Hyper-Efficient Invention rotary engine from a given small business Huge DARPA contract

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Hyper-Efficient Invention rotary engine from a given small business Huge DARPA contract -

LiquidPiston Inc. is a company based in Bloomfield, CT, built by the father-son team Nikolay and Alec Shkolnik. One of their products is a hyper-efficient rotary engine technology, LiquidPiston, offering to be compact because it can fit in a backpack, powerful, quiet, low vibration and multi-fuel combustion engines capable that are scalable to 1HP to over 1,000 HP.

Product landed the company a contract worth millions Agency (DARPA) US Defense Advanced Research Projects. Engine technology can be used for military purposes such as drones in weapons (UAVs), soldiers and generators that produce 3kW of robotic electric power.

A typical 3kW gasoline generator is normally found on construction sites or can be used during a power failure. It weighs about 140 pounds and measures about 3 feet long, 2 feet high and 2 feet wide. Such generators are used in remote areas by the military to generate power, however, they are huge. LiquidPiston, on the other hand, can produce the same amount of energy, but it weighs about 30 pounds when the engine itself weighs about 8 pounds and relatively small size such that it can be formed inside of a backpack. When used in unmanned aerial vehicles, it can be easily integrated inside the shell of the fuselage.

In addition to the DARPA project, LiquidPiston also plans to use the products for the power tool usage of the house such as lawn mowers, chain saws and trimmers. The products will be available in Home Depot and Lowe in the next two to three years as mentioned by Alex Shkolnik.

Tesla Awesome car charger for its new autonomous Model S

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Tesla Awesome car charger for its new autonomous Model S -

Tesla is currently in the test phase for the new car self-management of the company has also known of model S. in addition, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also said that the company is developing an automatic car charger, which can move away from the wall and plug about the car load. The charger is supposed to be able to turn and turn and automatically find its way to the load point of the car that is certainly impressive.

Tesla Model S has better performance than the rest of the car that Tesla ever made. Its acceleration is promised to be instant, silent and smooth. It can reach up to 60 miles for an hour in seconds. Besides that, he also environmentally friendly as it comes with zero emissions.

Tesla Model S is also equipped with an autopilot function. It is a function for which it combines a camera facing forward, 360 degree sonar sensors with updates in real-time traffic and uses this information to navigate the route. It is also capable of detecting a parking system and is parked. The functionality will be implemented gradually by using the software updates that believed to Over the Air (OTA). The current version is 6.2 and it includes an emergency braking and blind spot warning.

A team of Bioengineers created first engine that runs on water evaporation

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A team of Bioengineers created first engine that runs on water evaporation -

Bioengineers a team led by Ozgur Sahin at Columbia University recently created the most likely first mover the world that is capable of operating on the evaporation of water at room temperature as reported in the journal "Nature Communications". It is mentioned that using only a puddle at rest, it can turn on the LED or even drive a miniature car. The best news is that it will cost less than $ 5 to make.

The most important part of the engine is a new material that is called hydras (humidity-driven artificial muscles). The material is made from thin muscular plastic strips as contract when dry and expand when wet. It is also able to respond to even a small amount of moisture, it is able to contract and expand to more than a million times and nearly degradable material type. In addition to this, it is also can extend up to four times its original length. Since the material expand and contract, it will create energy and thus can be used to make an action as specified.

How does it work? The motor is placed on a pool of water at room temperature in a small enclosure. As the water evaporates, the closure will certainly become wetter and therefore it triggers HYDRA strips extend. As they grow, they'll pull a rope that is attached to a small electromagnetic generator and thereby converting this energy into motion. At the same time, the bands will also pull open a set of four components on top of the engine releasing the moist air. As the moisture inside of the closure of the drops, it strips will contract and thus close the shutters. The process repeats.

Turning now to the evaporation engine is considered a proof of concept. For it to be implemented for public use, it is still a way to be done.

The impact and change the battery in Our Environment and the Economy Aspect

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The impact and change the battery in Our Environment and the Economy Aspect -

While some of us might not have noticed, but the battery plays a role important in our daily lives. All electronic devices we use are battery powered and in the coming years, even our vehicles will use the battery to be able to cruise on the highway. The most common battery that is used is the lithium-ion battery and unfortunately there are bad press surrounding this type of battery recently as there are devices that are powered by exploding when used, although the number of case is quite low.

recently, Tesla founder Elon Mask, presented "powerwall" that is designed to be low cost for recharging electric cars and electric home use. In addition, researchers are studying to make the battery from aluminum ion that may be safer, lighter and cheaper than the current lithium-ion battery. These can lead to a lower cost of energy storage which will then make car storage and more affordable home electric energy and a greener environment.

When we talk about a greener environment, we can not run away from the issue of climate change is happening without realizing. To resolve this issue, it would not be easy and we may need to rely on technology to do that will then encourage the idea of ​​"superindustrialisation" as such as industry and technology are combined to solve the problem of climate change by effectively using resources, reduce waste and pollution control.

taking car as an example. The automotive industry generates more than 3m tonnes of scrap and waste annually, in fact, in 09, about 14m cars were scrapped in the United States itself. To make matters worse, the number of cars on the road increases every year and so the existing infrastructure may not be able to bear and therefore should be built and unconsciously, he would destroy the ecosystem of new roads. Electric cars, but it might not help reduce the loss problem, they can fix the cause of the pollution problem by classic cars which are running on gasoline that manufacturers are promising near zero emission, which may reduce the percentage of global warming potential of about 20% vehicle.

However, to create a greener economy, it is impossible depending only on technology alone. He would need the cooperation of everyone in the world by making a small gesture green day like turning off the light when not in use.

Youxia X electric car is the Chinese version of Tesla Model S

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Youxia X electric car is the Chinese version of Tesla Model S -

Youxia X is developed by the Chinese start Youxia Motors will become the first production car ever to the company. The electric car has many similarities with Tesla Model S, however, it is a bit unfair to say that the vehicle is a rip-off of Tesla car model in place, we can say that Youxia X design is inspired by the Tesla Model design.

Youxia X comes with three variations, 40kWh or 60kWh and a version with 85 220 kWh, 230 and 460 km respectively ranges. The car uses a single 260 kilowatts electric motor that can reach 100km / h in 5.6 seconds, as compared to the version of Tesla Model which is released for Australia, he 285kW engine alone too and can also reach 100km / h in 5.6 seconds. Based on these figures, it seems there is not much difference between the two cars in terms of engine.

inside Youxia X looks like the inside of the Tesla Model S with the center console of the large touch screen and retracting door handles, however, it seems that the designer has also included some models here and there Lexus, Audi and Maserati altogether. The car's operating system is based on Android 5.0 and is called KITT OS. Another interesting fact is that the name comes from Youxia the Chinese version of Knight Rider TV series.

Youxia X will be priced at around $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 out of the China market in case if it is sold internationally. It will go into production in 2016 with first deliveries in 2017.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Technologies reported to partner to build a new Supercar

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Aston Martin and Red Bull Technologies reported to partner to build a new Supercar -

Red Bull Technologies, which is another service within Red Bull, in partnership with Aston Martin to a supercar that will compete with Ferrari and McLaren P1 laferrari. He did not confirm whether the supercar will be made as a Formula 1 car or it would also be mass-produced as consumer cars.

The project would be led by F1 designer Adrian Newey. Since the beginning of the year, he retired from the Red Bull F1 team and began developing the new model is scheduled for production in 2018. The head of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner stated that it was something that Adrian wanted to do as a legacy project. Horner added that, at the time of development was to be a builder of Formula 1, but as they saw more technology cross the road car market, it was something that would grow organically.

There are not many details disclosed as yet, however, it is suggested that the supercar would use electric trains Mercedes-Benz Original and electronic.

Another car model Aston Martin Vulcan, which is also under development by Aston Martin and Newey was still ongoing, most of which will likely be parallel with the development of the supercar. Aston Martin Vulcan is powered by 7.0-liter V12 with 800 horsepower. It was built on a frame and the carbon fiber body. He spent a total of $ 2.3 million to build and will be designed for use on racing track only.

Tesla is in the lead in terms of safety in the automotive industry

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Tesla is in the lead in terms of safety in the automotive industry -

Car piracy seems to be the most common concern among automakers nowadays. It is quite surprising that the Jeep Chrysler that has been around the automotive industry for years has been hijacked by pirates in accessing the wireless car system through a hub of shared software. The company even took about a year and a half to find the flaw and send the fix by sending a USB client.

Tesla, on the other hand, is difficult to hack. Eventhough on paper, the car made by Tesla seems to be easy to hack society seems to focus more on the part of the aspect in the design of the car such as Tesla Model S. In addition, the fix for patching their vehicles fault system is by OTA (Over the Air) method. Therefore it is not surprising that Consumer Reports named Model S as choosing the car up for two consecutive years.

In addition, Tesla seems to be open on the technology used in their car. The company informs proactively media, customers and the investment community about its new features and updates unlike other automakers who seems to prefer to keep their technology secret. Tesla also wants hackers to expose its flaws in order if there are gaps with the system, the company could immediately repair and patch system of their cars through the OTA method.

Another advantage of Tesla on its competitor is that their clients are mostly people who are successful in everything they do in Silicon Valley and so they know more about cybersecurity that that are Tesla. It is probably for this reason, companies such as Ford sets up research centers in Silicon Valley.

Toyota Lid Patents Eye Detection Technology to ensure the safety of the driver

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Toyota Lid Patents Eye Detection Technology to ensure the safety of the driver -

Many road accidents occur because instead of paying attention to the road, the driver is distracted by something else, such as texting or talking on the phone. As the best solution for this is most likely a self driving, however, it will be some time before a self driving car is able to be made available to the public. Currently, the self driving car is still on the way to test for some of the technology and the automaker companies like Google and Tesla as the government is coming up with the rule and regulations to maintain the security of all .

Toyota recently patented a technology that is capable of detecting the upper eyelid of the driver and the lower eyelid and the driver uses the remote to determine the degree of eye opening. This technology is actually already exists somewhere, but whenever there is a redeye, it returns false results. Therefore, Toyota is trying to find ways to overcome this problem by adding in an algorithm to detect whether the redeye occurs when the skin is already supposed to be when the system will go back and track the exact location of the eye .

There is no further information on how the company will use the technology in their production of future car, but an accurate representation of the data is always useful. Apparently Toyota is the first and only automaker that experiments on detecting eyes, GM (General Motors) and Jaguar Land Rover is also experimenting with the idea.

Flaws exposed in DEF CON security vehicles this year

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Flaws exposed in DEF CON security vehicles this year -

Security researchers presented their findings on attacks that could occur for connected cars that could lead to improvements to protect consumers DEF CON this year. Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller, two security research who participated in the conference and to discover known security flaw in Jeep Cherokee, published their findings which revolved around Uconnect infotainment system of the car that is distributed by Harman.

Normally, the pirates will try to hack the display system that then if they are successful in piracy, they will continue to have access to the largest and secure. In this case, hackers find an open port and the process in the infotainment system is designed to execute code, they just need to inject a few lines of Python to give them root privileges. After they have access to the root, they are pretty much able to do anything to the firmware such as sending malicious instructions on the system that includes the transmission and brakes. However, eventhough the hackers can not access the firmware, they are still able to use the API to control the infotainment radio, wipers, and the monitoring of the car by GPS and worse, they can do all remotely.

accordingly, 1.4 million vehicles manufactured within three years of Fiat Chrysler (FCA) online, including from 2013 to 2014 in 2014 Durango line Ram pickups are recalled, traffic on port 6667 was blocked, and the legislation was introduced by US Senator Edward Markey. Harman system announced that it affects only vehicles FCA as it uses older infotainment system. However, all this can only happen if they have physical access to the first car ports.

Another security researcher team, Marc Rogers and Kevin Mahaffey focused on Tesla S because they saw it as the coolest car currently producing. They tried to hack into the infotainment system as a start. To their surprise, the infotainment Tesla system is more secure than they thought it would be. While they were able to get root access to it, they are able to perform actions such as lawfully present in the API that includes changing speeds, unlocking and locking doors, windows d opening as well as lowering and elevation of the suspension. They also discovered that the security token was a plain text.

Jeep Cherokee and Tesla handled the matter differently. Jeep Cherokee recalled car models affected shortly before the conference eventhough vulnerabilities were discovered a few months ago. Tesla on the other hand, sent representatives to the DEFCON and answered the question right after Rogers and Mahaffey done with their presentation. Tesla announced a bug bounty program Bug crowd for people to report bugs to the model and get awarded him up to $ 10,000.


Samy Kamkar, another speaker at DEF CON, vulnerabilities demonstrated with few cars and a garage with RF system device named Rolljam. The device will block the signal from reaching the car so the owner is asked to send another signal. Rolljam then records the second signal and the reading of the first signal to unlock the car. The second signal is read at a later date when the owner does not know and it can be done remotely. However, this vulnerability was fixed some years ago so there should not be any reason why car owners to worry about.

Josh Corman, a political strategist who gives recommendation for the safety of consumer goods observed that it took Microsoft 15 years to change his behavior to prosecute pirates to work together with them to expose their product then that the auto industry does not have much time. The automotive industry has only maximum 3 to 5 years. In addition, it was also observed that safety always comes after the design of the car while security should be part of the initial design of the car.

connected cars seems to be not only a problem in the United States, but it is to be an international issue. As the vehicle that we'll have in the future is therefore connected security is very important. As connected cars also have their advantages, however, they have vulnerabilities that are harder to solve because they are new. The best way is to enable the fix for the bug to OTA (Over the Air), because it is simple, convenient and low cost and it should come as a free service for car owners.

Automatic Offers Easy Way to display information from your car

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Automatic Offers Easy Way to display information from your car -

Auto is a car accessory that can work with any type of car made after 1996. If you sync your Android or Apple iPhone device, you'll be able to view all the hidden information about your car. The device is able to diagnose the engine light control, calculate fuel consumption, call for help in case if your airbags deployed automatically and sends an alert if you drive in a way that will burn more fuel.

Recently, there is an automatic to update that allows you to conduct data beam at a smartphone application that please. This means you can see your driving habits, fuel consumption and performance of your car for any smartphone application that you want. Unfortunately, automatic does not have its own app store; however, the company provides links to Google and Apple App Store. At present, there are a total of 20 applications that is able to read data from automatic.

Automatic is certainly much simpler than Android or Apple car entertainment system. The Android automotive infotainment system is known as Android Auto while Apple is coming up with Apple carplay. The two must be integrated into the car model, therefore, both supported by only a selective number then automatic car model does not need to be integrated into the car model to make it work. This way, we can say that automatic is able to work in a car, be it a classic car model or a car without a driver.

It is interesting to note that for this automatic can do, it is priced at only $ 100 and above, it can make your old car look smart.

Rover Technology Trailer Delivers Transparent Invisible Trailer for pilots

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Rover Technology Trailer Delivers Transparent Invisible Trailer for pilots -

Land Rover has revealed that the company is working on a technology that is capable of making the trailer or caravan or whatever vehicle towed behind the car to look like it is "invisible". This technology is known as technology of the transparent trailer. This technology aims to eliminate blind spots caused by the vehicle being towed behind the car so that the driver is able to see other vehicles coming from behind that in the end makes it easier handling and improve safety during overtaking.

technology is made possible by combining video stream of the existing backup camera on the vehicle, the cameras on the mirrors, and the digital camera without additional wire on the back of the trailer. The video streams are finally sent to the vehicle's rearview mirror and thus the trailer seems to see through.

According to Dr. Wolfgang, director of research and technology at Jaguar Land Rover offers of the prototype system a high quality video image without distorting other cars or obstructions, which means the driver would have exactly the right information to make safe and effective decisions when driving or maneuvering, which makes it safer and less stressful towing.

the company is also coming up with another technology, Cargo Sense, which will alert drivers traveling or remotely via the smartphone application on the status of their cargo. This technique is made possible by the power combination in the video and pressure sensors on the vehicle floor. Therefore, if there are changes, the driver will be alerted so they can take action.

All these technologies are invented to provide a safer driving experience for driver and passengers.

The Good and Bad of Self Driving Cars for Future Generation

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The Good and Bad of Self Driving Cars for Future Generation -

It would take another few years before the self driving car can be released for public use. The most logical time is 2020, because there are still regulatory barriers and technological challenges that remain to be solved. The project manager for Google autonomous car, Chris Urmson, said his aim was to ensure that his 11 year old son does not need to obtain a license. Apparently this comment sparked a debate whether the future generation should never have to drive a car?

Long ago when calculator could not calculate algebra for us, we had to learn algebra in hand. However, as the calculator has become more advanced, there is no reason for us to learn algebra in hand, all we have to do is press the calculator and it will calculate for us. Is it going to be the same with the driving and the road? Does this mean that once self driving cars able to be used on public roads, no need to learn how to drive or enter our destination? All we need to do is enter our destination and the car driving to do it.

However, conduct can not be equated with algebra that driving is a specialized skill that serves to use a tool while the latter is a fundamental set of learning that is necessary for understanding and useful across a variety of disciplines. In addition to auto car driving is generally safer than generally accidents are caused by the human driver is distracted and not paying much attention to the road or in a worst case scenario of a drunk driver. With self driving, it will massively eliminate this kind of scenario that driving is controlled by a system that could not be drunk or distracted.

Another argument is that modern cars are equipped with technology such as collision detection pre-, cruise and dynamic way to keep help that is good enough to reduce the possibility of an accident to almost zero. However, with self driving cars, no more congestion or you do not have to go through the process of finding parking and park your car because it is all done by autonomous cars.

The conclusion is that it could take a few more years for self driving car in order to free the market, and there is a period of transit in which there will be a mixture of self driving and manual car on the same street at the same time. However, automakers seem to ensure that the self driving car they release will be safer than the manual car, even if it is equipped with the latest technology.

Maverick DS Turbo X Possesses powerful Rotax engine with Turbocharger option

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Maverick DS Turbo X Possesses powerful Rotax engine with Turbocharger option -

After successfully came with a series of powerful and agile vehicle side by side in the industry, Can-Am is still come with a more powerful vehicle. For 2016, the company plans to publish Maverick DS Turbo X that power for TURBO Rotax 1000R is increased to 131 hp.

In addition to this some features such as the continuously variable transmission (CVT) is redesigned to provide a better driven pulley with a rapid response system (QRS) which allows better transfer of energy and time faster engagement. Another characteristic that Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) is a rear suspension which is a compact version of a suspension of five link for any bump steer and scrub down. With all these features implemented, ultimately, it will provide a more controlled wheel movement, optimum bump absorption and tire-ground contact for predictable handling.

Maverick X DS Turbo also features 14-inch aluminum wheels beadlock that uses the mechanical fastening system that in the end, it is almost impossible for the wheel to come off in corners or under hard acceleration in a very difficult environment.

the vehicle is available from starting price of $ 22,999 and there are three colors, blue, green and red. It is suitable for people who like extreme sports.

Apple Campus Reported Second electrical Accommodation Business Car

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Apple Campus Reported Second electrical Accommodation Business Car -

Apple has signed an agreement to lease a large lot in Sunnyvale, California. With this space, the company plans to build office building that looks like a spaceship. This building is rumored to house the electric company car companies.

Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Apple planned to use the space to build an office building 777,000 square foot winding is capable of holding 3000 people. More information on the building can be found on the website Notanotherbox.com

Apple plans to release their version of electric car for use on public roads in 2019 as indicated in the Wall Street Journal recently. Apple is also rumored to triple its current 0 employees already working on the electric car project so as to secure production.

According to Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst, while sales were likely to begin later than 2019, investors were believed to have started trying to keep the car in the Apple model. Furthermore, he added that to put the car into perspective, every 40,000 units at $ 75K ASP add 1% to the sales business 2021.

This building is considered as the second campus is built by Apple. The company reportedly spent $ 300 million for a total of 70 acres in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and San Jose in total.

Ten major automakers Standardize Their automatic braking technology on their vehicles

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Ten major automakers Standardize Their automatic braking technology on their vehicles -

Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo have agreed make the automatic braking system to be able to predict a potential collision and prevent it from happening or at least minimize the impact of the accident a standard requirement on all vehicles they produce. The automatic braking system is expected to use radar, laser or cameras to make the prediction. Apparently the functionality already exists, but mostly in luxury cars or premium models.

The news was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) last month. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is actually an auto safety group by the insurance industry. The agencies are working with auto manufacturers to come out with a calendar on the standardization process.

Adrian Lund, IIHS president said that most accidents involved driver error and that the technology could compensate for errors every driver is because the systems were always on alert, monitoring the road and never get tired or distracted.

It seems that technology is more effective in preventing rear collisions in 2012 is reported to cause 1,700 deaths and 500,000 injuries based on government statistics. Therefore, National Transportation Safety Board suggested that the automatic braking systems should be made standard on all new cars and thus the above announcement was made.

LATV's new vehicle to replace existing Army Humvee

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LATV's new vehicle to replace existing Army Humvee -

US Army recently announced that they are collaborating with Oshkosh in a program called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to produce a new version of the vehicle army called "L-ATV" (Light Combat tactical all-terrain vehicle). This vehicle is intended to replace the existing vehicle of the army called Humvee. Humvee, or High Mobility Multipurpose HMMVV or Wheeled Vehicle is a jeep like vehicle that is used to invade Iraq twice he carries soldiers and Marines across the desert.

L-ATV MRAPs borrows some design elements as MRAPs are designed to survive bomb blasts while the ATV-should do the same. However, L-ATV should be faster and therefore more mobility than heavy armored trucks. In addition to this L-ATV should also be able to move on too, which is the same as its predecessor. However, it is found that L-ATV is much heavier than the design of the original Humvee that weight is three times the Humvee. Apparently, it becomes a major concern for the Marines that uses ships are designed to carry a lighter version.

The contract requires Oshkosh to build 17,000 L-ATV in the coming years with 5,500 go to Marine Corps as the first step. Finally, the military seeks to replace more than 49,000 vehicles which is currently still in service.

Japan Robot Taxi longer benefit the aging population

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Japan Robot Taxi longer benefit the aging population -

Japan with the nation's record fastest aging on Earth seems to make the most with the car out without driver. Last month, the number of citizens 100 years and reached more than 60,000, while the number was only 153 in 1963. This figure means that one in every three people in Japan will be at least 65 years or a person five will be at least 75 years.

A Japanese company called Robot Taxi announced they are coming with free taxis Cabbie-ready by the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. His road tests will begin next year in Kanagawa is in the south of Tokyo and of course, there will be an employee on board as a safety measure according to reports Wall Street Journal. The company aims for older people and people without access to transport.

With all this said, there are also challenges that the service will face. One of them is how to get people comfortable enough to use the service. However, it might be easier to Japan as the images of the robot are depicted as cute, friendly and they are able to live side by side with humans, whereas in some other countries like the US, with films such as Terminator and Cylons, robots are seen as large, industrial and scary thing.

technology and automaker giant companies are competing to be the first to release the car without driver on the road. It becomes more exciting, right?

World Solar Challenge in 2015 requires that participants travel almost 100 miles across Australia Outback

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World Solar Challenge in 2015 requires that participants travel almost 100 miles across Australia Outback -

In this year biennial World Solar Challenge competition, 46 teams from 25 countries are expected to lead solar cars across nearly 1,00 miles across Australia Outback. This means that participants must travel to Darwin which is in the north of Australia to Adelaide is South Australia. There are three categories of the competition, Challenger Class, Class Cruiser class and Adventure. However, most participants will compete in the Challenger and Cruiser class.

In the Challenger class, participants will normally have smaller vehicles that carries the driver and are timed only once during the competition. In addition, they are allowed to charge their car once while the rest of the trip, they will have to rely on the sun to recharge their vehicle.

In the Cruiser class, participants will normally larger vehicles because it carries a driver and a passenger. They are timed twice throughout the competition. A step is between Darwin and Alice Springs and the other step is between Alice Springs and Adelaide. Unlike the Challenger class, participants in this category are able to recharge their batteries twice. Once before the competition begins as the other during the halfway while the rest of the trip, they are necessary to get the power of the sun.


It seems that most of the teams taking part in the competition of the year, took part in the previous competition, but they bring a better version of vehicles previous. Stanford team, for example, in 2013, they won four Challenger place in the class and they received the "Best Undergraduate team in the world". This year, the team brings a newly designed Arctan promised to be able to run on an improved solar technology but in a smaller design.


Nuon Solar Team is another example. The team that comes from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands took part in the Challenger class. This year, they bring Nuna 8, which is designed to have a lighter weight because they use 3D printing to improve speed. Tokai University is another challenger in the same class. The team won second place in 2013 competition and this year, they bring a slimmer version of the previous version, which they brought to the previous competition.

SP: 01 electric sports car Detroit Electric Entry

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SP: 01 electric sports car Detroit Electric Entry - Production Line

announced that Detroit Electric SP: 01, a sporty electric car designed on the basis Lotus Exige entered online production Learnington Spa, UK recently. The company released the news on his Facebook page. Another example of the electric car sport designed on the basis of Lotus other than Tesla Roadster. Tesla Roadster was originally assembled in England; However, he ended up repatriating most of its assembly process in the US

SP :. 01 is running on a pack of 37 kWh battery that is capable of traveling 179 miles (288 km) of the nominal NEDC range. The EPA-rated range should be closer to 140 miles (225 km). The battery can also act as an energy storage system of the house as it has built in the ability to load and bi-directional discharge

There are two versions of SP :. 01 Pure and performance. Pure is based on a single rate while the return is based on manual. The performance version is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 155mph (250km / h). Both versions of infotainment systems are running on Android Auto is not only able to run the operating system on the cars, but also provides access to the system from the mobile phone of the user and the electronic key car door.

Detroit Electric is a society different from the other company of the same name that began electric vehicles in 107. The company has not announced the price of the vehicle and availability in the US

Designed Koenigsegg Supercar New Model Law as transformer

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Designed Koenigsegg Supercar New Model Law as transformer -

Koenigsegg is a Swedish car manufacturer known for producing high-performance sports car. In the recent 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled last Regera named supercar which ranked as limited edition as only 80 units will be made.

Regera offers 1500 horses using the combination of power plants and gasoline. There will be a function 'Autoskin' available. It is designed to be able to climb electrically and almost each lower body panel which includes the hood, rear deck lid spoiler, doors and windows and they will move together. Therefore, it looks like a transformer when it arrives.

The Regera name is taken from a Swedish word meaning "to reign or rule. The supercar model is reported to be delivered from the public next year with each unit costs about $ 2 million.

The interior is designed so that it will reduce the noise in the cabin caused by wind and noise "powertrain. In addition, it comes with an 8 way electrically adjustable memory foam seats and the infotainment system of 9 inches, a full camera system with recording capabilities (front, inside and back) Apple carplay ', a new sound system, ambient lighting, 3G connectivity and Wi-fi.

Regera is reported to have a top speed 410 km / h and is capable of reaching 100km / h in 2.8 seconds, 300 kmh in 12.3 seconds and 400 km / h in less than 20 seconds.

Five trends that trigger the over potential changes in Global Automotive Industry

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Five trends that trigger the over potential changes in Global Automotive Industry -

The Frankfurt Motor Show which was concluded recently, was a revelation for lovers car owners, investors and that pious drivers. It was mainly dominated by luxury car manufacturers offer technologies never been implemented before. Mercedes Benz for example, with its IAA S-Class promises to be able to offer more efficiency than the driver accelerates by reconfiguring its aerodynamically body.


The first trend that guarantees will change the trend is driverless cars or also known as autonomous vehicles. When it is launched for public use, it will change a lot of the insurance industries in the electronics sector. This includes automotive service companies, taxi, car rental industries, delivery services business parcel as well as the change in diet and logistics operations. In addition to this path, parking and infrastructure will also be amended.

The second trend is the energy source that powers the cars. Instead of using fossil fuels, cars moving renewable energy that can be even be able to produce their own energy. In this way, it could actually help create a greener environment. The technology is known as (V2G) technology grate vehicles. Car owners just need to connect the grid of electric vehicles to recharge the vehicles. In addition, they also able to download power to the grid whenever there is a high demand for it and actually get paid for it, which is pretty cool.


Another trend is that the cars mechanical parts are replaced by computerization. More sophisticated electronic equipment will be installed in the car and will be implemented with software that can be all the way to artificial intelligence (AI). Google is already working on something that can assess the diagnosis of your car, fix via software updates, and send you to the store nearby mechanic emergency.

In addition to the good things that will happen, so do not rule out the possibility of manufacturers lose control. With the example of GM regulation of the ignition switch that left unhappy public, at the latest, the Volkswagen cheating case where an algorithm was developed to detect if the vehicle is about to undergo a test issue and applied certain parameters so that it can pass the test, it is certainly going to change the regulation of the automobile industry. This of course, is to ensure the safety of all road users.


The last but not the least tendency to the Agreement between the United States and Japan to eliminate tariffs on cars and Japanese parts made in connection Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, it will make cars and Japanese parts is much cheaper than neighboring American countries such as Canada or Mexico. Apparently, the United States did not consult the Canada or Mexico before the agreement and, therefore, it would re-negotiation on this.

Streets of Valais Switzerland will be filled by autonomous Bus

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Streets of Valais Switzerland will be filled by autonomous Bus -

autonomous cars will not be the only one who will benefit from the driverless technology. Apparently, the bus will take advantage of technology too. Bus, a leading public transport company in Switzerland launches a standalone bus pilot program for two years in the tourist areas of Sion, Valais.

The two-year program will be starting in spring 2016. Initially, nine bus passengers will be electrified trolling around the old streets of Zion. The test is performed by BestMile, a Swiss start-up that is known to develop software to control the autonomous vehicle fleets in the same way a control tower is in an airport.

The program's objective is to prove that the autonomous public transport can actually work and it offers many advantages such as lower operating costs and is safer. After this program, Bus plans to expand its service in remote areas of the country.

Before launching the program, BestMile spent two years to create algorithms that will ultimately allow autonomous vehicles to recognize and react accordingly situations.

Apparently, America and Sweden are considered to be the first to adopt the technology of autonomous vehicles. Several States of America as Michigan, Nevada, Florida and California has granted license autonomous companies while Gothenburg, Sweden has granted Volvo program that puts 100 SUV XC0 self-driving on public roads in 2017

"Drive me"

Initially, it might be inconvenient for residents and visitors to Zion to take the bus that are not driven by anyone and it might be interesting to see how they react. However, over time, the more likely people forgot about it and it will be a part of their daily lives.


Volkswagen Group admitted that all diesel car models Sold After 09 did not comply with emission laws

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Volkswagen Group admitted that all diesel car models Sold After 09 did not comply with emission laws -

Many things have been going for the Volkswagen Group this year. With the software installed in the revelation cheat engine 2.0-liter TDI automaker for cars with model year 09 to 2015, the company is facing allegations that its 3.0-liter TDI engines made since 09 and sold from the US also equipped fumes cheating software.

allegations came from the Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA) after discovering that nearly 10,000 diesel vehicles of 3.0 liters sold in the United States for the years 2014 models, 2015 and 2016 are equipped with cheating software. These models include VW, Audi and Porsche. However, the group denied the allegations.

There is only a few weeks after the Volkswagen group admitted to the EPA that not one diesel model is sold in U.S. since 09 complies with emission laws. It is still unclear exactly how many cars are affected. In addition to this, new tests have revealed that these engines produce as much as nine times the legal limit of pollutants in the exhaust.

Therefore, this means that each VW diesel sold from 09 from cheating devices.

The new scandal surfaced, the next thing that the group should wait probably additional round of fines, lawsuits and complaints from dealers and owners.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk uses Twitter to Search Autopilot Software Engineers

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk uses Twitter to Search Autopilot Software Engineers -

Elon Musk is always looking for new ways to do things. Recently he uses Twitter to find new recruits for its autonomous vehicle programs. He posted four tweets so far.

"Powering Up from Autopilot software to Tesla team to achieve full autonomy widespread. If you are interested, contact [email protected]

"We are looking for hardcore software engineers. No previous experience with the necessary cars. Please include sample code or a link to your work "

" Should mention that I will interview people personally and Autopilot reports directly to me. This is a very high priority "

" Autopilot 1.01 coming soon: curve speed adaptation, the sweetness of the controller, better road holding on poor roads, improving the learning of the fleet "

Autopilot feature on Tesla Model S was recently activated able to lead, change track and manage its own speed automatically. It is made using over-the-air updating software the infotainment system of the car. for the autopilot system to be able to work, he uses a combination of radar forward, the camera turned to the future, 12 long-range ultrasonic sensors and fast processors.

Recently, there has uploaded online videos on Tesla drivers who do not put their hands on the wheel and it will be safe own life drivers so. Tesla already has recommended drivers bringing at least one of their hand on the wheel eventhough the autopilot function has been activated. For this incident, Musk announced that the company was looking for ways that will limit the Autopilot function as such, it will be safer for users and therefore the requirement to hire more software engineers.

Driverless Robot Taxis can be Summoned Using Smartphone

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Driverless Robot Taxis can be Summoned Using Smartphone -

Japan has an aging population, as the number of taxi drivers aged 75 and over increased every year and it is expected to exceed 5 million in three years. Therefore, the number of accidents caused by drivers aged 75 years or over increased by 20% over a decade. With the rise of driverless cars in the auto industry, Japan came out with an idea of ​​having a robotic taxi simply known as Robot Taxis and yes, there is conductive.

Robot Taxi is the result of a collaboration between ZMP, a developer of automated vehicle technology and Dena, a mobile Internet firm. They are supposed to compete with other global companies such as Google, Ford or BMW to launch an unmanned vehicle to the public.

Robot Taxi will be tested from March 2016, a major coastal city near Tokyo, Fujisawa, to transport its inhabitants from their homes to supermarkets whose distance is about 3 km along the main road city. For this to work well, it is equipped with GPS, radar and stereo vision cameras and there is also a guide who will be trained to take over the car manually if there is something the system can not handle.

If the test is successful in Fujisawa, therefore, Robot Taxi will be used to transport viewers around the Olympics in 2020.

Fit steering wheel cover that monitors your hands on the steering wheel

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Fit steering wheel cover that monitors your hands on the steering wheel -

According to US Department of Transportation, the number of people died because of distracted driving has reached about 3154 in 2013. This means that on average, there were 9 people died per day for this reason. Distracted driving means that people died in a road accident caused by the driver was doing other activities such as texting out to concentrate on the road.

Nowadays, the technology invented to prevent driver distraction while driving on the road. One such technology is SmartWheel, a flying snap-on cover which monitors the hand on the wheel. The device is designed to be able to alert the user to be mainly the driver for three main cases. If one of the driver's hand is on the wheel for a while, or both of the driver's hands are on the wheel at all times or even when the distance of two hands is considered too close to the system might suspect the driver will make such activity as texting.

The steering wheel cover is made from materials that feels good on the hand. In addition, the device can be upgraded to support gesture controls in the future as currently it only supports the taps and buffers.

green light displayed on the device means that both hands of the driver are acceptable position while the system will provide visual and audible alerts if it decides that the two hands are not in the correct position after a time. In addition to this, it is also capable of connecting driver activities via Bluetooth. This feature is helpful for parents to watch their children, especially when their children come to learn driving.

SmartWheel will be launched in the US some time in the middle of the year with prices starting at $ 199.

Hyundai unveiled its first All-Electric Vehicle Photos

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Hyundai unveiled its first All-Electric Vehicle Photos -

Hyundai IONIQ is designed with high strength architecture that promises to be light and fun to drive. It will be the first car model to offer electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains in every single body type. With this design, Hyundai is convinced that match the changing lifestyles and expectations of customers.

As mentioned by Rag Jung, head of the Project Management division at Hyundai Motor R & D Center, IONIQ embodies the new thinking of Hyundai Motor and bold ambitions for the future and that hybrid dedicated World class would be the point of departure of their future mobility.

IONIQ body is made of lightweight aluminum on the bonnet, tailgate and the suspension elements and, therefore, it is lighter by 12.6 kilograms, or about 45%. It has 53% advanced high strength steel which is able to resist large collision forces and minimizes the impact in case of accidents. The batteries are placed low and forward to achieve low center of gravity and thus allows greater responsiveness and stable cornering.

IONIQ engine is designed to about 40% thermal efficiency, thanks to the new 1.6-liter GDi Kappa engine which is developed exclusively for the hybrid engines of Hyundai Motor. The head and the block is divided to optimize cooling and high pressure direct fuel injector 6 holes 0 bar is installed to improve the fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

IONIQ uses Lithium Ion Polymer Battery that promises exceptional charge and discharge performance and optimizes the performance of high voltage motor and enables fast regeneration. Its exclusive Hybrid Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) to monitor the power distribution that offers a unique dynamic driving experience for IONIQ.

Hyundai will present the three-model range IONIQ at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016.

Research to identify hazardous road conditions

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Research to identify hazardous road conditions -

The research was carried out to detect dangerous road conditions. According to US Department of Transportation, wet roads caused accidents and 959.760 deaths in 4789 caused more than 10 years the period between 02 and 2012. This figure amounts to 74% of all accidents related to weather in the US and is 23 % of all accident vehicles in the country.

researchers from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) used neural networks recurring (NNI), a type of artificially intelligent of computer network to detect the slippery way is a road. In addition, they also attach a shotgun mic to analyze the audio feedback of the car's tires. In the process, they used 2014 Mercedes CLA trained for different road conditions weather and speed around the Boston area in Massachusetts.

Researchers at the Technical University of Madrid in 2014 used support vector machines (SVM), a type of learning model of the machine to analyze the sounds made when tires meeting the road and rank them accordingly. However, they found that the surface of scale types have limited audio input and irrelevant, like sound pebbles bounce against the tires could lead to false predictions.

Researchers at the University of Toyama in Japan conducted the same survey in October 2012. They were experimenting with a system that uses surveillance cameras on cars watching the reflections of the Lighthouse Route other drivers "through. He showed a specific state roads in the fog, snow and poor light, however, it took other drivers to be on the road as for this method to work.

General Motors Plan buying Over Cruise operator for development Autonomous vehicle

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General Motors Plan buying Over Cruise operator for development Autonomous vehicle -

major car manufacturers are competing to be the first to release the self driving vehicle on the market. Aligned with this, General Motors (GM) announced that it plans to buy about Cruise Automation to help them develop self driving car technology.

Cruise automation is a start-up based in San Francisco who has the expertise to transform regular vehicles in autonomous vehicles using their own sensor technology. The company will remain independent operationally after bought over, however, the president of GM, Dan Ammann, since the technology of the company will be integrated in GM vehicles as soon as possible.


Cruise Automation developed for converting semi -Autonomous systems since 2013. However, the company moved to build a complete stand-alone technology since last year. Currently, he is looking for ways to grow and that is where GM comes in.

Earlier this year, GM has partnered with Lyft, a carpooling service, valued at 500 million $ to fund research on building a network connected to the self-driving cars. Besides that GM has also formed its own internal team of autonomous vehicle development. All these are considered the company's efforts to develop its own autonomous vehicle.

Apparently, GM is not the only automaker that is doing a partnership in the development of autonomous technology. Ford was reported to have been associated with Velodyne LIDAR, a robotics company, to develop their own self-driving vehicles. Some car manufacturers such as Tesla or Uber prefer to do their own independent technology.

Mercedes Benz to launch two billion Euro project Ecoluxe after electric vehicle architecture (EVA) Approved

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Mercedes Benz to launch two billion Euro project Ecoluxe after electric vehicle architecture (EVA) Approved -

Mercedes is reported to launch two billion euro project "Ecoluxe" after its new architecture electric vehicle (EVA) was approved by the board. The company plans to launch 4 cars based on EVA. This movement is considered one of the means to compete with Tesla. Tesla is currently undergoing road tests to produce its own all-electric cars and will be autonomous.

The first car of the project is scheduled for completion in 2018. It is reported that the car will be a sedan which size sitting between C and E-Class followed by a crossover that size sitting between GLC and GLE.

The new EV sedan design was inspired by IAA concept. Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamics Automobile) is a mechanism by which the car is capable of changing its basic form to improve its aerodynamics needed.

Therefore, at the push of a button or automatically when reaching a speed of 80km / h, the concept IAA will be activated. The length of the car is increased to 30millimeters, front flaps in the front bumper extended by 25mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear to improve the air flow around the front end and the passages front wheel.

The EVA platform will be manufactured in Bremen. It will use the same suspension, body and core electrical components with the current ARM Daimler platform. The battery should weigh 400 kg will be installed on the vehicle floor. It will provide power either to a single 300kW motor mounted at the rear or a rear engine and a 300kW motor mounted in the front 0 or 150 kW.

The four EVA-based cars will be sold at prices between $ 103,000 and $ 118,000.

Wrightspeed will install durable electric motors on the New Zealand City Trolleys next year

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Wrightspeed will install durable electric motors on the New Zealand City Trolleys next year -

Wrightspeed was founded by a former founder of Tesla, Wright. It all started in a simple premise that he applied massive sustainability gains of electric motors for the least sustainable vehicles on the road. Consequently, the electric motors technology, batteries and a gas turbine offers logging, vehicles with multi-ton engine with 60 percent better fuel efficiency and 0 percent the emissions of pollutants. Recently, the company landed the opportunity to install technology to old carriages of the city of New Zealand next year as part of an agreement of $ 30 million recently announced.

CEO of NZ Bus, Zane Fulljames, said powertrain Wrightspeed outperformed the competition on almost every metric and give him the flexibility of the fuel source and economically compelling technology for sustainability their transit assets. The idea is not to replace the old dirty diesel buses running on the city, but to share with own transport system.

high-tech engine Wrightspeed may not be suitable for all heavy vehicles. It might be suitable for heavy vehicles that need more power for climbing hills and works long hours. Therefore engines such as the Prius could work on a car or a taxi, but the engine installation Wrightspeed to a car or a taxi might not be worth the extra investment. engine installation for school buses might not work either as school buses only active a few hours a day.

The Wrightspeed offer with NZ Bus is considered a movement beyond the provision of delivery vehicles and to a larger market for its sustainable technology. As said Wright, a city car like Prius has burned about 150-0 liters per year and has done very cleanly. He added that a garbage truck could go through 14,000 liters per year, which means more pollution and more savings potential.

Autopilot mode Tesla Designed with security in mind

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Autopilot mode Tesla Designed with security in mind -

Tesla Model S is designed with lots of interesting features and with safety in mind. He is able to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of him, braking and acceleration without compromising the security of its passengers to maintain momentum. Its sensors are mounted on the side of the car are designed to keep track of vehicles that pass through the side. If it is too close, it will be carefully steer clear while alerting the driver to take control of the car.

Tesla asked his drivers to always keep hands on the wheel, even on autopilot. It flashes a message on the dashboard "Holding the wheel" when he found that the hands of the drivers are not on the wheel.

Another interesting feature that can be found in the Tesla car is automatic lane change. When the vehicle before it falls suddenly brake car Tesla gently and it will deflect to the right. It will continue to move to the right until it can find visible way; however, if it can not find the way, it will continue to continue to keep right until the function collision avoidance detects road barriers that normally found along the road and correct the course of action automatically. Tesla drivers also have an option to take over the car manually in case if they are not comfortable with the car behavior as software may not be able to handle this kind of scenario.

Google, on the other hand, is another way to implement autonomous car technology although both Tesla and Google for similar purpose. Both companies agree that full autonomous car will be the future of the automotive industry. However, Tesla already free bits in bits characteristics towards full autonomous functionality of a car. Currently, some Tesla car models are equipped with auto parking devices or automatic lane changes. Google, on the other hand, intends to release immediately a full and independent car design does not include a steering wheel.

There were some problems with the use of the autopilot, which required Tesla to restriction and update through OTA (Over the Air) for Tesla cars out there on the market. However, a few days after the update is released, there is another video uploaded on YouTube, showing a driver Model S is filmed sitting in the back seat while the car drive itself. The video was apparently downloaded from the Netherlands.

Despite all these drivers Tesla waterfalls, the company already has some safety precautions from warnings until slowing the car down and, eventually, put off if the system detects that the driver unbuckled seat belt. However, because of the video, the company might have to rethink another solution for when and how the function can be used. It could be that Tesla needs to do so that it only works on some pre-configured in the US route.

Delivery Local Self Driving Robot to deliver your package to your door step in the future

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Delivery Local Self Driving Robot to deliver your package to your door step in the future -

Drones are intended to be used to deliver things in the future. However, there are many things to be organized before they are able to do so. One such example is, Äúdivide at the sky in a few layers to avoid being hit by drone aircraft or other drones. Starhip, a startup technology company, develops a robot car that travels on the sidewalk to deliver your package to your door driving.

The driving robot car delivery will be a small electric motor vehicle which is capable of carrying the equivalent of two bags things to container door OSA. The device will be running on integrated navigation and will be fully autonomous. However, it is human operator to make sure that the package is delivered at home container, OSA. The device will also be able to recognize pedestrians and moving through a very slow speed up to four miles an hour.

The advantage of using self driving robot delivery is that beneficiaries will be able to choose the time interval delivery and the device will deliver the package to their allotted time. Therefore, they should not expect it to arrive. Another advantage is that the recipients can track the device via a smartphone application and the cargo will be unlocked by them. One drawback, however, is that self driving delivery robot can be completely stolen while he went to the house container, OSA.

The driving robot car delivery will be available in the US, UK and other countries from 2016.

Ten possibilities for change that autonomous vehicle could do for the global automotive industry

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Ten possibilities for change that autonomous vehicle could do for the global automotive industry -

autonomous vehicles (SVA) are introduced into the test phase of a few large enterprises if the sector technology (Google) or in the automotive sector (Tesla). With the development of self-driving vehicle, starting with the self-driving car technology, it could bring some impact on the economy and mobility and society around us. In this entry, we will list ten potential implications that AV could make in our lives. This list is based on the interview was done over 30 experts from across Europe, the US and Asia.

To simplify things, we divide the AV broadcast three times. The first time is when the fully autonomous vehicles are in the development stage before delivery to consumers. The second period is when AVS is available to consumers and they are beginning to use AVS in their daily lives and the third time is when AVs become the main means of transportation and it accelerates robots developments for the use of consumers.

First time:

  1. AVs in a controlled environment

AVs already becoming a reality in the controlled environment such as mining and agriculture .. the advantage of this implementation is the reduction of labor costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It is reported that the issue was reduced to 60%. Other implementations are in the sectors of construction and storage, as AV for forklifts, excavators and loaders. In average conditions, we would expect AVs for trucks. Prototypes are already exists and is currently being tested on public roads. The long-term AVS could include AVs for parcel delivery or automated drones few players already in the testing phase of this.

  1. For OEM adoption.

There are four strategies that car manufacturers can adopt during the early phase of the AVS.

  • premium holders, premium players normally established with large customer bases, as well as strong technical and commercial heritage will fall into this category. They will try to gradually integrate the self-driving car technologies in their vehicles.
  • The attackers, what is new industry players come with the vehicle structure quite different and able to capture a large consumer base and support the business model.
  • Quick followers who OEMs who have sufficient technical and commercial legacy to invest in AVs then wait for price drops before they enter the market.
  • incoming or nonadopters that late is the manufacturers who enter the market long-term AVS.
  1. New model of transport.

model refers to other transportation innovations mobility that has already hit the road such as pay-per-use models such as carpooling, car sharing or peer-to- peer car

Second time :.

  1. changes on carbon services sector.

Even before AVs is made public, about 80% of car service shops have already independent from its suppliers. Therefore, for security reasons, it is preferable that the component and the services provided to the AVS should be strictly OEM.

  1. The changes to the auto insurance industry.

Currently, coverage of auto insurance accidents occur due to human error. However, when AVs on the market, car insurance could divert attention to cover accidents caused by a technical failure of the AVS rather human error.

  1. AVs in supply chains.

With AVS becomes available, it can help to optimize the supply chain and logistics operations, which then eventually will reduce labor costs while increasing productivity and save time delivery.

Third time :.

  1. the time taken to commute will be reduced

AVs should be able to reduce the time required for travel by as much as 50 minutes per day for users. Therefore, instead of focusing on the road and not able to do anything less, commuters will now be able to do something that is work, rest or access entertainment during the ride.

  1. AVs in a parking lot.

Parking could be a simple thing for the drivers, however, with the AVS, it could reduce the time needed for the driver to find a parking space and park your car. In addition, AVs could reduce the space required to open the door for the driver to get off the car. Ultimately, it will save a parking space in the US itself for about 5.7 billion square meters.

  1. lower accident rates.

The overall annual cost of road accidents in the United States itself in 2012 was $ 212 billion. With AVS, the figure could be reduced up to 0%, which most probably saved about $ 10 billion. These accidents are usually caused by distracted drivers that something AVs do not.

  1. AVs to accelerate the development of robots.

AVs and robots are proving share many technologies and the entire infrastructure, such as advanced remote sensing, GPS, image recognition, artificial intelligence, advanced charging station centers services and communication networks machine-to-machine. Therefore, when the work of AVS implementation is successful, it will give way to the implementation of robots.

These ten points above provides an overview of how AVs could change our everyday lives. Regarding the development of effective landscape will be a challenge for the industry and regulators in the future.

French architect Developed Swincar for off road

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French architect Developed Swincar for off road -

Pascal Rambaud is an architect for his full-time job, but it has an interesting hobby of mountain climbing and motor sports . Therefore, this hobby led him to create some vehicle that will be easier for him to really make his hobby. Previously, he developed DRIV'UP which allows it to transport go-cart easily. Recently it has developed a more complex vehicle that looks like go-kart, but it is more compact and able to navigate through difficult course. It was later known as Swincar.

Swincar is powered by electricity. It can run for four hours on a single charge. Compared to what position the ATV driver to be installed and the suspension is down, Swincar positions its driver to be at ground level and the suspension to be much higher, which is exactly the opposite of the ATC. Swincar is also equipped with skinny tires to allow it to move along difficult terrain. In addition to the vehicle also offers zero emissions and zero noise level.

For this vehicle, Rambaud has partnered with Jerome Arsac, a businessman and Theirry Jammes, an expert finance / marketing to MECANROC, the company that will manufacture and promote Swincar. It is about people who love outdoor activities as well as military and public rescue outfits such as park rangers that their potential customers. The company is also currently looking for distributors to market their product.

electric car is ready to use in the UK, but not load the car

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electric car is ready to use in the UK, but not load the car - Stations

UK will be one of the first countries that have BMW i3 seen on his way . BMW i3 is an electric car that most people considered as fun to drive around. However, as much as it is fun to drive, there are some difficulties trying to find a recharging station work car to recharge the electric car is the same principle as the search for a gas station to recharge your car with gasoline for non-electric car.

there are few sites for you to search a nearby stations charge, such as "Load your car", "Zap-Map 'or' OpenChargeMap ', however, it appears that the information on the page is not accurate, and it does not always know which company provides the charger because it mentions only the necessary adhesion. The chargers are provided by various companies like BP or Shell, but each company will require its own RFID to activate car chargers. It a bit like the Oyster card. The idea is that you can refuel your car in a loading station, but you will need to have their own respective RFID card to make the payment.

In addition to this speed chargers vary and each magazine has its own unique identification number written on them so that when you called the hotline, you must provide this ID to the operator for ignite so you can refuel your car in case if you left the RFID card at home. However, it seems that some of charging stations do not have the stick ID on them so that the operator will not know who to turn charger and as a result, he or she must try them all. Some charging station, the driver left the car to charge for two hours and the car was loaded 83 miles of beach for the driver to drive around.

Although the electric car is certainly interesting to go around, however, it seems that the car charging infrastructure is not well developed enough to support it. Therefore, in case if you want to drive an electric car, you will need to carefully plan your travels.


US companies and competition companies in Europe to make cars without driver

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US companies and competition companies in Europe to make cars without driver -

Large companies in the technology industry and the automotive industry are competing to release the first self driving on the consumer market. Three companies of German car manufacturer Audi, BMW and Daimler have teamed up to buy Nokia Here mapping service which is worth approximately £ 2 billion that self driving will be based on the mapping service to get to the destination as configured by humans. However, the competitors of these German companies are also giant builder of businesses and corporations technologies that have the resources to build conventional vehicle and come with self-driving cars. Their competitors are US companies such as Google, Apple and Tesla.

Google can be considered as the pioneer in the development of car technology of automobile. Recently, it has set up his own car company, Google Auto LLC which led by Chris Urmson. The company is registered under the national and international organization as a passenger car manufacturer and licensed as automaker in California since last year.

Apple is known for coming up with the iPhone and Mac computer. Recently the company recruits lot of professional electric vehicle system and new teams of the car manufacturer. In addition to this senior Apple executives have also been to visit the BMW plant in Leipzig, Germany. Based on this information, a rumor surfaced that the two companies could partner up in the development of advanced car. Apple aims to produce cars by 2020.

Tesla Motors seems to be further than the rest of the companies in terms of self driving development of automotive technology. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, announced a software update that allows AutoSteer cars and parks last week. However, he also mentioned that the software would need a lot of fine tuning before it can work perfectly.

New Self Driving Car Model for Mercedes Benz makes you want to own a

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New Self Driving Car Model for Mercedes Benz makes you want to own a -

Mercedes Benz unveiled his version of self driving car model at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which took place in Nevada, Las Vegas this year. The car model is known as F 015 and it looks like something out of James Bond. The Verge has the option to take for a test and examination has been good so far.

F 015 is designed with comfort and luxury in mind as it offers maximum space and lounge feeling inside the vehicle. The car-four seats will be released in the year 2030 that the road is full of other autonomous car and traffic is slow. Therefore, passengers will have more time to relax or perhaps to work in the car while going to their destination

The interior design of the car is incredible that the floor is clear wood . there are four seats made from nappa leather extremely soft white ice and rotate function that allows face-to-face seat configuration while the body of the car is made of metal surfaces and clear glass. There are particularly large LED screens at the front and rear as well as the laser projection system that led to the front that allows it to communicate with its environment. The car was also able to interpret voice commands to its passengers.

The car has a total range of 1100 kilometers including 0 kilometers of battery-powered driving, as well as 00 kilometers on electricity produced by the fuel cell. This is comparable to a gasoline car, but it is better that the electric car is promised to zero local emissions.

General Motor to Implement Headlights for Safer Smarter Travel

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General Motor to Implement Headlights for Safer Smarter Travel -

A European subsidiary of General Motors (GM), Opel / Vauxhall, develops a headlight system that deemed to be smarter than the current flagship system which is already available on the market. Therefore, instead of adjusting the direction of the projector according to the direction of the wheel of the car, the flagship of the GM will be redirecting the lighting depending on the eye movement of the driver. It seems incredible, right?

For this to work, there will be a single camera with very probably installed devices infrared sensors around the seat area of ​​the driver and it supposed to be able to characteristics scanner and the eyes of more than 50 times seconds the driver's face to determine where they are looking at this time. In addition, it is designed to be able to work in poor lightning conditions such as at dusk or night and the data is designed to be as specific as possible to reality.


This (of course) the challenges in the design of this system. One of them is that our eyes are blinking normally, therefore, there is a special algorithm implemented in order to monitor where the driver is looking and how focused he or she is looking at the object they see during this period and the lighthouse will be redirected to this place. Therefore, the headlights will not irregular blinking when the eyes blink.

There is no further information on when is the release date, but it should be announced in the coming 18 months.

connected cars give rise to security challenges that must be addressed by the car manufacturers

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connected cars give rise to security challenges that must be addressed by the car manufacturers -

As the new cars will mostly be equipped with communication technology in early 2020, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has come up with a rule connected car project by the end of the year. Despite the advantage of reducing road accidents by 30 000 in the United States itself every year the technology is prone to data security and privacy issues.

A group of car manufacturers such as Ford Motor, General Motors, Nissan Motor, Mazda Motor Corp., Honda Motor, Volkswagen Audi, Daimler AG Mercedes Benz and Hyundai Motor with Kia Motors is needed to reach the proof of concept for the management system of security credentials in August next year. The idea is to use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for two vehicles to communicate with each other and exchange data. The system will need to evolve for 0 million or more vehicles, while maintaining the privacy of the driver and repel pirates.

will PKI encryption and pairs of numeric keys for encoding and decoding using the messages. The sender uses the private key to sign the message digitally integrating message and information that validates their identity and send them to the receiver. The receiver then uses the public key to verify the digital signature of the sender. This way is also used in online shopping now.

As the benefits of connected cars are more than the challenges they have therefore, with advances in technology, eventually the technology outweigh the challenges.

Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Sensing Sensors Coming Soon

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Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Sensing Sensors Coming Soon -

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a system that is able to inform the authority of local public works location of the pothole to they can repair immediately. The company implements the system in a Range Rover Evoque which when every time the car has found a pothole, it will record the extent of road impacts, mark their location and upload them to the cloud server which will then will warn other drivers of potential pothole in manhole cover sunken or deep storm drain.

The system consists of two optical cameras positioned close together to judge the depth to locate the hole location, take a picture and report to the local public authority work. If the driver decides to ignore the warning and then the car will be able to slow down accordingly. S-class' Magic Body Control Mercedes claims to work in the same way, however, it only works in Europe and it can not react fast enough to the potholes.

Apparently, the technology is not new as in 2011, Boston released "Street Bump" which is a smartphone application that uses the accelerometer to record the amplitude of shaking in the car and send locations city ​​Hall which will then human able to do something about it. However, it seems there is not much difference, as years after the application was released, the road to Boston is still full of potholes.

Automatic dongle connects your car to your Smartphone Application

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Automatic dongle connects your car to your Smartphone Application -

Automatic issued a dongle that can transform your old car in a smart car. However, the key can operate from car manufactured in 1996. All you have to do is plug the dongle in the port of standard diagnostic hidden under the dashboard of your car model and the automatic application that was installed on your smartphone, you can pair the adapter and display useful information about your car and driving habits.

The dongle works with iPhone and Android. It pairs the dongle and your smartphone via Bluetooth applications and stores your travel information in the cloud. The application offers features such as engine diagnostics, parked car locator and rapid emergency response that works without you open the application.

Automatic dongle is able to work with many smartphone applications. It is suitable for a wide range of users. If you are professional users such as professional driver or fleet manager, you may want to know things like mileage or fuel cost of your vehicle; therefore, you can download applications such as Xero or FreshBooks and have the dongle to extract the necessary information from your car. If you just want to automate the hassle of everyday life and quantify your life, you can download or Pebble RescueTime know where you parked your car or analyze how you really drive respectively. If you are a new driver, carpooler or ask the mechanic to come to you, you can download or license + UnMooch to drive your teen safer driving or get smart friends for rides respectively.

Unlike Apple or Android Auto carplay who can work with the specific car model because it integrated into the automotive infotainment system, dongle does not need to do so and, therefore, it is more convenient to use and cost less than $ 100.

AT & T Wireless Mobile Hotspot Solution for Car route to your destination

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AT & T Wireless Mobile Hotspot Solution for Car route to your destination -

Traveling to your destination in a car can be quite annoying especially when it is a long journey. If you have a new car model recently purchased, there may be many things that can entertain you during the trip. However, if your car model is made around 1996, most likely, there is nothing you can do. AT & T has developed a device known Mobley, which aims to solve this minor problem.

Mobley is a USB device like that is able to act as a mobile hotspot when it is plugged into a car's diagnostic port which means it will work with all vehicles manufactured around 1996 or later . The device will automatically start and stop when the car is powered up or down, respectively fed. In addition to this, it can power up to five devices on the LTE network AT & T and requires minor configuration. Therefore, it is just nice to be used to keep your passengers entertained during the drive especially when you have little ones on board while driving.

Mobley is free with a two year contract from AT & T from September 11 from; However, it is sold for $ 100 without contact. It is priced at $ 20 for 1 GB data or $ 30 for 3GB data and with an extra $ 10 per month, you can add Mobley Mobile Value Share AT & T plan and you can extract data from your monthly smartphone cache.

Tesla Model S P85D Surpassed 100 points in Customer Reports System assessment

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Tesla Model S P85D Surpassed 100 points in Customer Reports System assessment -

Consumer Reports reported that the Tesla model originally scored 103 points in the scoring system of Consumer Reports, which by definition goes 100 points. The magazine added that the car a new reference so they had to make changes to their rating to reflect it. Ultimately, the Model S P85D should be marked 100 points instead.

One reason the full point mark is that P85D has a crazy mode which is able to reach 60 mph from a stop in 3.5 seconds; Fastest is recorded at 3.2 seconds. There are other cars on the market that is faster, however, P85D managed to reach this speed in the most efficient rate compared to the other cars and therefore earn the highest score.

However, by scoring 100 points is not Tesla Model S P85D the perfect vehicle that the price tag to six figures and interiors are deemed not as rich as other high-end cars. In addition to this, you may need to do additional planning if you want to drive an electric car for journeys of over 0 miles you may have to stop by a few charging stations just to recharge your car and charging stations may not be easy to find on the road that you take.

Consumer Reports found that, apart from all the disadvantages, Tesla Model S P85D is a car milepost.

Why Driverless car could take longer than it appears

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Why Driverless car could take longer than it appears -

There seems many reasons why the fully autonomous vehicles will take longer than Google wants us to believe. One of the reasons is there are ethical dilemmas that are not yet resolved. As the driverless car is programmed to avoid the collision, but if a cat suddenly ran in front of the car, it is unclear how the driverless car will handle this situation. Will shut down? Will swirl around in a circle and potentially threaten the lives of its own passengers and the lives of others? There are still doubts, unfortunately, if the technology is able to overcome such scenarios.

Another concern raised is who is to blame when there is an accident? As the driverless car is designed to reduce accidents about 0% of them are believed to have been caused by driver error, however, it is unfair to say that the car without a driver can not be the cause of the accident when it happens in the future. Even the driverless car which is being tested on US roads has already been involved in accidents.

If an accident occurs with the driverless car, if you can possess, are you responsible? Or is it the automaker? Or is the manufacturer of the part that has failed? Or is it the software company? Andreas Gissler, general manager of the automotive practice of Accenture admitted that they simply did not yet have the answer.

Stephan Appt, partner at law firm Pinsent Masons said they key issue was to find a way to allow car drivers to establish that he was not, or at least not a technical fault their car when a collision occurred. Therefore, there might be a need for the event data recorders, the same technology as that used for the black box of the aircraft built in the car. However, this way raise the issue of privacy as who has the right to access it.

In addition to this, there seems to be limitation to the technology used in the car without a driver. Sensors used in the car without a driver may not have sufficient scope to react quickly enough at high speed when something has happened ahead. Lasers and cameras are unfortunately also less effective in rain, fog or snow.

Each connected technology can not escape the security risks caused by hackings. It is the same with the driverless car. As the driverless car is designed to be able to easily access the Internet for updates to the traffic data, live streaming music, and the car to car communication could become the norm as well, and therefore, it is exposed to hacking.

Although there are still challenges, however, the idea of ​​having a car without driver seems rather interesting.

Autoliv is working with Volvo to develop the autonomous system

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Autoliv is working with Volvo to develop the autonomous system -

Drive Me is a joint car research program between Volvo Car Group, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Agency Swedish transports, Lindholmen Science Park and the city of Gotheburg. The program was created in 2013 and consists of a fleet of 100 autonomous cars that will be released for the first time in the world in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. These self driving cars are targeted on families and commuters for their use of public transport daily. Their target date is considered in 2017.

Autoliv, a giant of automotive safety, recently reported to have joined the program. Hopefully, this movement, it will speed up the process of securing basic active safety systems for autonomous driving in production. Some examples for active safety systems contributed by Autoliv's Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist.

With all these security measures in place, hopefully traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities will be reduced significantly as according to independent statistics, about 0 percent of the accidents occurred are caused by human error due to the reason that they are not fully concentrate on the road and often distracted by other things.

Elon Musk believes Tesla Cars will be fully autonomous in 2018 and able to travel more than 1000 km

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Elon Musk believes Tesla Cars will be fully autonomous in 2018 and able to travel more than 1000 km -

In a recent interview on Dutch television, Elon Musk Tesla predicted that cars would be travel far to more than 1000 km range, which doubles the distance of what an all electric cars can now travel in one or two years. Model S now able to travel 452 miles or 723 km on a single charge, but he could not move at an average speed of 24 mph.

In addition, Musk believes Model S range could be improved by about 5% and 10% annually in battery technology also improves. Autopilot, a feature that allows drivers to make hands-free driving in many situations is reported to be commissioned within a month. Moreover, Musk suggested that cars full autonomy would be available in the next three years, which is earlier than analysts' expectations, which is in 2020.

As for the future coming, Musk counted it would still take 20 years to fully replace all the cars and trucks with electric vehicles. It seems a lot of time to wait, but the replacement of a car is not as easy as replacing a smartphone as it will take about 5 to 10 years to design a car from scratch and perhaps a or two years to do the test and the end of mass produced.

Tesla Model X, an all-electric luxury SUV start to be delivered to early adopters in October while the model 3, will be revealed in 2016.

Driverless Taxi Taxi Service Robot seeks to launch in 2020

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Driverless Taxi Taxi Service Robot seeks to launch in 2020 -

Robot Taxi is a joint venture between the company DENA Internet and driverless car technology ZMP also part of efforts the Japanese government to support technological innovation in the country. Recently the company announced that they will begin a free taxi service Cabbie test in 2016 and was intended to be fully operational for commercial purposes for the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

The test drive will be conducted in the south of Tokyo with easy routes to get passengers to their house for food stores. Apparently, south of Tokyo is considered a suburban environment where you can expect a lot of greenery and it will not be easy to get public transport to bring you from one point to another.

Like other Japanese automakers Toyota, taxi Robot consumers targeted are the elderly that Japan is one of the countries with the highest elderly populations in the world. Apart from them, the Company is also the disabled as well as visitors to Japan.

Auto Technology Driving cars is necessary to be as perfect as possible before they can be released into public use. On top of that there should be government regulations to keep it manageable in case there is crisis. Google itself has tested its own self driving cars since 09 and the company has not released a precise timetable for the official release date. It therefore seems that 5 years is a bit ambitious objective.

connected cars could be redundant as consumers use less of it

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connected cars could be redundant as consumers use less of it -

JD Power, an automotive research firm conducted a study on how the new owners of Car use their vehicles within 0 days of purchase and found that at least 20% of them never used 16 of the 33 measured technological features. The study generated a report which is known as Report 2015 Driver Vehicle interactive experience.

According to the study 43% ignored the human voice link concierge for directions or restaurant reservations, 38% have not taken advantage of the car's ability to use the wireless link to create an internet hotspot while the other 35% have not tried the automatic parking system Approximately one third of the total number of respondents said not to use the HUD display that speed of information among other information, and 32% of them ignored embedded applications in the infotainment system such as Yelp or Pandora.

Kristin Kolodge, a general manager of research on the interaction of the driver to JD Power said that in many cases, the owners simply prefer to use their smartphone or tablet because it met their needs as they were familiar with the unit and it is precise. She added that connectivity technology in the vehicle was not used resulted in millions of dollars of loss of value for consumers and manufacturers.

Kolodge noted that 14 million vehicles will be sold to consumers this year which means that at least 2.8 million consumers pay for technology they do not use and, therefore, they are more likely to throw some of the technologies in their next purchase.

It seems that people start using the technology if they see the real benefit of using it.

Tesla Autopilot Feature on the S model tested on the roads and it was exciting

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Tesla Autopilot Feature on the S model tested on the roads and it was exciting -

Tesla invited a few media people trying Model S which system has been updated with software 7.0 before the update was released through the air method. Model S has been tried traveling at a comfortable speed of 65 mph on Highway 280 outside of Palo Alto; near Tesla headquarters in California. He was able to self drive in full control, accelerate and slow down and steer themselves seamlessly.

Some critics might say that the feature is offered by many car manufacturers on the market that also come with autonomous cars but it is believed that none of them able to work as seamlessly as Tesla Autopilot. Honda, for example, its self driving car system is reported to travel a'zig zag movement between marking motorway routes while Mercedes Benz requires drivers to put their hands on the wheel at all times. Tesla, on the other hand, does not need drivers to keep hands on the wheel and is able to move as smoothly as possible with just a single configuration which is most likely done early.

It also runs the S model was also able to change lanes and overtake the slower cars. To do this, the driver would just need to point to the left and the car blend in the open left lane and immediately speed up depending on the configuration that is specified on the functionality of the Cruise Control Traffic-Aware system on the car prior. The only downside was that the car that was used for the test could not see any free parking space during the test. However, according to the representative of Tesla, the car that was used for the test has not been activated function Autopark. The Autopark function was tested in another car a few more times and it works perfectly.