Fort Smart Home Integration with Amazon Echo and the Wink platform

Fort Smart Home Integration with Amazon Echo and the Wink platform -

Ford is looking for ways to incorporate your car and your home using Amazon Echo and Wink Smart Home Platform . Therefore, Ford owners will be able to start or stop the vehicle, lock or unlock the vehicle status, range condition and charge their electric vehicle, check the level or miles to empty the fuel, vehicle the summary of mileage and track the position of their vehicle for parents to monitor their children when the children use the car and how far away from home, in the comfort of their home.

explores Ford to provide these functions by linking vehicles with the voice on the Amazon cloud based service, Alexa and Amazon Echo as a voice command device interface with Alexa. Drivers can also use other features such as Amazon shopping lists, weather reports and more.

Ford owners will also be able to automate their intelligent home appliance such as opening or closing the garage door, turn on the lights turn off or unlock the front door, in the comfort of their cars. To be able to do it, Ford is working with Wink Smart Home Platform.

Apparently Ford is the first manufacturer to explore the idea of ​​integrating the home and car. Mercedes Benz has been working with Nest development platform to achieve something that allows drivers to control their home thermostat in the comfort of their vehicles.

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