Hyundai patented detection system Speed ​​Bump

Hyundai patented detection system Speed ​​Bump -

Hyundai has patented a technology that is able to determine if there is a speed bump before using several technologies such as GPS, camera and multiple sensors. It is then capable of measuring the height, the width and curvature based on this information, the system will then be able to calculate the appropriate speed for driving on the bump. If the speed of the driver is higher than the calculated speed then there will be a warning message informing them to slow down.

Although speed bumps seem trivial matter, however, technology is useful when implemented for autonomous vehicles. Therefore, all builder "autonomous vehicles need to do is to implement an additional system which is able to make the car automatically slows down and the driverless car will be able to handle as well as humans.

Apart from use in autonomous vehicles, the technology is useful for all types of vehicles such as semi-autonomous vehicles or vehicle, even manual a few times especially at night ; it is not easy to detect a speed bump in the road that color can be the same as the color of the road.

The speed bump detection system can be considered as part of the safety device in the automotive industry. There is no further information on how Hyundai will implement the technology in the model; it will be implemented first.

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