Car Rental driving could save up to 300,000 lives per decade

Car Rental driving could save up to 300,000 lives per decade -

automated cars could save up to 300,000 lives per decade in the United States by itself as reported by "The Atlantic ". The report is based on the research paper by McKinsey & Co consulting firm that develop self how cars will help reduce accidents caused by human error by midcentury.

Car accidents occurring today have a huge impact on the US economy with each person killed in an accident of motor vehicle, 8 were hospitalized and 100 were treated and released emergency rooms. Therefore, the overall annual cost of road crashes in the US economy was $ 212 billion in 2012 and with ADAS (Advanced assistance systems driver) and AV (automatic vehicles), accidents were reduced to 0 percent and could potentially save up to $ 10 billion.

McKinsey also reported that automated vehicles (SVA) could release up to 50 minutes per day for users who would be able to spend time working, relaxing or entertainment access to travel. The report adds that the time saved by commuters each day could add a whole mind-blowing one billion hours. In addition, it could also create a great value basin potentially generating global revenues of digital media £ 5 billion per year for each additional minute people spend on mobile internet while in a car.

With automated vehicle, parking would be much easier and it could reduce the need for US parking space up to 5.7 billion square meters. In addition, it also modifies the full insurance model is primarily based on human error to focus mainly on insurance of automobile manufacturers of technical failure liabilities in their automated vehicle (VAS). With all this said, it could lower your monthly insurance payment as well.

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