Automatic Offers Easy Way to display information from your car

Automatic Offers Easy Way to display information from your car -

Auto is a car accessory that can work with any type of car made after 1996. If you sync your Android or Apple iPhone device, you'll be able to view all the hidden information about your car. The device is able to diagnose the engine light control, calculate fuel consumption, call for help in case if your airbags deployed automatically and sends an alert if you drive in a way that will burn more fuel.

Recently, there is an automatic to update that allows you to conduct data beam at a smartphone application that please. This means you can see your driving habits, fuel consumption and performance of your car for any smartphone application that you want. Unfortunately, automatic does not have its own app store; however, the company provides links to Google and Apple App Store. At present, there are a total of 20 applications that is able to read data from automatic.

Automatic is certainly much simpler than Android or Apple car entertainment system. The Android automotive infotainment system is known as Android Auto while Apple is coming up with Apple carplay. The two must be integrated into the car model, therefore, both supported by only a selective number then automatic car model does not need to be integrated into the car model to make it work. This way, we can say that automatic is able to work in a car, be it a classic car model or a car without a driver.

It is interesting to note that for this automatic can do, it is priced at only $ 100 and above, it can make your old car look smart.

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