SP: 01 electric sports car Detroit Electric Entry

SP: 01 electric sports car Detroit Electric Entry - Production Line

announced that Detroit Electric SP: 01, a sporty electric car designed on the basis Lotus Exige entered online production Learnington Spa, UK recently. The company released the news on his Facebook page. Another example of the electric car sport designed on the basis of Lotus other than Tesla Roadster. Tesla Roadster was originally assembled in England; However, he ended up repatriating most of its assembly process in the US

SP :. 01 is running on a pack of 37 kWh battery that is capable of traveling 179 miles (288 km) of the nominal NEDC range. The EPA-rated range should be closer to 140 miles (225 km). The battery can also act as an energy storage system of the house as it has built in the ability to load and bi-directional discharge

There are two versions of SP :. 01 Pure and performance. Pure is based on a single rate while the return is based on manual. The performance version is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 155mph (250km / h). Both versions of infotainment systems are running on Android Auto is not only able to run the operating system on the cars, but also provides access to the system from the mobile phone of the user and the electronic key car door.

Detroit Electric is a society different from the other company of the same name that began electric vehicles in 107. The company has not announced the price of the vehicle and availability in the US

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