New Self Driving Car Model for Mercedes Benz makes you want to own a

New Self Driving Car Model for Mercedes Benz makes you want to own a -

Mercedes Benz unveiled his version of self driving car model at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which took place in Nevada, Las Vegas this year. The car model is known as F 015 and it looks like something out of James Bond. The Verge has the option to take for a test and examination has been good so far.

F 015 is designed with comfort and luxury in mind as it offers maximum space and lounge feeling inside the vehicle. The car-four seats will be released in the year 2030 that the road is full of other autonomous car and traffic is slow. Therefore, passengers will have more time to relax or perhaps to work in the car while going to their destination

The interior design of the car is incredible that the floor is clear wood . there are four seats made from nappa leather extremely soft white ice and rotate function that allows face-to-face seat configuration while the body of the car is made of metal surfaces and clear glass. There are particularly large LED screens at the front and rear as well as the laser projection system that led to the front that allows it to communicate with its environment. The car was also able to interpret voice commands to its passengers.

The car has a total range of 1100 kilometers including 0 kilometers of battery-powered driving, as well as 00 kilometers on electricity produced by the fuel cell. This is comparable to a gasoline car, but it is better that the electric car is promised to zero local emissions.

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