Bringing Ford Collision Avoidance with pedestrian detection Blue Oval 3D Model -

Bringing Ford Collision Avoidance with pedestrian detection Blue Oval 3D Model - - printing company based Valley-

As part of the effort to come with auto car, Ford is working with Silicon conduct Carbon3D to produce quality auto parts with high quality. Carbon3D has developed an amazing 3D printing technology that develops from UV thermosetting resins to speed parts speed of 25 to 100 times normal 3D printing processes that hopefully can fix autonomous production car. This technology is known as CLIP -. continuous liquid production interface technology

Ford also announced that the new feature, pre-collision aid in the detection of pedestrians, was used in the Ford Mondeo model in Europe. The company plans to implement the functionality for the Ford car model that is sold in the US in the coming months. However, there is no other information on the model.

The Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection function will provide warning to drivers on a potential collision and the driver does not respond in time, and then automatically brake the vehicle that will hopefully avoid or to minimize the impact of the collision.

Ford also reported that the company is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, to come up with algorithm for use in autonomous cars that is part of "Plan mobility Action "plan that the company has developed.

on top of that, Ford also began the development of the extension of the MyFord Mobile app that is designed to be able to work with smartwatches including Android Wear.

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