Max 360 Intelligent Radar helps drivers to detect multiple threats

Max 360 Intelligent Radar helps drivers to detect multiple threats -

Safety on the road is always the priority in the automotive industry. Even if your car is not equipped with the latest drive technology, you can make your smart car by equipping it with Max 360. It is essentially an intelligent radar and laser detector can detect multiple threats so you have enough time to avoid it.

threats are displayed as color-coded so you can decide the seriousness of the threat and react accordingly. In addition to this, it also gives you a visual and audio alert for your safety on the road.

Max 360 is also equipped with GPS and AutoLearn Technology. Its technology will filter the actual information with the false information because there are a lot of information being received simultaneously. If the device is combined with its mobile app, ESCORT Live, drivers will be able to receive real-time alerts that are reported by other drivers in the region. ESCORT Live Support both Apple OS and Android OS. However, unfortunately it is using Bluetooth as such applications and the device must be on a short distance for this to work.

ESCORT Live is connected to a database known simply as the Defender Database name that is updated each week with locations installed with road safety cameras. Therefore, it will alert drivers when they enter the area which is installed with these cameras. On top of that, you can even add your own hotspot.

Max 360 is available with a purchase of less than $ 700. The Defender Database is available as an upgrade for $ 19.95 per year or $ 39.95 for a three-year subscriptions.

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