Proven Pirates team that Tesla is hackable but it is easy to do

Proven Pirates team that Tesla is hackable but it is easy to do -

In this era of connected cars, despite the benefits they bring to car owners, it is also a drawback that automakers need to solve so as to ensure that car owners that their cars are set.

a team of security researchers, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers, gave a presentation on how they hacked into a Tesla Model S at this year's Def Con hacking conference, control the car and put stopped. However, looking at the steps they did, it is proved that it is not easy to hack the system of Tesla. In addition, Tesla was quick to fix the security hole by sending OTA (Over the Air) updates to the car system makes the car Tesla to be the safest car in relation to products from other manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler or GM. Fiat Chrysler, for example, took about 18 months to correct a major vulnerability and issued a patch via the USB key sent by post.

To hack a Tesla Model S, the team purchased and began to tear his dashboard and center console. Ultimately, they found a file called carKeys.tar on an SD card which housed the file system. They met with many dead ends before finding an Ethernet port they used to connect to the network of the car and therefore Tesla VPN (Virtual Private Network).

With this access, they downloaded and decompiled the firmware of the car and thus leads to an insecure password file. The pirates then usurped the Wi-Fi network at Tesla service center and access software that controls all functions of the vehicle, QtCarVehicle. Finally, they are able to control the car and put it off.

It seems that the biggest concern of Tesla's cybersecurity and the company is trying to make their product guaranteed as possible. The company even launched a bug bounty program that rewards independent hackers with $ 25- $ 10,000 to inform them of the vulnerability of their products.

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