a sports car of the rotary propulsion engine. rotary engine has become a symbol for Mazda's creativity and tireless efforts to cope with difficulties. In 02, Mazda has stopped using the rotary engine on his car model when the model RX7 mass produced business.

Recently, Mazda unveiled a new car with a rotary engine concept which is named Mazda RX-Vision in Tokyo, the new concept car is a front engine, rear drive sports car wheel uses the new rotary engine Mazda SKYACTIV-R. SKYACTIV-R is considered the effort of the company to the development of new rotary engine. After RX7, the company has never stopped researching it. However, mass production is now on hold.

It is still unknown when the new sports car will enter production. Stay tuned for the next update!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the claims on Tesla electric car safety measures there

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the claims on Tesla electric car safety measures there -

Weeks, CEO of DreamWorks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg had an accident then that he drove his Tesla Model S. Fortunately, he had a broken arm and he even specifically thanked Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. Within weeks, an Uber driver posted a video showing how its Tesla able to stop in time to avoid a head on crash.

In a Baron Investment Conference in New York on Friday Musk appeared that the speaker surprise. Ron Baron, Baron Capital's head who founded the conference mentioned the incidents to Musk and asked him why he did not play up to safety Tesla benefits more in the company's marketing.

For that matter, Musk said that in fact the design of the Model S and Model X, security was their primary objective absolute. He added that he felt like obviously his family would be in the car, the families of his friends and he did not do everything possible to maximize security and something went wrong, he could not not live with himself.

Tesla electric cars are capable of keeping security in the event of a frontal collision drivers on their electric motors are typically much smaller than all the conventional steel motors therefore the area where it can absorb the main impact force is two to three times greater than conventional cars. Therefore, even if the autopilot had failed to do its job, it will still be able to minimize the impact of collision to the driver.

Musk said that Tesla cars are designed for maximum safety and does not extent to the Government Standard. Tesla Model S will get a full score of 5 stars. He measured the car wound rating and distance Model S still has the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested.

The new Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 is Beautiful and Brutal together

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The new Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 is Beautiful and Brutal together -

Lamborghini is known for his acceleration and looks since long ago. Few people know that in 1998, Lamborghini was bought by Audi. Therefore, since then the Lamborghini models are made to be all-wheel drive and they were reported to be much more manageable to drive.

The standard naming convention for Lamborghini is the number of horsepower followed by number of driven wheels. Therefore, to LP 580-2, that means the car model has 580 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque 5.2-liter V10. Another difference of the model with other models is that instead of distributing power to all four wheels, he delivers in a big piece to the rear wheels and thus the number "2" in the car model. Accordingly, it can go from 0 to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds and its top speed is 199 mph.


Stephan Winkemann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said that the LP 580-2 Lamborghini Huracan continued pure Lamborghini tradition, visionary and technology models pilot. The car model is considered a serious car for serious drivers and provides a driving experience for maximum pleasure.


The only thing the company has more than LP 610-4 is the previous version before LP 580-2 is seven speed dual clutch suitable for drivers who prefer automatic to manual.

LP 580-2 will be priced at € 150,000 plus taxes in Europe while the price in the United States has not yet been announced. According to Lamborghini LP 580-2 is already available at dealers from today.

Volvo S0 luxury sedan offers Semi-autonomous Pilot Assist

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Volvo S0 luxury sedan offers Semi-autonomous Pilot Assist -

After months of teasing, Volvo has finally unveiled in 2017 S0 premium sedan designed to be comparable to BMW 7 Series and Audi AT 8. The exterior luxury sedan will flagship brand Volvo is a T-shaped DRL "Hammer of Thor" LED and a set of rear lights in the shape of C. However, the final design car is not aligned with recent concepts that have been released by the Swedish automaker.

S0 comes with the same platform scalable architecture of the product (SPA) which is similarly on XC0. Therefore, even if they are of different categories of vehicles with is a sedan and another SUV, they have similar subframes, suspension components, drive train and even some platform are near identical.

The new Volvo S0 is reported to be installed with T8 Armored hybrid automaker plug-in powertrain. This means that the luxury sedan has 400 horsepower, 472 lb-ft all-wheel drive system T8 wheels. Besides that, it also comes with a 2.0 liter engine, a turbocharger, a compressor and two electric motors.

For security reasons, the new Volvo S0 is equipped with the upgraded version of collision avoidance City Safety system that is designed to automatically brake if the car system detects an imminent collision with a vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian or large animal like elk, horse or moose.

Volvo S0 will make its debut at 2016 Detroit Auto in early January.


Étude sur Connected Expo Car Revealed Android Auto, Apple carplay, Wi-Fi, USB, Streaming et ADAS Tops acheteurs de voitures Préférences [1945001

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Étude sur Connected Expo Car Revealed Android Auto, Apple carplay, Wi-Fi, USB, Streaming et ADAS Tops acheteurs de voitures Préférences [1945001 - ] Une étude menée à l'Expo Connected Car a révélé quelques-unes intéressantes points. Il est révélé que les prix Android Auto et Apple carplay méritaient d'être équivalent avec un couple d'iPhones et trois téléphones Android. En plus de cela, il est également constaté que la plupart des acheteurs de voitures feront des recherches sur les dernières technologies disponibles sur les voitures avant leur prochain achat de voiture.

Plus de 77 pour cent des personnes interrogées ont déclaré qu'un véhicule avec tous les les caractéristiques de la technologie qu'ils désiraient était plus important que les couleurs de la voiture. Wi-Fi et fonctionnalité de streaming de musique devient la prochaine fonctionnalité must-have en dehors du contrôle de la croisière, des alertes de diagnostic et de ports USB de charge. Apparemment, General Motors mouvement pour installer une connexion Wi-Fi hotspot dans leur dernier modèle de voiture est de faire un bon travail à obtenir le client à vouloir cette fonctionnalité disponible dans leur voiture.

Selon 53 pour cent des personnes interrogées définit si une voiture modèle appartient à la classe de luxe ou non basés sur la technologie et de l'infotainment fonctionnalités qui sont disponibles sur la voiture. Environ 44 pour cent d'entre eux prêts à payer jusqu'à 1499 $ pour un service de conciergerie dans le véhicule comme Apple carplay ou Android Auto.

Le nombre de pourcentage de personnes qui veulent intégration augmente mieux smartphones à 57% de 48% qui est le résultat de l'enquête de l'année dernière. Environ 39% préfèrent utiliser leurs smartphones pour navigations à la place des systèmes de navigation

L'enquête a été menée en Septembre à 2015.; par KS & R, Inc en ligne de 1012 propriétaires de véhicules des États-Unis qui envisagent d'acheter un nouveau.

Automatic Collision Avoidance System Opel helps minimize accidents

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Automatic Collision Avoidance System Opel helps minimize accidents -

Most carmakers are moving towards the creation of a system that will increase safety, not only driver and passengers, but also to other road users. Opel has recently demonstrated its latest car safety device is the collision avoidance system as part of their UR :. BAN research project

To make the collision avoidance system works, the car is equipped with a camera and a radar system, and the braking system and steering is modified accordingly . It will always monitor the situation around them, and if it detects there is a sudden movement whether another car or children, the system alerts the driver so that the driver will do the necessary action, but if the driver does not play in time, the system will automatically take action to escape. Opel unveiled the system using its car model Insignia.

Another new feature that Opel is working on how to analyze driver behavior to predict the next move that the driver will do. If the system provides the driver is changing lanes then will its driver assistance system such as monitoring the blind spot so that the system warns the driver whenever something or someone appears the location of the blind spot.

Opel is also working on a new system that receives information from the traffic management infrastructure and other vehicles via a Wi-Fi connection as such that the driver is able to receive comprehensive information so that he or she is able to plan their trip accordingly.

Elon Musk do not worry about competition with Apple on the electric car

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Elon Musk do not worry about competition with Apple on the electric car -

With regards to the competition with Apple on the production of electric car, Tesla CEO, OSA, Elon Musk, said he is not worry and that he believes that competition will ultimately help the industry. He even called Apple effort OSA in the development of its own electric vehicle as an open secret. It is difficult to hide something if there is more than one thousand engineers working on it simultaneously. Apple also does not seem to be very difficult to try to cover his trail.

In recent months, Apple has been seen to employ some industry experts for its own project, which is known as the Titan project. A experts such as Doug Betts who led the overall quality of Fiat Automobiles NV before Chrysler decided to join Apple. The other expert is Johann Jungwirth, who was the former head of the unit Mercedes Benz, AOS Silicon Valley R & D

Musk even hoped that Apple participation, AOS encourage participation in the challenge of building electric vehicles, he found it quite difficult to do, in a BBC interview.

Currently, the company focuses on building a more affordable electric car, the Model 3. mass production of the car model will start at the end of next year. For this, he explained that to have a substantial effect on transportation, we needed to have to be more affordable cars and that car manufacturers needed to make a car that most people could afford in order to have a significant impact.

Asked about the role of Tesla, Musk said he saw the value of Tesla as an accelerator, a catalyst in this transition, he thought that Tesla could be, when we looked back on it from a historical perspective, an acceleration in the transition of a decade, maybe more.

Apparently, not only Tesla and Apple will be coming up with electric vehicles, other automakers such as Chevy, VOLKSWAGEN, Mercedes, Toyota and Audi as well as China, AOS new player in the industry automobile, Faraway Future, are reported to work on their own version of electric vehicles.

Facebook.car and Apple.car Domain Found, Possible Coming Suggested For businesses?

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Facebook.car and Apple.car Domain Found, Possible Coming Suggested For businesses? -

Outside domain ".com" which we normally clap when you want to access certain websites, there are 3 new areas that have started on 9 December 2015 '. because ',' .cars' areas and '.autos'. Among these new areas, the giant technology companies like Apple and Google or even Facebook convicted of registered domains.

These technology companies have had the opportunity to register the new first area to avoid possible legal battles against some other companies in the future other companies that use domain names they want to use might try to extract some money for large companies.

new Apple that the company is working on the car is a public secret and it is not surprising if the company decided to register the domain '.car'. However, it is interesting to Facebook from the list of companies that registered the domain name '.car' too. Does this mean that Facebook is working on the car too? Or is Apple and Facebook get together to build a car together? Google, on the other hand, has also recorded for Google.car, Google.cars and Google.auto areas. Google is known for working on cars in recent years, but apparently the company has recorded domains for January 7, 2016.

Other big tech companies such as Tesla, Samsung, Sony Microsoft, Amazon, HP and IBM have not registered their domain '.car'. It seems that its just a matter of time before doing so.


Two new options for Bentley Next Model Car after SUV Bentayga

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Two new options for Bentley Next Model Car after SUV Bentayga -

Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bentley, revealed that the company was studying two new options for the following car model after launch of SUV Bentayga. One option is that the new car model will have the same specifications as Bentayga but with even more enhanced performance version. Imagine a Bentayga with lower roof and more power as well as sharper chassis.

Another option is version 6 of sports car production speed that the concept car was revealed in Geneva recently. As the concept car received a good response from the customer and Bentley wants to make it a reality.

next car model Bentley is likely to have a series of all-electric power, output power of 400 to 500 hp and might look like a two seat sports cars. It borrows technology 'Mission E electric Porsche concept with electric motors on the front and rear axles that can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. In addition to this, it would take a shorter time to recharge the battery.

There is also a possibility that the new car model will support hybrid technology too.

The Bentley Speed ​​6, if it is approved to enter production will be smaller and cheaper than Continental. Prices start at around £ 0,000.

Ehang without Drone pilot unveiled at CES 2016

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Ehang without Drone pilot unveiled at CES 2016 -

There are many new technologies being shown in CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016. In addition to autonomous cars, autonomous drones will be average transportation in the future. Some companies have already submitted their idea of ​​what a drone supposedly, starting with drones able to start from the back of a truck to a drone that is designed to carry at least one passenger or packets. Ehang is one of the companies that do.

Ehang is a Chinese technology company specializing in the development of UAVs. In the CES, the company announced its latest unmanned drone named Ehang 184. It is an all-electric vehicle that is able to carry one passenger up to 10 miles or about 23 minutes of flight. The passenger does not need to do anything outside the entrance to their destination and enjoy the scenery.

Ehang 184 is able to take off, fly a route, detect obstacles and land. All these are performed independently. In an emergency, a human pilot should be able to take away the vehicle.

Ehang 184 was not approved to fly in the sky of America by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and as such the live demonstration of the vehicle could not be made at CES 2016. However, in the video that is provided by the company, it is demonstrated that it has successfully fly in the sky of China, although there is no proof that there is a human gift during the flight.

there are still challenges to Ehang 184. One of them is how to make a human pilot to be able to support remote drone in the case where an emergency to land safely or how does it communicate with other devices and finally as it is only be able to fly about 23 minutes at sea level, so what is the maximum height that the drone will be able to function effectively.

According Sanjiv Singh, Ehang 184 is facing additional challenges it offers craft smaller and more delicate. He is a professor at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute who also works on flying car project for DARPA and currently runs a start-up. He also mentioned that it is possible to design an autonomous drone that is able to avoid obstacles such as tree branches or power cables and navigate to the earth itself. Ehang 184 must be designed to be able to handle these obstacles whole.

different layers Amazon, on the other hand, proposed in the sky for different drone activity. Imagine a layer in the sky dedicated only for drones that carries packets while another layer in the sky dedicated to drones carrying passengers. That would be interesting. Google is also reported to work on a smaller and cheaper version of the ADS-B technology to autonomous aircraft to communicate with each other on their position. It is the same technology that is used for commercial aircraft.

Ehang promises to provide a complete working unit of the drone sometimes this year. However, the time for it to be approved by the FAA could take longer than that.

ICI announced cloud-based mapping service for autonomous Driving

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ICI announced cloud-based mapping service for autonomous Driving -

ICI announced a mapping cloud service that will help ADAS (support systems advanced driving) and, possibly the basic mapping system for self driving cars as well. The cloud solution from ICI is known as HD Live Map.

HD Live Map is designed to be able to display data such as buildings or the number of lanes on the highway and the temporary activities such as construction and traffic. In addition to this, it is also able to provide analytical data as a typical speed someone can drive on a particular road

The current technology is already able to support autonomous driving on highway. however, it is done using onboard sensors such as those that NVIDIA recently introduced and there are distance limitations. virtual card, on the other hand, offer an accuracy and a better overall view of the surroundings. When it combines with live updates, it can save drivers and passengers plenty of time to travel because they can avoid the roads that has massive traffic jams or road undergoing construction.

Floris van de Klashorst, vice president of automotive ICI said that we moved towards higher levels of automation of vehicles, the necessary drivers to feel that their car was made good decisions on their behalf. He added that when he came to trust your car, having coherent consciousness in real time road conditions near and far was absolutely critical and HD Live Map for this need, they believed that he would become sensor of the smartest automotive vehicle.

ICI is already working with some manufacturers to test the cards in the car driving scenarios.

NHTSA Rolled Out Prototype to detect Drunk Driver by prohibiting the vehicle from starting if positive Proven

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NHTSA Rolled Out Prototype to detect Drunk Driver by prohibiting the vehicle from starting if positive Proven -

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, deployed a prototype that can detect if the driver is drunk and if proved positive, the device will not allow the vehicle to start even. To develop this device, NHTSA works with DADS, Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety and planned to present it to Congress and Mothers against Drunk Driving.

To address the issue, DADS came with two options, one is to touch base and the other is based breathtaking and both are easy to use. The touch-based device will be installed around the steering wheel and uses infrared scanner to analyze the higher layer driver of the skin. If it detects that there is more than 0.8 percent alcohol in the blood, which is the legal amount, then this will not allow the operation of the vehicle.

The alternative, breath-based device, will analyze blood alcohol level of the driver without the driver to make a deep breath in and out through a tube. The driver just needs to breathe and exhale naturally and device, using an infrared light beam will be able to detect the level of alcohol driver. Similarly, if the percentage of alcohol is greater than the moral then the device will not allow the car to start.

The breath-based device is developed by the Swedish supplier Autoliv any touch device, developed by Takata. Unfortunately Takata currently under investigation because millions of current vehicles being recalled due to the explosion incident airbags.

There are also some disadvantages of this technology, namely a false reading can be detected particularly with the breath basic device. Despite all this, the two solutions will be useful to minimize road accidents due to drunk driving, if they are able to be released for public in the future.

How self driving cars capable of detecting wet road conditions using artificial intelligence

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How self driving cars capable of detecting wet road conditions using artificial intelligence -

Detection of bad weather is included in one of the challenges in building self driving cars. According to the report released by the US Department of Transportation, wet conditions caused 959.760 accidents and the death of 4789 people in 02 and 2012. This figure amounts to 74% of all accidents related to weather in the US and made up 23% of all vehicle accidents in the country.

Fortunately, researchers at the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) understood how to detect a slippery road by analyzing the audio of the car's tires comments and recurrent neural networks (RNN) , an artificial intelligence computer network. The experiment was carried out by fixing a shotgun microphone rear tire 2014 Mercedes CLA. The car traveled at different speeds around the greater Boston area in Massachusetts.

The first test results show precisions with unweighted average return (UAR) of 93.2% for all vehicle speeds. The microphone is also able to receive audio feedback vehicles passing beside him.

This is the first time that artificial intelligence is used to detect the road conditions. However, it is not the first time someone has tried to detect road conditions.

Technical University of Madrid in 2014 experimented using support vector machine (SVM) to analyze sounds when the tire meets the road and classify the different sounds made by asphalt. However, as there were limited number of surface types and audio input irrelevant as the noise of tires bouncing against the stones could lead to false predictions.

University of Toyama in 2014 tried to use surveillance cameras on cars in search of the road reflection from the headlights of other cars, however, this way requires other cars to be present on the same road at the same time. Furthermore, this method works perfectly in the detection of the condition of roads in foggy conditions, snow and poor road lighting.

Tesla sends out software patches Over the Air Patch

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Tesla sends out software patches Over the Air Patch - security vulnerabilities

Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder of Lookout security company and Marc Rogers, senior researcher of security to CloudFlare has found a way to hack the flagship model car system S line of Tesla to take control of some components of the car. It was demoed a few days ago to computer security conference Black Hat.

How they hack the car system? To do this, they physically connect a computer to the car via the Ethernet cable and leave behind a Trojan Horse to allow remote access. What is the impact of this piracy? Once they have entered the system, they will be able to initiate brake, causing the car to stop suddenly if the car goes under 5mph. However, if the car was traveling over 5mph and then the car is coasting forcing the pilot to navigate safely on the side of the road, no doubt.

Fortunately, the researchers worked with Tesla for software patches and after the patch has been stabilized, the company deployed using OTA (Over the Air) update automatically the car software that will then patch these vulnerabilities.

for comparison, it seems that the way Tesla manage working bug fixes is more effective than the way Chrysler deal. Chrysler shipped about 1.4 million USB drives to all affected car owners and so there would be some time before the owners plugs the USB into the car system which would then make it vulnerable during this period.

Nexar Mobile Apps able to understand the road Location Surround There

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Nexar Mobile Apps able to understand the road Location Surround There -

Nexar was founded by Eran Shir and Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz last year in Tel Aviv. Since then they have managed to raise $ 4 million venture capital fund Aleph Ventures slow. The company has developed a new free mobile application is currently available in the iPhone with the same name, Nexar.

Nexar is designed to use computer vision to understand the traffic situation around. When mounted on the dashboard of a car, the app will turn to a dashboard cam, but with additional features. Therefore, instead of just passively record the route as a regular board cam, it is able to identify things such as traffic lights, license plates or other cars. In addition to this, it is also able to detect if the driver brakes hard or there was an accident.

Another interesting feature of the application is that if an accident occurs, it is able to recreate the 3D modeling for man to understand what happened in detail, for example, what the angle car was hit, how heavy the impact has been and whether the accident was bad enough that the pilot is injured.

Nexar was running on the beta for the last few months with about 0 cars around the Bay Area for the past few months, mostly with Uber and Lyft drivers. Therefore it was collected and analyzed a total of about 100,000 miles per route per week. In the future, Nexar will also be available as a service. It will not work one more, but more to a network. Therefore, in a scenario where if a user encounters a Nexar rage driver at the wheel, the application will be able to identify the driver again through his / her number plate and when the user meets Nexar / it the next time, applications will be able to alert the user.

Ford New Car lighting system make the safer night driving for everyone in the street

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Ford New Car lighting system make the safer night driving for everyone in the street -

Ford is developing a high-tech lighting system for lighting before of its cars. With this new technology implemented, it offers safer environment for the people using the street at night for both people and animals inside or outside of the car, even if there is no lights or signs around the area a lot.

The first technology combines two existing technologies lighting the automaker in a newly developed technology. The two existing technologies are adaptive lighting and recognition signage system. They were combined and further strengthened to be able to interpret the signs of traffic and use the GPS to expand the range of lights from the headlights particularly the roundabouts approach. On the other hand, if there is no GPS data found on the site, there is a camera that will take over his duty and detect markings and move the car lighting for roundabouts or dips in the road to provide better lighting.

The second technology is useful when you are driving at night around the residential area with minimal or no street lights. He is best known as spot lighting. How it works is that there is an infrared placed the grille of the car that is able to detect the body heat of a person or animal. Body heat will then be displayed on the in-car entertainment screen as yellow boxes or red boxes according to their risk level. It can operate up to eight pedestrians, cyclists and animals walking with their human companion.

With these technologies in place, we hope he can give the driver 1-2 seconds longer response time. However, there are no details on when is the Sport of lighting technology will be deployed on the car, but the front lighting system camera will be ready to deploy soon.

RollJam - Developing A Universal remote control to unlock any door car

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RollJam - Developing A Universal remote control to unlock any door car -

An independent researcher Samy Kamkar built a remote control that is able to unlock all kinds of will to car doors. The universal remote is known as RollJam and interestingly, it can be purchased on eBay for less than $ 50. He tested his own car, a Lotus Elise models from 05 and 07 and the alarm buttons Toyota, Cadillac and Cobra used in other vehicles.

How does the universal remote control? It works by intercepting the authentication codes that are exchanged between the car and key. Whenever the driver locks or unlocks the car, the system generates a different authentication codes. This seems to be fixed; However, the loophole is that there is no delay on the codes and that is when RollJam comes in. RollJam intercepts the transmission, so that the code will never reach the car and it can be used more later, however, it only works on the lock code. Kamkar is reported to be able to convert it to unlock codes.

The device has a limitation that the different cars use different chips for their car doors, Kamkar needs to implement each chip and it only works for the car doors using the same chip the addition several models over several years.

to counter this exploit, it is desirable that pilots must use physical lock their car doors or to always check if an unknown device placed near the car and be very alert when the button n has not unlock the car door correctly. As for the automakers, it is preferable that they implement time to time to synchronize the car key and car door so that the authentication codes can only work within a specified period.

Qualcomm Halo wireless charger to charge electric car brand

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Qualcomm Halo wireless charger to charge electric car brand -

Qualcomm is best known for producing smartphone processor. However, it seems that the company is also involved in shaping the future of electric cars coming with Halo chargers. Recently, Qualcomm has partnered with the manufacturer of pieces of Swiss Brusa electric cars, to develop, manufacture and supply the Halo chargers to other companies. This way, it will pay to Qualcomm and it will accelerate the reality of the charge electric cars in car parks or even on roads with wireless chargers.

The chargers Halo debuted in Formula E championship, electric car race, to load the BMW i3 and i8 batteries which concluded in London in June. By Brusa charger license to manufacture, we hope the technology can be deployed to the public earlier than expected. Initially, the plan is for the electric car to be wirelessly charged by parking on a platform and then, hopefully, it can also spread to appear on the road. Therefore, there should be some special way that electrical charge as they drive by. The only downside for wireless charging is that they charge slower than plugging the cable into the car. However, it is more convenient because it does not require an additional cable for loading heavy and bulky to carry.

It seems that wireless charging is the alternative more attractive to the load current process is limited, confusing and sometimes face with unstable load network today.

Tesla Roadster second generation will be one of the fastest cars in the world

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Tesla Roadster second generation will be one of the fastest cars in the world -

Tesla recently announced that the second generation of the Roadster model will be introduced in 2019. The automaker has left hear that it will be faster than the S model which was announced a few days ago. However, there is no additional information if Roadster will be powered by gasoline or electric.

The Ludicrous Mode Model S can reach from 0 to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds, making it the fastest car of the consumer. The next-generation Roadster is supposed to be designed to be able to reach 60 mph from 0 mph in less than 2.7 seconds. This figure is even faster than McLaren P1. In the test phase, McLaren P1 was confirmed to be able to reach 60mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Besides speed, it is expected that the driving range of the new Roadster will be improved. The last update, version 3.0, which was introduced last December, the driving range was increased to 400 miles of the original value under the right conditions. The new Roadster is expected to break the figure.

Although the original model was built on a platform borrowed Lotus, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the next model will be designed and built entirely in-house. We can expect more updates on the upcoming Roadster in the coming months, the company was currently busy with the final touches on the model and X Series 3D Model 3 before the two models are put on the market.

What could be the next breakthrough rechargeable lithium-ion batteries After?

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What could be the next breakthrough rechargeable lithium-ion batteries After? -

Lithium-ion was considered a breakthrough in the rechargeable battery industry when it was released by Sony in early 190 because it produces a high operating voltage and they high energy density. It is so good that he is able to replace the nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH), which was used previously.

There are many uses of lithium-ion battery particularly in the electronic world as it is used to power the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, allowing the design to have the thin device. However, in recent years, the popularity fell as the life of the lithium-ion battery is shorter for modern portable devices and also providing limited driving range of electric cars when compared to gasoline powered vehicle. In addition to this, there are cases where the device powered by lithium-ion batteries exploded while it is not much, and thus increasing security problem.

Accordingly, there have been efforts to try to find the next breakthrough that could replace the current battery lithium ion. There have been experiments in the laboratory using emerging chemistries such as lithium-sulfur or lithium-air that could potentially able to revolutionize the storage applications of portable energy. However, they are in the research phase where there is no guarantee that they can be communicated to the public to use.

Proven Pirates team that Tesla is hackable but it is easy to do

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Proven Pirates team that Tesla is hackable but it is easy to do -

In this era of connected cars, despite the benefits they bring to car owners, it is also a drawback that automakers need to solve so as to ensure that car owners that their cars are set.

a team of security researchers, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers, gave a presentation on how they hacked into a Tesla Model S at this year's Def Con hacking conference, control the car and put stopped. However, looking at the steps they did, it is proved that it is not easy to hack the system of Tesla. In addition, Tesla was quick to fix the security hole by sending OTA (Over the Air) updates to the car system makes the car Tesla to be the safest car in relation to products from other manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler or GM. Fiat Chrysler, for example, took about 18 months to correct a major vulnerability and issued a patch via the USB key sent by post.

To hack a Tesla Model S, the team purchased and began to tear his dashboard and center console. Ultimately, they found a file called carKeys.tar on an SD card which housed the file system. They met with many dead ends before finding an Ethernet port they used to connect to the network of the car and therefore Tesla VPN (Virtual Private Network).

With this access, they downloaded and decompiled the firmware of the car and thus leads to an insecure password file. The pirates then usurped the Wi-Fi network at Tesla service center and access software that controls all functions of the vehicle, QtCarVehicle. Finally, they are able to control the car and put it off.

It seems that the biggest concern of Tesla's cybersecurity and the company is trying to make their product guaranteed as possible. The company even launched a bug bounty program that rewards independent hackers with $ 25- $ 10,000 to inform them of the vulnerability of their products.

3D imaging of plants gives the inspiration to build lighter and stronger material Car

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3D imaging of plants gives the inspiration to build lighter and stronger material Car -

A team of researchers from the Group biomechanical plant at the University of Fribourg has made a study of natural organisms to see how they can survive in an environment full of stress and tension. Natural organisms mentioned are plants and trees in the forests and the stress and fatigue condition that is through conditions such as too much rain or too much sun or even moisture.

This study is made using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that allows researchers to take a look at the inner workings of the flora that will eventually help provide new ideas on the best how to make the best material for use in the manufacture of car body parts, aircraft and sports equipment in the future. The key is how to make light but enough to withstand any stress imposed on them, for example, how to be part of the body of the lighter car so that the car can go faster, but strong at the same time to be able strong travel on the road under unpredictable weather.

Linnea Hesse, a researcher working in the team, said they wanted to assess the carrying capacity of vascular tissues and for the first time, they could see the load deformations induced by the non-invasive in a living plant. She added, explaining that the focus was on optimizing the technical ramifications and thus the development of products in the car, plane, windmill and construction of the sports equipment as they take advantage of reduced weight and a high load capacity.

Although there are still a lot of things that must be done, however, this can be considered as the first step towards producing better material.

Chevy Corvette hackable by OBD-II port

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Chevy Corvette hackable by OBD-II port -

The latest car model who happens to be hackable is the Chevrolet Corvette. He is able to do so by plugging a device into the OBD-II port inside the car that is when hackers are able to obtain information such as diagnostic information designed for mechanical and driving information for insurance companies.

There is some research to discover security vulnerabilities cars by plugging a dongle on the OBD-II port of the car. Cyber ​​security engineers Argus Cyber ​​Security developed remote control that involves all the functions that can be accessed from the OBD-II port and named as Zubie. Digital Bond Labs, on the other hand, found security vulnerability via dongle is so popular with 2 million Progressive Insurance clients. Stefan Savage, Cal-San Diego teacher who is involved in the research said they acquired some of these things (dongles as mentioned above), the disassembled, and along the way, found that they had a whole lot of security gaps. The study was presented at the Conference on Security unisex recently.

One of the methods is hackable that hackers will send SMS messages from the smartphone to the key that is plugged into the OBD-II port of the car which then messages will be able to access CAN bus, a network that is able to connect different electronic control units that will be able to control vehicle functions. As the message consists of command to stop the car, so when the driver presses the pedal, the car will not accelerate.

General Motors responded to the question by reminding customers to be more careful at any dongle that is plugged into the OBD-II port.

Gidget Latest Camper Compact and effective for your needs camping

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Gidget Latest Camper Compact and effective for your needs camping -

The latest trend of teardrop camper is heading for a compact and efficient use. the latest model of Gidget, Gidget Retro Teardrop is designed to combine the iconic appearance and the benefits of a larger and more versatile living space. Eventhough it is weighted to 1213 lb (550 kg) dry, it is still able to be towed with smaller vehicles.


The interior of the teardrop campers Gidget consists of a cabin bed -Filling which can be turned into an indoor lounge with office space. Next to this there is an entertainment system television which can be rotated to be seen inside the cabin or outside the cabin. A cabinet side of the rotary reader 24 is a HD / DVD TV while the other is a radio.


The kitchen is placed at the rear of the motorhome, which when you open it, you will only see the sink glass top, however , fret not, as the gas cooktop two burner and cooler slip out from under the counter behind the curved wooden drawer. The camper has a pressurized cold water system connected to a 80 liters / 110 liters (21/29-gallon) tank of water and a 40 liters (10.6 gallons) of wastewater.

Gidget 2015 offers two models of camping: Bondi, a compact motorhome measured 8 x 5.3 x 5.4 feet (2.45 x 1.63 x 1.65 m) or noosa, which is a greater relative camper at Bondi which measured 9.8 x 5.3 x 5.5 feet (3 x 1.63 x 1.68 m). Both campers will have a body planted on a steel frame, torsion axle and electric brakes fiberglass.

Both Gidget new trailers have all the good things mentioned above with additional panels 110 watt solar, inverter, deep cycle battery, monitor and central electronic control panel, security alarm, as well as inside and outside of the LED lightening. The inner timber is made of the Australian mainland and Tasmania wood. The difference is that the larger model has a portable toilet, shower heated by gas, largest reservoir of fresh water at 29 gallons and larger cooler.

Gidget Bondi will be priced at AUD $ 17,682 ($ 13,125 US) while Noosa will be priced at AUD $ 22,045 ($ 16,365 US). The company offers domestic and international shipping and all manufacturing is done in Australia.

Apart from Bondi and Noosa, Gidget also develops trailer Bells Compact is designed for small cars and motorcycles. This trailer will have the same features as above, but the size will be smaller and lighter and narrower. It is planned for 2016/2017 launch.

Gidget its patented sliding system worldwide and currently it is the only brand that eventhough used in the past, there is another model, Safari Condo Alta trailer, which the roof can be opened for extra space.

Bosch heat management system could increase the electrical power efficiency of vehicles

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Bosch heat management system could increase the electrical power efficiency of vehicles

- As the auto industry is working towards the production of electric vehicles instead of gas-powered vehicle, Bosch , a German electronics and auto parts is positioned as an important supplier of parts for electric vehicle manufacturers. Recently, the company developed a new thermal management system that will be introduced in the Frankfurt Motor Show 17 e 27 e September this year. With the new system, the efficiency of the electric car could be increased to 25%.

One of the few benefits of an electric vehicle powered on a gas powered vehicle is the electric powered vehicle is more efficient conversion of energy as the vehicle gas powered and of course, it depends several factors. On average, the rate of an electric vehicle efficiency is about 0% while 30% for the supplied carrier gas.

The gas powered vehicle will eventually generate heat through internal combustion is used to heat the driver's compartment. The electric powered vehicle on the other hand, the power from the battery to manage the temperature of the driver's cab. The new Bosch heat management system will use this heat to produce more energy for the battery to power the car especially in cold weather.

According to Bosch, the system generates heat equivalent to an output of the year 00 3000 watts, which is considered an improvement of 100% compared to conventional radiators electric vehicles. In addition to that the system is also making use of the loss of regenerative braking system which is popular features of the heat of electric vehicles.

Bosch recently purchased battery maker OEDC and its series of charging stations to meet the automotive industry.


High Sneak Tesla Model X Falcon Doors

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High Sneak Tesla Model X Falcon Doors -

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the first SUV from the company, the Model X last few days Tesla Fremont, California . Model X will be the first full-electric SUV society that is ever made public. Although Musk lot about the security features that the car model, the feature that gets a lot of public attention is the Falcon Wing doors

The Falcon Wing door is opened up. therefore, it is a convenient feature if you need to park your car in a tight parking. In addition, the sensors around the door is able to detect if someone approached the car and automatically opens the door and the door will also close when someone is detected as being already in inside the car.

Model Version X features the P0D Ludicrous mode that is able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds moh only. In addition to this, it is able to move at a top speed of 155 seconds. The SUV is capable of carrying seven passengers in the car and in addition, it is also able to tow an additional 5,000 books to the back of the car.

For Signature Series Model X, it is priced at $ 132,000 and is to claim to have a range of 240 miles, while the lowest X pricing starts at $ 75,000, which is $ 5000 more than the model S.

With a few extra lines of code in BMW software, Unlock hidden features that car owners want

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With a few extra lines of code in BMW software, Unlock hidden features that car owners want -

BMW i3 REx model is the only model currently on the market that is comply with California regulations with its zero-emission electric car, even if it has a range extending engine. This is possible because the range of gasoline (EPA-rated at 78 miles) is more or less equivalent to its battery range (EPA-rated at 72 miles). This number is managed by limiting the driver's ability to fill its gas tank at a minimum of 1.9 gallons.

If we use the i3 REx European version, which has a capacity of larger tank of 2.4 gallons, keeping the gas tank at a minimum of 1.9 gallons means that car owners could have need to frequently stop at gas stations, which could bring an impact on travel time although some owners said they can complete in less than two minutes. Alternatively, car owners could switch to a mode that allows them to save battery power if they know they will use in the near future such as driving on hills.

Another way is to change the coding drive the software by following instructions available online. However, this approach could bring security risks as part of the hardware function may not work or the software update to fix some things might fail.

Some examples of features that can be implemented by modifying the coding of the car such software by allowing the fuel tank to accept full capacity of 2.4 liters, adding the deleted function European "keeping the charge of battery," which allows deleted AM radio, removing the US mandated seat belt warning tone among other things.

These software features are actually already available in BMW i3 American version. However, it is disabled due to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations or the perception of BMW North America of consumer preference.

Apparently BMW i3 American version has no AM radio which is particularly useful for reports of local traffic and headlines. When green BMW Car Reports asked for the reason behind it, the product and technical communications BMW spokesman Rebecca K.Kiehne, responded that AM was not offered because of the negative performance of the influence of electromagnetic interference electric drive train. She added that although she could be offered, BMW performance standards were very high and they do not offer a product that met under these high standards.

By modifying the car's software, it could give a reason automaker to deny warranty coverage for all conditions that consider related changes.


GinzVelo will change how people travel in cities and suburbs

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GinzVelo will change how people travel in cities and suburbs -

GinzVelo will change the way people travel in cities and suburbs. It looks like a spaceship, he is able to move as fast as the car, but it is technically a very advanced bicycle. The vehicle presents a new term called HTL (human hybrid electric) which is still fed by humans, but helped by electricity.

It is technically a bike so it is legal to park on the sidewalk and squeeze into tight parking spaces. In addition to this, it is able to move up to a range of 75 to 100 miles at a speed of 20 mph on a single charge without the power of the pedal. GinzVelo is powered by a 500 W hub motor and a battery 20 Ah Lipo.

By using the power of the pedal, an average person capable of powering past 30 mph without any assistance while maintaining at 20 mph for miles on end, but with the help of electric assistance, it will have almost unlimited range. As GinzVelo weighs only 85 lbs, it is light enough to pedal for a long period of time.

Currently GinzVelo crowd was funded KickStarter to be able to expand their production capacity. Without using KickStarter, GinzVelo is capable of producing a vehicle per week whereas if KickStarter use, the company can produce five cars per week. The vehicle will be retailed at $ 9.00 after production.

New York will be equipped with traffic lights that can communicate with cars

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New York will be equipped with traffic lights that can communicate with cars -

The future of transportation will all be on communications. Outside a car or a vehicle that will be able to drive, most likely the next big thing is to make the car, vehicles, signs and traffic signals to be able to exchange information them via Wi-Fi waves -as. In this way, we hope drivers will be able to get the most updated information on traffic and the environment around them so they can anticipate what will happen in order to reduce accident the road.

A few words about communication in the transport technology surfaced up. V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle) is one of them. It is essentially an automotive technology, designed to enable vehicles to talk to each other. He is currently actively developed by General Motors. Another term is V2I (Vehicle Infrastructure) which is basically a technology that enables road vehicles to communicate with their environment and aims to improve road safety.

The Department of Transportation United States (DOT) aims to place rules on V2V by the end of the year. In addition, it is currently deploying massive new pilot programs to put technology to the test, from New York City. Traffic lights in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be equipped with equipment V2I then about 10,000 vehicles in the city will be equipped with V2V. However, it is currently impossible to know whether these vehicles will have access to the data or the data will simply be collected as part of the DOT ongoing research on V2V.

Although the rules are not yet defined, however, GM has committed to begin deploying the V2V technology to its production cars in 2016. However, DOT press the press seems to be even more optimistic saying the V2V could be seen in early 2016.

Will Volkswagen Scandal Gives electric car a positive impact?

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Will Volkswagen Scandal Gives electric car a positive impact? -

With Volkswagen unveiled fixing scandal emissions, it is likely to have a huge impact on the company's reputation and future development. It is reported that the company has set aside about € 6.5 billion to cover the costs of the case, but unfortunately it can rise to tens of billions of euros with the recall costs, damage to the brand, lost sales, fines and the possibility of prosecution.

Apparently, it could be even worse as there seems to be a wider impact on the automotive industry. One of them could be the mayors and government can restrict the use of diesel engines in polluted cities as seen in Paris. Paris plans to ban diesel cars from 2020. Another example is London, which introduces the ultra-low emission zone to prohibit the dirtiest diesels driving through the city center. With these two examples, it is expected that more and more cities could follow.

Another impact is that the emission test and fuel consumption by regulators could be more severe than in previous requirements because they must reflect as closely as possible to the real world situation. Diesel cars may be necessary to install systems that are able to clean their own emissions of waste which in turn make diesel cars to be more expensive to produce and as a result fewer people will want to buy.

as emissions of the car could also affect global climate change, it seems that the electric car would be a better alternative to use after all.

2016 BMW 7 Series is all about new innovations

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2016 BMW 7 Series is all about new innovations -

With automakers are competing with each other to come up with unique features to differentiate themselves in the market, luxury brands may need to work harder so they do not lose their position in the industry. While luxury brands like BMW and Buick offers Apple carplay for their car infotainment system, it seems that it is quite common today than other brands also offer this feature.

BMW boasts that the 2016 7 series will feature 24 new innovations including half of those are found exclusively in the vehicles of BMW. Among the 24 new innovations, 6 of them are presented at a press conference recently.


BMW 7 series will come with a touch screen that is able to activate without even touching the screen. By moving your finger in a circular motion to the right to increase the volume and movement to the left to decrease the volume. Answering the call to phone via Bluetooth could be done by simply pointing your finger on the screen and slide your finger in the air to dismiss the appeal.

BMW 7 Version

also comes with the ability to control the 3D view of the car camera which is already used in most cars today. However, it comes with additional gesture control to rotate the image 360 ​​degrees so you can not miss anything that happens around your car. The feature can combine images from different cameras to produce animation and real-time rendering of the car sewing environment.


BMW 7 Series comes with a luxurious rear assembly seats which the seats can be changed for reclining rear seat business class style and a 7-inch touch Tablet command to control things such as the audio system, multiple shades, panoramic sunroof, mood lighting, Internet connectivity and exercise program panel.


BMW 7 series also comes with another option back executive lounge seating group that is suitable for the busy executive who has not had the time to do sessions 'training. It includes guides for passengers in the back seat with a series of isometric exercises from screen entertainment system and made by pressing the body parts in the back seat and cushions.

In addition to the features mentioned above, BMW 7 Series also contains the LCD touch screen that can display information if windows, sunroof, doors are locked or unlocked, the state fuel and service reminders. In addition to this, it also has a function to pair your NFC phone to the dashboard using NFC (Near-Field Communication) which is also used by ApplePay or other services.

Volkswagen autonomous car Completed 1500 mile trip through Mexico

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Volkswagen autonomous car Completed 1500 mile trip through Mexico -

A team of researchers led by Raul Rojas, professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, had traveled 1500 miles across the Mexico trek using an autonomous car. The autonomous car that was used for the trip was a Volkswagen Passat station 2010 that is named Autonomos. The road has been pre-programmed into the system before the car journey to get from Nogales in Mexico.

Autonomos was sent from Berlin to Reno and it is legal to be tested on public roads since 2011. In order to complete this journey, he has seven laser scanners, new video cameras, radars September and a highly accurate GPS device. Although the road has been pre-programmed by the team, however, he demonstrated smooth transition when changing lanes and brakes.

Before the trip, the team traveled 4,000 miles in and around Nevada to collect as much data as they could, which in the end they developed to ensure that the system would also be possible without hitch while traveling through Mexico. As a result, the trip was a success. The only question they faced was when they were driving through the cool floor without lane markings. Regardless, they reached Mexico City safely; the whole trip was a total of about one week from the start date October 12 The car traveled 250 to 300 miles per day.

Rojas has experience working with intelligent system since 1986 and began to explore the autonomous system cars since 06. There are two researchers from Freie Universitat Berlin and an employee of an independent search firm vehicle in his team.

Cars that you can find in 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

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Cars that you can find in 2015 Tokyo Motor Show -

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 was wrapped up earlier this month and the next will be the LA Auto Show at the end of this coming week. Not only Tokyo is facing competition with Western countries, it also faces competition from its neighbor, China. With the cost of production is much lower in China, Tokyo has itself turned into a techno-centric show focusing more on future mobility.


Mazda sports car RX-Vision is a car models long-awaited 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a sports car built with Mazda rotary engine TX that has not happened since the cancellation of the RX8 in 2011.


Honda with its luxury brand Acura NSX supercar unveiled which is already in production.


Nissan brought its concept car Vision 2020 Gran Turismo. Although it debuted last year, it still looks beautiful with her red matte paint job.


Nissan Skyline GT350 also provided which is known in Japan as in United State, it is called Infiniti Q50S.


Yamaha concept car two door sports which is helped by the McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.


Kode9 coupe sports car has also been posted to Tokyo auto show. It designed by Ken Okuyama, the man behind Ferrari Enzo.


Not to mention Kode9 Spyder prototype.


Honda S660 sports car displayed at the Tokyo Motor show also.


Not to mention, Toyota FR-S.


Kikai Toyota with its unique design that reveal the inner mechanical workings of a car also posted on the show.


Nissan Teatro For Dayz looks much like a conventional car, however, it comes with a media more social experience that exhilarating drive.


Daihatsu Noriori resembling a tram route go with its sliding doors valve and a roll-on-roll-off ramp also displayed in the show.


Daihatsu also introduced the concept Tempo with his food futuristic mini-truck.


Wander Honda stand that look like a futuristic golf card is actually a standalone pod mobility.


Mercedes unveiled its own autonomous car with Vision Concept Tokyo. It is designed with a luxurious lounge for young urban trendsetters in mind.


IDS Concept Nissan LEAF is reflected in the next generation which is all electric and autonomous.


Suzuki Air Triser that looks like the old VW Microbus also debuted.


Suzuki powerful platform designed to maximize the usefulness of the small package.


Concept Toyota FCV over who powered fuel cell hydrogen also presented at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Honda version of hydrogen powered concept car, FCX Clarity also made his debut in the Motor Show.


Concept Toyota C-HR debuted after unveiled in Frankfurt earlier this year.


Toyota Prius is displayed as well.


Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid electric off-road PHEV is also displayed in the motor show.


eX Mitsubishi Concept car showed an electric propulsion system and four-wheel drive semi-autonomous technology also debuted in the show.


Gripz Nissan Concept car that can become the next sporting generation Z also debuted in the Motor Show this year.


Lexus debuted its Concept FC LF is elegant with its controversial spindle grille.


Porsche presented its new Macan GTS at the Tokyo Show.


The company also debuted its new 911 Carrera 4S turbocharged.


The last but not least, there was also Hino Dakar.