Following Ford Drug Driving Recreates Handicap caused by drugs

Following Ford Drug Driving Recreates Handicap caused by drugs -

Based on the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it was found that about 9.9 million people 12 and over the conduct taken under the influence of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin and MDMA also known as Molly. In addition, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has estimated that about 18% of death all motor vehicle drivers is caused by medications outside alcohol.

With all the statistics, Ford believes it is necessary to solve this problem and that is why the automaker is working with scientists from the Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Germany to create some something that is called Suit drug driving. To create the costume is to educate novice drivers of the dangers of driving after using drugs.


The costume consists of special glasses that create visions of the tunnel, headphones that play random sounds and distraction device that generates trembling hand and adding weight throw off balance. It is essentially trying to recreate the feeling of taking medication for the driver who does not take the medication in the first place. The result is that, even for a professional driver, when you wear this costume; he or she finds it difficult to drive a car at low speed, handling, and even less a simple task, like catching a large ball.

The Costume Drug Driving will be implemented in "Ford Driving Skills for Life" Ford PROGRAM offered worldwide.

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