US companies and competition companies in Europe to make cars without driver

US companies and competition companies in Europe to make cars without driver -

Large companies in the technology industry and the automotive industry are competing to release the first self driving on the consumer market. Three companies of German car manufacturer Audi, BMW and Daimler have teamed up to buy Nokia Here mapping service which is worth approximately £ 2 billion that self driving will be based on the mapping service to get to the destination as configured by humans. However, the competitors of these German companies are also giant builder of businesses and corporations technologies that have the resources to build conventional vehicle and come with self-driving cars. Their competitors are US companies such as Google, Apple and Tesla.

Google can be considered as the pioneer in the development of car technology of automobile. Recently, it has set up his own car company, Google Auto LLC which led by Chris Urmson. The company is registered under the national and international organization as a passenger car manufacturer and licensed as automaker in California since last year.

Apple is known for coming up with the iPhone and Mac computer. Recently the company recruits lot of professional electric vehicle system and new teams of the car manufacturer. In addition to this senior Apple executives have also been to visit the BMW plant in Leipzig, Germany. Based on this information, a rumor surfaced that the two companies could partner up in the development of advanced car. Apple aims to produce cars by 2020.

Tesla Motors seems to be further than the rest of the companies in terms of self driving development of automotive technology. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, announced a software update that allows AutoSteer cars and parks last week. However, he also mentioned that the software would need a lot of fine tuning before it can work perfectly.

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