Kymeta smart antenna offers that brings wireless high-speed Internet to the car

Kymeta smart antenna offers that brings wireless high-speed Internet to the car -

There are few cars connected in the market today that offers Wi-Fi technology to exchange information with other cars as well as to provide passengers with the means to connect to the Internet while traveling. However, technology is using an LTE coverage, which provides average speeds around 5 megabits per second (Mbps) and so if cellular service decreases, the Internet will be cut.

Kymeta is a company that is currently working on an antenna to solve this problem. The antenna is simply known as mTenna. It is as patented, low-power, light-flat pannel antenna that can communicate with satellites to provide Internet to consumers.

mTenna has the same function as satellite dish that is usually installed on the roof of a house. Although the two have no moving parts, however, mTenna is able to communicate with satellites across the whole sky as the satellite dish points to one area in the sky.

mTenna is designed to provide Internet access to places such as in the car, flight, and on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere.

mTenna is currently undergoing testing to prove its functionality on the go. It was built on top of the roof of a car and over 8000 miles. It follows that the device is able to maintain a connection with the satellites of different frequencies; it is able to monitor the polarization of the signal and the satellite direction, while on the move and therefore signal degradation can be avoided and, finally, it able to maintain a constant communication with the satellites over all the course.

Kymeta conduct a number Alpha and beta testing in the next year and mTenna will hopefully be ready by the end of 2016. The company also reported a partnership with one of the car to put the device on the market.

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