Tesla Model X last offered online Prompt Only Base

Tesla Model X last offered online Prompt Only Base -

Tesla finally opens a channel to buy its car model Model X on its website. There are basically three configurations, 70D, 0D and P0D each with each own specifications. The entry level is the 70D model from $ 80,000 price, however, after taxes and gas savings, the price is reduced to $ 61,000.

Model X 70D, 0D and P0D will provide 70 kWh with 220 miles range on EPA estimated 0 kWh with 257 miles range on battery performance and EPA 0kWh with 250 miles range on EPA estimate respectively. As for the top speed, 70D and 0D offers all 140 mph P0D offer each 155 mph. The difference between the 0D P0D and P0D is that comes with the Ludicrous mode that can go from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds and includes active spoiler that claimed to reduce and improve the aerodynamic drag.

Tesla also will offer add-on extras that includes $ 750 towing package that can carry 5,000 pounds and cold weather package of $ 1000 which includes a heated steering wheel, heated seats second and third row and some other comfort features as well.

The expected delivery will be sometime in 2016 depending on the model you purchased. As for the wing function Hawk focuses on the Tesla car models might have to wait for a while as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, admitted that the company had problems with the function.

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