electric car is ready to use in the UK, but not load the car

electric car is ready to use in the UK, but not load the car - Stations

UK will be one of the first countries that have BMW i3 seen on his way . BMW i3 is an electric car that most people considered as fun to drive around. However, as much as it is fun to drive, there are some difficulties trying to find a recharging station work car to recharge the electric car is the same principle as the search for a gas station to recharge your car with gasoline for non-electric car.

there are few sites for you to search a nearby stations charge, such as "Load your car", "Zap-Map 'or' OpenChargeMap ', however, it appears that the information on the page is not accurate, and it does not always know which company provides the charger because it mentions only the necessary adhesion. The chargers are provided by various companies like BP or Shell, but each company will require its own RFID to activate car chargers. It a bit like the Oyster card. The idea is that you can refuel your car in a loading station, but you will need to have their own respective RFID card to make the payment.

In addition to this speed chargers vary and each magazine has its own unique identification number written on them so that when you called the hotline, you must provide this ID to the operator for ignite so you can refuel your car in case if you left the RFID card at home. However, it seems that some of charging stations do not have the stick ID on them so that the operator will not know who to turn charger and as a result, he or she must try them all. Some charging station, the driver left the car to charge for two hours and the car was loaded 83 miles of beach for the driver to drive around.

Although the electric car is certainly interesting to go around, however, it seems that the car charging infrastructure is not well developed enough to support it. Therefore, in case if you want to drive an electric car, you will need to carefully plan your travels.


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