Voyo Old Cars Allows owners to keep track of their vehicle on Smartphones

Voyo Old Cars Allows owners to keep track of their vehicle on Smartphones -
Voyo former controller allows car owners to keep track of their cars to their smartphone and decision is that the car should not be a smart car. The device is currently in crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign and collected more than $ 59,000 has managed its goal of $ 50,000. Voyo committed to $ 0 each and it comes with unlimited premium services then Voyo will be priced at $ 0 retail. If you have already pledged your product on Kickstarter, it is expected that the delivery will be in February and March next year.
To use Voyo is very simple, the device just needs to be plugged into the OBD-II port of your car. Do not worry, as the OBD-II port has been integrated in the car since 1996, so any car made after the year comes with the port. Some product use, such as skipping the trunk by pressing a button on your phone, track a vehicle, measures such as emissions mileage, fuel and CO2 monitoring. In addition to this, users can also choose to receive a notification whenever there are car malfunctions, the dangerous driving behavior as well as accidents or receive alerts if the vehicle antilock brakes are activated.
As for the premium package, its function is to tell the drive to automatically unlock the door if you approach him. The Premium Pack subscription fee is $ 30 per year or $ 60 for three years, and $ 100 for unlimited use.
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