Porsche develops Cruise Control that measures Corner 0.70 g

Porsche develops Cruise Control that measures Corner 0.70 g -

Porsche develops its own system, Innodrive that allow turns up to 0.70 g. The system is to have all the characteristics of a normal cruise control system is to have as reading the road, impending collisions and automatically apply the brakes of the car with two additional features, rank of the road and the radius of the turn in which the two is stored in the database of the navigation system. Therefore, using this information, the car will be able to paint a three-dimensional image of the road and set the car speed to be able to make the perfect ultraefficient cruise and tours of 0.50g.

Innodrive is designed to allow the driver to reach his destination in the shortest possible time, while consuming less fuel. Porsche states that the system will be able to reduce consumption down in the real world by 10 percent while reaching the destination 2 percent faster. The system is currently being tested on two-lane roads outside Weissach, Germany. All need to drive to do is steer the car.

Company engineers designed the system keeping BSFC (Brake-specific fuel consumption) in mind. It is a measure of the efficacy of the product its power engine. Therefore, they usually draw a map like below and to get a combination near the throttle wide open gas near max torque that BSFC is most effective.


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