Apple Campus Reported Second electrical Accommodation Business Car

Apple Campus Reported Second electrical Accommodation Business Car -

Apple has signed an agreement to lease a large lot in Sunnyvale, California. With this space, the company plans to build office building that looks like a spaceship. This building is rumored to house the electric company car companies.

Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Apple planned to use the space to build an office building 777,000 square foot winding is capable of holding 3000 people. More information on the building can be found on the website

Apple plans to release their version of electric car for use on public roads in 2019 as indicated in the Wall Street Journal recently. Apple is also rumored to triple its current 0 employees already working on the electric car project so as to secure production.

According to Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst, while sales were likely to begin later than 2019, investors were believed to have started trying to keep the car in the Apple model. Furthermore, he added that to put the car into perspective, every 40,000 units at $ 75K ASP add 1% to the sales business 2021.

This building is considered as the second campus is built by Apple. The company reportedly spent $ 300 million for a total of 70 acres in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and San Jose in total.

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