Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth

Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth - car door

A team of engineers from Kiekert AG, a German automotive components, working with students at the Erzbischoefliche Liebfrauenschule 'Cologne Business school, to provide a solution for the problem where sometimes, drivers accidentally dent their car doors because they are not careful when they open the door of their particular car in a narrow parking slot.

the solution is substantially a called i-protection technology that works similarly to the collision avoidance systems forward. Therefore, when the driver opens the car door, the system that was placed on the door of the car monitor the proximity of the car door and the nearest concrete about him, whether another vehicle parked , garage walls or other obstacles. If she's got too close, then there could be an alarm to warn the driver or the car door will adjust the speed and energy of the opening set of the car automatically.

Kiekert said patent the invention will be retained by the group of students in the partnership with the company. He won top honors in the [email protected] contest for school students sponsored by Boston Consulting Group.

Although there seems to be a good idea, however, technology is still room for improvement. In addition, the technology should be in place for high-end luxury cars. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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