How can technology lowest bicycle and car collision on the road

How can technology lowest bicycle and car collision on the road -

Anthony Foxx, US Secretary Transport, said it is considering a plan to collect data on car accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians. The latest figure is in 2012, there were nearly 5,000 pedestrians killed and unfortunately the number is increasing every year. To avoid this, automakers also play their role in collecting data on the basis of their car sensors that may help to come up with solutions to improve the safety of cyclists on the road.

Jaguar Land Rover for example, has come with the project "Bike Sense" research and based on the results, the company is exploring a few ideas to minimize accidents between cars and bikes . For example, every time the car is closer to the bicycle, the car uses lights, sounds or vibrations on the car seat that use the driver on the shoulder to warn that there are bicycle near or when the driver opens the door and it accelerates cyclist near the handle zoom.

Osram Opto, laser and photodiodes German manufacturer, on the other hand, works with Phantom Intelligence, a tier one automotive supplier to equip Maserati with a lidar-camera unit that can detect pedestrians in crossing front of the vehicle. The cost is significantly reduced to approximately $ 150 in the hope that it can be implemented in millions of vehicles.

introduced Volvo Technology "cyclist Detect," which is essentially the radar installation in the front grille and a camera mounted in the rearview mirror which will then alert the driver and brake automatically if a pedestrian or a cycling is too close with them. Currently, it is offered in about seven Volvo models.

above is that some of the things that car manufacturers are coming up with to help lower down the number of accidents caused by cars and bikes.

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