Interesting facts Google Self Driving Cars

Interesting facts Google Self Driving Cars -

Chris Urmson, director of Project Self Driving Car Google announced that Google self driving cars could not drive, pedal accelerator or the brake pedal when the prototype was first presented to the public. Recently, when Google one of its self-driving cars Thinkery, the Children's Museum in Austin, one of the visitors asked if self driving car has windshield wipers. To this question, one of the employees replied that he would, but instead of the windshield, it would be placed on cars is the eyes that the sensors.

Apparently, when Google said that the company would make a car driving, he will be fully automated, which means that the features that are not necessary will not be included in the design. The only entry that the autonomous car will be necessary to humans is the destination than the rest of things will be done automatically by the system of the car.

Google plans to self driving cars to be tested at Austin, which is the same location as Lexus currently uses to test its self SUV driving. With this move, Google hopes that the company will be able to acquire a different set of challenges than those of Mountain View, California. The two companies will test a small area to the north and northeast of downtown Austin.

Google has conducted tests for self driving cars since 09 with the flying prototypes least beginning to be tested on the roads of Mountain View earlier this summer.

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