Gidget Latest Camper Compact and effective for your needs camping

Gidget Latest Camper Compact and effective for your needs camping -

The latest trend of teardrop camper is heading for a compact and efficient use. the latest model of Gidget, Gidget Retro Teardrop is designed to combine the iconic appearance and the benefits of a larger and more versatile living space. Eventhough it is weighted to 1213 lb (550 kg) dry, it is still able to be towed with smaller vehicles.


The interior of the teardrop campers Gidget consists of a cabin bed -Filling which can be turned into an indoor lounge with office space. Next to this there is an entertainment system television which can be rotated to be seen inside the cabin or outside the cabin. A cabinet side of the rotary reader 24 is a HD / DVD TV while the other is a radio.


The kitchen is placed at the rear of the motorhome, which when you open it, you will only see the sink glass top, however , fret not, as the gas cooktop two burner and cooler slip out from under the counter behind the curved wooden drawer. The camper has a pressurized cold water system connected to a 80 liters / 110 liters (21/29-gallon) tank of water and a 40 liters (10.6 gallons) of wastewater.

Gidget 2015 offers two models of camping: Bondi, a compact motorhome measured 8 x 5.3 x 5.4 feet (2.45 x 1.63 x 1.65 m) or noosa, which is a greater relative camper at Bondi which measured 9.8 x 5.3 x 5.5 feet (3 x 1.63 x 1.68 m). Both campers will have a body planted on a steel frame, torsion axle and electric brakes fiberglass.

Both Gidget new trailers have all the good things mentioned above with additional panels 110 watt solar, inverter, deep cycle battery, monitor and central electronic control panel, security alarm, as well as inside and outside of the LED lightening. The inner timber is made of the Australian mainland and Tasmania wood. The difference is that the larger model has a portable toilet, shower heated by gas, largest reservoir of fresh water at 29 gallons and larger cooler.

Gidget Bondi will be priced at AUD $ 17,682 ($ 13,125 US) while Noosa will be priced at AUD $ 22,045 ($ 16,365 US). The company offers domestic and international shipping and all manufacturing is done in Australia.

Apart from Bondi and Noosa, Gidget also develops trailer Bells Compact is designed for small cars and motorcycles. This trailer will have the same features as above, but the size will be smaller and lighter and narrower. It is planned for 2016/2017 launch.

Gidget its patented sliding system worldwide and currently it is the only brand that eventhough used in the past, there is another model, Safari Condo Alta trailer, which the roof can be opened for extra space.

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