Honda and Volvo decides to go all-electric or plug-in hybrid car models

Honda and Volvo decides to go all-electric or plug-in hybrid car models -

Honda and Volvo made the announcement the same day, but in two different places that both companies will for all-electric and plug-in hybrid version of their last car model. And no, they are not going to work together to build the next car models.

Honda plans to have plug-in hybrids and fuel cells to account for two-thirds of its total sales in 2030. Its line Clarity which runs on fuel cells will be available at the end of the year, while the all-electric and plug-in hybrid version will be available in 2017. Honda will also offer Honda Fit EV or hybrid Accord that hopefully these two new models will contribute to total sales.

It seems that the plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will be better than a fuel cell vehicle that infrastructure that support them are more developed than the latter particularly in the United States. It is also planned to expand the charging infrastructure in the near future, but it is expected that it will be slow to achieve. Hybrid technology will be the best potential to reach the public when the vehicle runs out of battery, the engine will go to gasoline-powered and petrol stations can be found easily anywhere.

Volvo, on the other hand, will release its first all-electric car later that Honda. The company plans to do so in 2019. It is therefore not surprising that Volvo is known for taking his time in preparing for change. To achieve this, Volvo has created two vehicle architectures, large and small, which can be mounted a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or train electrical energy.

Volvo XC0 T8 Armored SUV will be the first car model that will go all-electric followed by full-size sedan S0. The objective of the company is to have 1 million electrified vehicles on the road in 2025.

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