Flying as seems possible in the coming years, with Terrafugia TF-X

Flying as seems possible in the coming years, with Terrafugia TF-X -

Terrafugia, a US company develops a mode of transport which seems to be impossible just a few years ago and those that we can not see or imagine in books or movies. The company develops TF-X, a flying car that aims to improve safety, simple and convenient to use. The development is expected to take at least 8-12 years.

TF-X is designed to be safer than the autonomous car that is now undergoing road tests. It will also have the ability to avoid automatically the other air traffic, bad weather, and the tower airspace controlled and restricted. For emergency cases, such as when the operator determines that the vehicle can not automatically complete the landing, the operator can activate the parachute system comes pre-installed in the vehicle itself or the operator will be able to disembark from the vehicle landing untrusted zones. In the worst case in which the operator does not respond, the vehicle itself automatically land at the nearest airport.

It will be easy to learn about how TF-X safely. It will take no more than five hours for the average driver to do so. On top of that TF-X can operate in either manual or automatic mode between landing zones approved or airports. The driver will also have the freedom to control the vehicle with the aid of a tool in the vehicle which is similar to a steering wheel in a car.

There is no information on the price of the vehicle. However, if you want to have a before it is made public, you are able to do so by booking a transition now, so that if you bought the transition, you gave TF-X option to purchase prior than other consumers.

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