ICI announced cloud-based mapping service for autonomous Driving

ICI announced cloud-based mapping service for autonomous Driving -

ICI announced a mapping cloud service that will help ADAS (support systems advanced driving) and, possibly the basic mapping system for self driving cars as well. The cloud solution from ICI is known as HD Live Map.

HD Live Map is designed to be able to display data such as buildings or the number of lanes on the highway and the temporary activities such as construction and traffic. In addition to this, it is also able to provide analytical data as a typical speed someone can drive on a particular road

The current technology is already able to support autonomous driving on highway. however, it is done using onboard sensors such as those that NVIDIA recently introduced and there are distance limitations. virtual card, on the other hand, offer an accuracy and a better overall view of the surroundings. When it combines with live updates, it can save drivers and passengers plenty of time to travel because they can avoid the roads that has massive traffic jams or road undergoing construction.

Floris van de Klashorst, vice president of automotive ICI said that we moved towards higher levels of automation of vehicles, the necessary drivers to feel that their car was made good decisions on their behalf. He added that when he came to trust your car, having coherent consciousness in real time road conditions near and far was absolutely critical and HD Live Map for this need, they believed that he would become sensor of the smartest automotive vehicle.

ICI is already working with some manufacturers to test the cards in the car driving scenarios.

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