Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology

Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology -

Mercedes has made many improvements over the next Mercedes Benz E-Class in 2017 edition of the company. Some of them like remote control car via the smartphone application, unlocking and vehicle-based NFC start using adaptive headlights smartphone, 84-LED, onboard the vehicle X communication, the maneuvering aid avoidance, adaptive cruise control, adaptive management, active revolutionary urgency for cross-border traffic, rear seat airbags seat belt, and many others.

Remote Parking Control via the smartphone application

Mercedes calls the parking distance control function that the driver park. Unfortunately, this interesting feature will not come to the United States at this time because it is a feature of Mercedes Connect Me, which is a connected smartphone service used in other countries, whereas in the States STATES, Mercedes offers a different service called mbrace. Hopefully it will be released in the United States soon.

Park Pilot is a function for which the car is able to find a parking space when the parking system is activated. Once found, the driver can leave the car first, then the driver can control the parking of its smartphone application. However, this can only work if the driver and the smartphone is less than ten feet from the car. The function can also be used when leaving the parking lot in a similar manner.

The system also feature in drill mode, so that the driver can shoot straight or backwards in a garage space and make adjustments. This is useful when the parking space is so tight that the driver may not be able to get out of the car after he parked the car manually. Throughout the process, the system is also able to bend the mirror for pressing the car.

Your NFC smartphone is the key to your car

This is a nice feature so that the car can be locked and unlocked using a NFC smartphone as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, and BlackBerry. In addition to this you can also wirelessly charge your smartphone inside the car.

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Light System Smarter

Each beacon of class E is incorporated with a single chip LEDs 84 which is an upgrade of the 24 LEDs on CLS-class. In addition to this there are a multibeam adaptive lighting system that can spread widely beam cornering and low driving speed or dim the light to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic.

Vehicle-to-X Communication

Vechicle-to-X is a way for the vehicle to communicate to the central server when the communication between the vehicle for vehicle n has not yet been implemented. An optional kit is already available on the market Euro A-class while class E is still using cell communication to send and receive information on traffic and road conditions to the central server to share with cars near. The only limitation is that it works only Class E for the E-Class model. Therefore, if the whole region, you are the only drive E-Class, then you will not receive information.

In the future, Mercedes will add a new feature by which it can tap into the government based traffic reports. For entry, the company is already in talks with the German authorities to do so. In addition to this, the system does not store any personal information, once the authentication is successful, so, that way, eventhough hackers can hack into the system, but they will not find any useful information.

Apart from the above new features, is expected Mercedes Benz E class have a lot more new features that the company will announce during the North American International Auto Show 2016 in Detroit. Stay tuned for more!

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