Human Machine Interface Importance display correct data for EV drivers

Human Machine Interface Importance display correct data for EV drivers -

Brian Gallagher has always been interested in the human-machine interface (HMI) design for electric vehicles (EVs ). In 07, he joined Aptera Motors, a startup company that built an electric vehicle with three high-performance wheels. Unfortunately, the company closed in 2012. However, that year, Gallagher began Interfaces Andromeda who specialize in the design of the user interface for the driver to be able to communicate with the machine effectively .

There is even a niche expertise that not many companies do. The user interface can be a simple thing, but as electric vehicle is new, it is important that the display is intuitive so that the driver is able to operate it without much difficulty. If the driver does not know how to operate the EV, unintentional accidents can occur while electric vehicles are designed to minimize accidents especially when the turnover of the driver is considered high.

There are some common EV HMI designs that need to be considered and that Andromeda normally recommend to their client. One of them is "Distance to empty (DTE)." What exactly DTE? DTE is the distance that can be covered on the basis of electricity that your car and your driving habits. Depending on driving patterns, it can reduce or enlarge. Therefore, it is preferable to be displayed as a single dial gauge, scope miles zero. auxiliary load (electricity consumption) is another example. It is basically the things that contribute to the loss of energy, such as vehicle seats and radio. Therefore, it can be represented as symbols, text descriptions and the exact values ​​on the screen.

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