Volvo On Call System Available Smartwatches

Volvo On Call System Available Smartwatches -

Volvo On Call system was launched in 01. It is essentially a system that is installed in Volvo cars to provide services safety, security and monitoring on the car during an accident, breakdown or theft using the SIM card installed cars. In addition the system also provides basic security features that will be activated when the airbags are deployed or when the driver need help connecting them to the Volvo Appellate operator and therefore the operator direct emergency services to your current location using GPS technology.


recently Volvo has announced that the company will release an update of the system as such, it will be available on mobile as Apple Watch and Android Wear or even app windows Phone. Therefore, it enables Volvo drivers to use the system to control settings, lock / unlock, locate and use many of the Volvo service their wrist. In addition, Volvo drivers will also be able to define the heating times, check the fuel level and mileage, time to next service and the location of your car in the large parking lot. Another update that improves the ability to send to car "for navigational purposes was released in late June


Sofia Wessman, Director Volvo On Call on Volvo cars said. in just a few years the company has spent a feature related safety in the car to a solution that allows the driver to stay connected with their car and offers many benefits to sustain their daily needs.


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