Tesla Model S New Front-End First Look Revealed

Tesla Model S New Front-End First Look Revealed -

Tesla Model S reported to undergo facelift at the end of last year despite the company refused to work on it at that time the. However, after the car model was formalized and the new design and specifications was released, it seems that this share more features with Model X. Currently, Tesla seen to be updated advertising materials to its Model S Outlet stores.

Tesla Model S exterior design has been modified to be similar to the model X in particular the front fascia and headlights. The new headlights on the S model are designed with 14 three positions dynamic LED rotating lights that will improve especially nighttime visibility when driving on winding roads.

Tesla HEPA air filtration system that is previously only available on the Model X is installed in the S model also. The air filter system claims to be 100 times more effective than any other high-end auto filters as it boasts of being able to remove at least 99.97% of the pollution of exhaust gas particles, allergens, bacteria and other cabin air contaminants.

Tesla Model S charger is updated from 40 amps to 48 amps and so it will take less time to load when connected to the amperage to charge higher sources. In addition to this, there will be two new additional choice of interior decoration also Figured Ash Ash decor and dark wood décor.

Aligned with all these new features, the price of the Model S is increased by $ 1,500 across the board. Price Model S70 starts at $ 71.500.

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