Streets of Valais Switzerland will be filled by autonomous Bus

Streets of Valais Switzerland will be filled by autonomous Bus -

autonomous cars will not be the only one who will benefit from the driverless technology. Apparently, the bus will take advantage of technology too. Bus, a leading public transport company in Switzerland launches a standalone bus pilot program for two years in the tourist areas of Sion, Valais.

The two-year program will be starting in spring 2016. Initially, nine bus passengers will be electrified trolling around the old streets of Zion. The test is performed by BestMile, a Swiss start-up that is known to develop software to control the autonomous vehicle fleets in the same way a control tower is in an airport.

The program's objective is to prove that the autonomous public transport can actually work and it offers many advantages such as lower operating costs and is safer. After this program, Bus plans to expand its service in remote areas of the country.

Before launching the program, BestMile spent two years to create algorithms that will ultimately allow autonomous vehicles to recognize and react accordingly situations.

Apparently, America and Sweden are considered to be the first to adopt the technology of autonomous vehicles. Several States of America as Michigan, Nevada, Florida and California has granted license autonomous companies while Gothenburg, Sweden has granted Volvo program that puts 100 SUV XC0 self-driving on public roads in 2017

"Drive me"

Initially, it might be inconvenient for residents and visitors to Zion to take the bus that are not driven by anyone and it might be interesting to see how they react. However, over time, the more likely people forgot about it and it will be a part of their daily lives.


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