Develop Nanogenerator Harvest Energy tire rolling against Pavement

Develop Nanogenerator Harvest Energy tire rolling against Pavement -

One - nanogenerator electrode that is able to integrate a tire has been developed to harvest energy from a rolling tire against the curb. The nanogenerator was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a scientist in China.

When the rubber of the car tire contacts with the road surface, the friction will produce an electrical charge that is known tribolectric principle. The electric charge is then be collected by nanogenerator and it is what the researchers believe could be a new way for greater energy efficiency in automobiles. In addition, the researchers determined that the amount of energy that is produced by the nanogenerator is proportional to the weight of the car and the speed that the car moves.

Xudong Wang, associate professor at Wisconsin-Madison said in a press release that the friction between the tire and the ground has consumed about 10 percent of a vehicle fuel and the energy was wasted, so if they could convert [some of it to electricity], it might have given them a great improvement in energy efficiency.

researchers tested the concept using a toy car with LED lights and as an electrode in the tires of the car toy car came into contact with the surface, the energy is collected by the generator would LEDs on.

on the basis of liberation, there is nothing that says that energy can be used in a full-scale vehicle; however, there is the deduction that the energy could be stored in batteries for hybrid electric vehicles or full electric vehicles.

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