Apple car could Hitting public roads much earlier than expected

Apple car could Hitting public roads much earlier than expected -

As reported by the Guardian, Apple executives met with DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) of the State August 17, to talk about plans to have their self driving car to be field tested in a car test site secure California. It is developed under "Project Titan".

One of the places that are considered GoMentum is the station which is a former naval base 2100 acres near San Francisco, which is converted to high-security testing ground for autonomous vehicles. According planned, when approached for comment, Apple has not said anything. However, DVM, on the other hand, said only that the Apple meeting was to review the regulation of autonomous vehicles in the DMV.

There are, to date, 10 companies have been issued licenses for 80 autonomous vehicles and over 300 test drivers as reported by the Guardian. Honda and BMW have joined the list last week. Apparently, everyone expects California DMV to set the self-driving car test guidelines, although there is no confirmed date for it.

Google on the other hand, has been very open about their car driving test plans. Google cars reported to hit the streets in Austin, Texas, according reported by the Verge.

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