Over the Air (OTA) update will be available for cars in the future Your

Over the Air (OTA) update will be available for cars in the future Your -

Unlike traditional cars, modern cars are operated by millions of lines of code to doing cool things they are designed to do. For example, to simply perform a navigation and infotainment standard, there are about 20 million lines of code and like all software, it must be updated regularly either for bug correction or addition new features. The problem with this is how to implement it in cars that have been sold to the public.

Traditionally, whenever there is an update of the software cars, manufacturers have had to issue a formal recall, the form their dealer service technicians on how to update the car and car owners should bring the car to the workshop to get the update done. All these results in high costs as such it must be done when there is no other way.

The good news is that as of 2015, about 20 percent of vehicles sold worldwide will be integrated with a kind of expected connectivity module and the number of connected cars sold worldwide to grow more than six times to 152 million by 2020 as reported by Forbes business. Therefore, the modern cars of software should be updated OTA using the method similar to the way you update your smartphone or tablet today.

Jim Pisz, corporate director of North American sales strategy Toyota has spent a lot of time working on the OTA technology for cars. He explained that every new car sold in the world would have a data communications module and it was not about infotainment but the functionality of the vehicle. He said he was on the car tell the client that he did not feel well before the client knew (about it) and if an error code came, he went to a large data center and it was noted as an exception. The information then will return to the dealer or the customer. It uses the same data connection that provides drivers with information and security services of the real-time navigation.

However, there is also a downside to this method because it can be hacked. The researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller demonstrated by hacking several cars with their data communication modules and able to take control of the vehicle moving away for some cases. Therefore, it does not take much time for data security for cars to move up the list of priorities. One way to solve this problem is to use encryption to maintain each system manufacturers a secret. As a proprietary system, so manufacturers are free to use their own encryption method.

The advantage of using OTA updates for cars is that car manufacturers can realize savings of up to $ 2.7 billion in 2015 and growing to $ 35 billion by in 2022 according to estimates by IHS Automotive. In addition, it could reduce warranty costs, which could increase the overall completion rate for recalls related to software and improve customer satisfaction by not forcing them to go to the dealership just put update software on their cars.

another concern regarding the OTA updates is that certain personal information may be reported back to the wholesale data center and it could be sold to a third party or used to challenge you. Unfortunately, there are no laws or regulations for the United States. Pisz assured that Toyota did not need personal information and it will not be automatic.

Regardless, the live updates for cars will become part of your life over the next decade.

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