Airless Tire Performance Match Air-filled tires

Airless Tire Performance Match Air-filled tires -

tires filled with air or also known as the tires were used for our vehicles since the first car was invented. From here, there are many improvements made on them to make them better. John Dunlop, for example, invented them to keep their children get headaches while riding a bicycle. Hankook, trying to make a better tire exploring the idea of ​​Airless or non-pneumatic tire or NPT.

The difference between the airless tire and air-filled tire is the tire material made from. Airless tires are made from deformable solid materials such as rubber while the air-filled tires are made from rubber filled with air under pressure; However, both tires are used as shock absorber that also able to support the weight of the vehicle.

Airless tires are already in production. Michelin Tweel sells for agricultural vehicles while selling Polaris ATV with NTP since late 2013. Hankook is currently testing its own NTP for vehicles that require lower speed robustness such as passenger vehicles. Hankook NTP are tested for durability, hardness, stability, ability to take turns at high speed and the ability to maintain their integrity at high speeds up to 130 kilometers per hour. From the test result, the match proved NTP conventional tires in terms of performance.

It seems that Hankook will not release NTP anytime soon as the NTP are required for a number of safety tests before they are allowed to be released on the road.

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