Honda Sensing System Available in Civic Sedan additional $ 1,000

Honda Sensing System Available in Civic Sedan additional $ 1,000 -

Honda Honda will offer detection system in its Civic sedan model for an extra $ 1,000. However, it is not an automated driving. Rather, it is closer to the so-called advanced systems support the driver or ADAS. The technology includes adaptive cruise control with monitoring low speed, Collision Mitigating Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, as well as the departure route mitigation.

Honda Honda Sensing and use AEB, radar and a camera to create virtual security bubble around the car. If the system detects a potential crash, it will alert the driver via Forward Collision Warning for the driver to take some action to avoid the collision. However, in case if there is not enough time for the driver to avoid a collision, the collision mitigating braking system will be activated and therefore the car is brought to a stop. The system is intelligent enough to differentiate other vehicles and pedestrians. This is considered a step towards autonomous driving capability.

The Lane Keeping Assist technology is able to keep the car in the middle of the road when driving on the road and if the car is drifting away from the center without a turn signal activated, the technology will automatically steer the car to the center of the lane. In addition, if the driver leaves the lane without signal, there will be audible and visual warnings alert the driver to return to the road.

Honda's goal is to reduce the collision caused by its vehicles by 2020 and to have no collision in 2050.

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