Ford New Car lighting system make the safer night driving for everyone in the street

Ford New Car lighting system make the safer night driving for everyone in the street -

Ford is developing a high-tech lighting system for lighting before of its cars. With this new technology implemented, it offers safer environment for the people using the street at night for both people and animals inside or outside of the car, even if there is no lights or signs around the area a lot.

The first technology combines two existing technologies lighting the automaker in a newly developed technology. The two existing technologies are adaptive lighting and recognition signage system. They were combined and further strengthened to be able to interpret the signs of traffic and use the GPS to expand the range of lights from the headlights particularly the roundabouts approach. On the other hand, if there is no GPS data found on the site, there is a camera that will take over his duty and detect markings and move the car lighting for roundabouts or dips in the road to provide better lighting.

The second technology is useful when you are driving at night around the residential area with minimal or no street lights. He is best known as spot lighting. How it works is that there is an infrared placed the grille of the car that is able to detect the body heat of a person or animal. Body heat will then be displayed on the in-car entertainment screen as yellow boxes or red boxes according to their risk level. It can operate up to eight pedestrians, cyclists and animals walking with their human companion.

With these technologies in place, we hope he can give the driver 1-2 seconds longer response time. However, there are no details on when is the Sport of lighting technology will be deployed on the car, but the front lighting system camera will be ready to deploy soon.

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