Catalyst XR All-Electric Bus Able Travel 258 miles on a single load

Catalyst XR All-Electric Bus Able Travel 258 miles on a single load -

made Proterra electric bus, the Catalyst XR was reported to be able to travel 258 miles on a single charge depending on testing conditions in Laurens Michelin Proving Grounds (GPL). The company based in South Carolina managed to reach this range by using a battery of 257 kWh massif. It is quite impressive, since the battery is used to power a vehicle ~ 27,500 lbs.

In order to serve the entire transport path regular public in the United States, the company plans to offer 10 modules packaged as a recent test was performed and the result is that using a 321 kWh battery modules 10, the vehicle could travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. During Max range test, Catalyst XR was maintained at an average speed of 30 mph and consumed 0.8 kWh per mile.

Proterra is one of the few bus manufacturers who focus on building a battery technology from the ground -up be fully electric instead of upgrading a gas-powered bus outgoing. The CEO of the company, Ryan Popple was Director of Finance at Tesla Motors before joining the VC firm Kleiner Perkins, a major investor in Proterra.

Proterra has sold more than 110 buses that are currently active in the transit programs across the United States.

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