Flying car TF-X Prototype approved outside Sky

Flying car TF-X Prototype approved outside Sky -

Terrafugia TF-X has been approved for testing in outside air by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Terrafugia is a small US company based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. Besides the development of TF-X flying car, the company is also known to develop roadable aircraft called the Transition.

TF-X is designed to be 2ft. long and four passenger seats. He should be able to park in a garage for one car as well. However, it has weight limit of not more than 50 pounds. The vehicle uses a motor associated with two electric motors for propulsion. It is powered by two plug-in hybrid 0 horsepower electric motors and fuel engine of 300 horsepower, a hybrid. Unfortunately, battery technology still needs improvement.

TF-X is designed to be able to fly in the range of 500 miles with a speed of 0 mph on a single charge and it should be semi-autonomous. The company plans to do so it would take less training in command of a TF-X than flying a plane professional.

flying cars have been a dream for many automakers there for a long period. However, it has not been done in reality. There are a few years, a company sponsored by the French government came out with the idea of ​​the commuter plane called Xplorair. It was unveiled as a half-size prototype at Paris Air Show in 2013. The company planning to show a scale model in 2017.

is Xplorair car and it looks more like a car than a drone flying.

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