Lincoln Continental model comes with 30

Lincoln Continental model comes with 30 - Missing Way of

Lincoln Continental is a luxury car model produced by Lincoln Motor Company. Lincoln Motor is a division of Ford Motor Company, which mainly sells luxury vehicle in the Lincoln brand. The brand is sold mainly in North America, Middle East and recently in China since 2014.

In the recent case of Manhattan, the company introduced the concept of luxurious seat that is located in the continental model as it can be adjusted 30 ways. It is intended for car passengers to be refreshed and rejuvenated, even after a long journey

The 30 ways to adjust the seat as below :.

  1. Six ways bottom cushion adjustment of the seat forward or backward, raise or lower the front, raise or lower the rear edge.
  2. Two ways seatback adjustment if you want to raise or tilt.
  3. Four setting ways headrest, forward or backward, up or down.
  4. two ways of setting the upper back support if you want to tip forward or backward.
  5. Four ways of the lowest cushion seats adjustment extensions, two telescopic segments which move forward and backward independently.
  6. Four setting ways thigh supports that move up and down independently.
  7. Four setting ways wether lumbar support to move up or down, and inflate or deflate.
  8. seatback side
  9. Four bolsters adjustment ways that is in or out
  10. Two lower seat cushion adjustment ways bolster whether in or outside of

Although the Lincoln Continental is also a concept for now, however, according to Jonathan Line, Advanced Supervisor Seat innovation Lincoln, there could be a good chance that it will enter mass production soon.

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