Ford your Smart Connection Idea Home and Smart Car

Ford your Smart Connection Idea Home and Smart Car -

Ford plans to integrate your Smart Home and your intelligent car with Amazon Echo and Wink smart home platform. The integration works in two ways. So that in your home, you will be able to remotely start or unlock your car, get information such as fuel level and state of charge (for electric cars) and monitor the location of your car, and the estimated time to come home (in case if the son or daughter of your teen is using the car). On the other hand, from your car, you'll be able to open the remote garage door or turn on the lights in the living room.

Amazon Echo is a device developed by the company to control multiple smart devices. In addition, it is able to voice interaction, play music, make lists of things to do, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio books as well as providing weather, traffic and other information in real time. The best thing about the device is that it is voice activated because of its virtual personal assistant named "Alexa". Alexa is similar to Apple's Siri. The difference is that Alexa is not programmed to work in smartphone.

Wink platform is a platform developed by Quirky and GE is also capable of controlling several smart products from companies such as Bali, GE, Honeywell, Phillips and many more. Therefore, when accessed through Sync AppLink Ford car owners "will be able to open the garage or lock the doors of their home remotely. In addition to this, there is also voice activated.

Ford are the first manufacturers that attempt to integrate smart home and smart car. Mercedes Benz with Nest worked on something that allows drivers to control their home thermostat from their cars.

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