Rover Technology Trailer Delivers Transparent Invisible Trailer for pilots

Rover Technology Trailer Delivers Transparent Invisible Trailer for pilots -

Land Rover has revealed that the company is working on a technology that is capable of making the trailer or caravan or whatever vehicle towed behind the car to look like it is "invisible". This technology is known as technology of the transparent trailer. This technology aims to eliminate blind spots caused by the vehicle being towed behind the car so that the driver is able to see other vehicles coming from behind that in the end makes it easier handling and improve safety during overtaking.

technology is made possible by combining video stream of the existing backup camera on the vehicle, the cameras on the mirrors, and the digital camera without additional wire on the back of the trailer. The video streams are finally sent to the vehicle's rearview mirror and thus the trailer seems to see through.

According to Dr. Wolfgang, director of research and technology at Jaguar Land Rover offers of the prototype system a high quality video image without distorting other cars or obstructions, which means the driver would have exactly the right information to make safe and effective decisions when driving or maneuvering, which makes it safer and less stressful towing.

the company is also coming up with another technology, Cargo Sense, which will alert drivers traveling or remotely via the smartphone application on the status of their cargo. This technique is made possible by the power combination in the video and pressure sensors on the vehicle floor. Therefore, if there are changes, the driver will be alerted so they can take action.

All these technologies are invented to provide a safer driving experience for driver and passengers.

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