Samsung plans to make older cars able to behave like connected cars

Samsung plans to make older cars able to behave like connected cars -

There are many changes occurring in the automotive industry and one of among them is to have connected the concept cars. Connected Car concept is a concept in which the cars will be able to communicate with each other via a network using real-time technology. Therefore, whatever car experience, it can be shared with all other cars than other cars able to learn about it and make a decision on that basis.

Samsung plans to enter this market. However, contrary to what other competitors are doing, Samsung wants to push through old cars with new Samsung Auto Connect company's products as announced recently. Apple and Google Android Auto and put carplay respectively in new vehicles.

Samsung Auto Connect will run Tizen, the same operating system used on Gear 2 smartwatch. When the trendy product on the diagnostic port found in most older cars produced over the past two decades, it will offer an LTE Internet access and services such as roadside assistance or insurance based on use.

The service is made possible through a partnership with AT & T in the US and is expected to launch in the second quarter. The price of the device and the service is still unknown at this time. The product is still in development phase.

Samsung also plans to work with partners worldwide, such as Amdocs, AXA, China Unicom, Cisco, Ericsson, Europcar, ICI, IBM, Jasper, Oberthur Technologies, Openbay, orange and Willis Towers Watson .

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