Reducing the cost of lithium-ion in the future

Reducing the cost of lithium-ion in the future -

Lux Research, a Boston-based company, predicted that the cost of the battery of the electric car will fall as low as $ 172 kWh in 2025. As more and more technology companies produce lithium-ion batteries to power electric vehicles. Between 07 and 2014 itself, the cost of the battery of the electric car fell more than half of all, it was at $ 1,000 per kWh to decline as $ 172 kWh.

electric car battery, eventhough it seems insignificant, but it has developed into a global industry of $ 33 billion, which generates about 100 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. Over the next 10 years, it is estimated it can reach up to $ 50 billion and generate 0 GWh per year.

Tesla Motors is one of the automakers that lead to the battery of the electric car. The company started making electric vehicles there about 12 years and recently, Tesla has already manufactured a car powered by battery that can travel 0 miles on a single charge, Tesla Model S that a hefty price tag of $ 70,000.

outside of the battery of the electric car, Tesla also explores the battery for homes, powerwall, and battery for companies and utilities, Powerpack. Unfortunately powerwall is priced at $ 3000 to $ 3500 with a capacity of 7 to 10 kWh, which makes homeowners reluctant to use. It is only when the price more than likely drop more home owners should subscribe. Powerpack other hand, seems to be more attractive to large enterprises.

The raw material of the battery that is used by Tesla approximately $ 69 / kWh and the cost of the battery is estimated at about 10-20% of the bill of materials. Tesla currently pay $ 180 Panasonic kWh for their batteries while the conventional system are $ 500 - $ 700 kWh. In the long term, it is expected that the lithium-ion batteries could cost about $ 100 per kWh.

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