Volvo Cars independent trials with regular truck drivers from next year

Volvo Cars independent trials with regular truck drivers from next year -

autonomous cars are the future of the automotive industry. That is why car manufacturers and technology companies are competing to launch their own version of autonomous cars. Aligned with this objective, it is not surprising that Volvo comes with its own version of autonomous car and the company is considering to allow the regular route driver to test the system on public roads from next year.

Volvo is currently testing the autonomous system in a controlled environment. However, it seems there is not a lot of scenario that can occur in it and most scenarios already thought off have been tested and implemented in the system. The company provides a regular route driver to take the test instead of engineers and technicians so that they are able to monitor the system behavior when the operator of the regular road is the engine and use it to make daily activities like going to the office or buying groceries from the supermarket.
therefore, for scenarios happened and was not thought off, the team will be able to configure the system.

at the same time, Volvo will test his IntelliSafe Autopilot feature in its vehicles. This function is half the half assistance and autonomous. If all goes well, then Volvo will increase the number of tests cars for 100 cars capable of full autonomy. In addition, Volvo is also developing its future infotainment system as such it is able to connect to Netflix and passengers will be able to watch shows while driving.

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