Automatic Collision Avoidance System Opel helps minimize accidents

Automatic Collision Avoidance System Opel helps minimize accidents -

Most carmakers are moving towards the creation of a system that will increase safety, not only driver and passengers, but also to other road users. Opel has recently demonstrated its latest car safety device is the collision avoidance system as part of their UR :. BAN research project

To make the collision avoidance system works, the car is equipped with a camera and a radar system, and the braking system and steering is modified accordingly . It will always monitor the situation around them, and if it detects there is a sudden movement whether another car or children, the system alerts the driver so that the driver will do the necessary action, but if the driver does not play in time, the system will automatically take action to escape. Opel unveiled the system using its car model Insignia.

Another new feature that Opel is working on how to analyze driver behavior to predict the next move that the driver will do. If the system provides the driver is changing lanes then will its driver assistance system such as monitoring the blind spot so that the system warns the driver whenever something or someone appears the location of the blind spot.

Opel is also working on a new system that receives information from the traffic management infrastructure and other vehicles via a Wi-Fi connection as such that the driver is able to receive comprehensive information so that he or she is able to plan their trip accordingly.

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