Internet Getting objects implemented in the automotive industry

Internet Getting objects implemented in the automotive industry -

Many things are changing in the automotive industry. Instead of just a means of transport in our daily lives, our vehicle will undergo some radical transition to make our trip more enjoyable, safer and more productive. The computers will be implemented in vehicles to collect data so that while we're on the road, we will always be able to update everything that happens around our environment for us to take decisions that will benefit us.

A assistance the driver advanced systems (ADAS), which includes adaptive cruise control, automatic parking brake and the detection of the blind spot and collision avoidance seems there a few years to be a dream. However, it seems that the dream become a reality in the coming time.

With ADAS, we can expect the vehicle to be able to communicate with all devices that are present in the road at a time and a particular place. The vehicle will be able to communicate with other vehicles (V2V), infrastructure items such as signs and traffic lights (of V2I), cyclists and pedestrians via smartphones and wearables applications (V2P) and the cloud (V2C). All these combined technologies is known as V2x.

With the data from all devices, there might be a chance of overloaded data at the end of the receiver. Therefore, it is important to be able to filter some of the redundant data and prioritizing critical information. In addition, the data format must be standardized in the platform together so as not to confuse consumers. The network infrastructure must also be sturdy enough to support the messages and should be profitable and secured.

Apart from the technology that is changing the material used to build the car could be changing too. As it could be using materials such as plastic or even biodegradable instead of metal.


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