electric car could soon be charged using solar cells while moving

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electric car could soon be charged using solar cells while moving -

A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University has found a way to charge an electric vehicle battery while the vehicle is in motion and with a greater effectiveness. However, it only works on a sunny day. It is made possible by wiring four perovskite solar cells in series lithium batteries directly photo-load. The efficiency should be 7.8 percent, which is considered the most effective configuration to date.

Liming Dai, head of the research team said they had found the right match between the solar cell and the battery while others have used polymer solar cells to charge batteries lithium, but not with this kind of efficiency. In addition to that the coupling seems to have surpassed all other remaining pairings photo-load components and compatible batteries or super-capacitors.

perovskite is chosen because it is one of the most promising technologies of solar cells with the ability to convert a wide spectrum of sunlight into electricity compared to silicon-based cells. It has a crystalline material whose structure is identical to the name of the same ore. The ability of the latter to perform the energy conversion and energy conservation is considered the highest in efficiency compared to traditional energy sources.

The Dai team perovskite make a single movie from three layers of cells wired and four of 1 mm square cells in series. This arrangement provides solar electricity, the power conversion efficiency of about 12.65 percent. When the prototype connected to small lithium-ion coin size, the team able to make the conversion and storage efficiency by 7.8 percent and maintained over a number of cycles.

The panel will be set on top of a car that is installed facing the sky and have about 7 square meters surface (75 square feet) giving it a different aspect of the appearance of the traditional car.

Toyota launches three new Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show

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Toyota launches three new Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show -

Toyota teases three new concept cars before their official debut at Tokyo Motor Show. These concept cars are vision of enterprise mobility. They FCV Plus KIKAI and FR-S.

S-FR is a yellow car that looks like a hybrid Ford as it comes with a giant grille and a coupe BMW M. It is intended for entry-level buyers as it is described as a fun to drive car and light sport. If this car is not for production, it will be sold around the FR-S Scion in the price of the fleet which is about $ 27,000.


FCV Plus is designed to be able to run on hydrogen fuel cell that is able to produce electricity for use at home or the power the car itself. The storage of the fuel cells is located between the front wheels and the hydrogen tank is located behind the rear seat. More FCV is a strange white car with blue tinted glass.


KIKAI design is more unique than the rest. It displays all the machinery that normally hidden under the body. It is the kind of car that would lead the next generation of Munsters. The concept car has a central driver's seat and three passengers.

Back to Six Finest Concept Cars 1985

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Back to Six Finest Concept Cars 1985 -

With the release of "Back to the Future" movie in the cinema a few days ago, it is very exciting for us to take a look at how far we have come in terms of the automotive industry. in the film, the two main players are made in the future world full of flying cars, hoverboards and of course JAWS 19. Since then, companies work hard to achieve in reality. Unfortunately, this can take a while longer for us to see the real life hoverboards and flying cars in real life. in the meantime, let us take a look at six of the most beautiful cars concept from 1985.

1985 Buick Wildcat featured a glass roof that is able to tip forward and radius without flying. It offers 360 horsepowers on four wheels with speed limit of 70 mph .


1985 Nissan MID4 featured a 3.0-liter V6 and the first rear-wheel 'HICAS' Nissan steering system. He was first unveiled in 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show and has been designed to compete with the European supercars. However, unfortunately, it never comes to a reality.


1985 MG EX-E featured a 250bhp 3.0-liter V6 mounted in the middle. However, it is also not made in the production line. Currently, he sits at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon.


1985 Mazda MX-03 offered four seats, four-wheel drive and four-wheel coupe Japanese 320bhp. It is able to reach from 0 to 60mph in just five seconds. Its top speed is 186 mph and interior design resembles aircraft Eighties.


1985 Saab EV-1 featured Kevlar and fiberglass material that can withstand the heat of the sun as solar cells are integrated inside. The EV in the car model is an electric vehicle, but for experimental vehicle. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot with 282hp powered the front wheels.


1985 Mitsubishi MP-0X features a 1.3 liter engine, four -drive wheels and four wheels. He debuted in 1985 Tokyo Motor Show.

The companies most of which will probably build parts for Google or Apple or even Tesla

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The companies most of which will probably build parts for Google or Apple or even Tesla -
With Apple's announcement that the company will enter the auto industry autonomous, it should be a catalyst to accelerate the creation of something new in the industry. In the mobile phone industry, Apple has pioneered many new things, then, as a great supply network which in the end to make the business a success in the market.
self driving industry is seen as an opportunity for many other companies in all industries to expand their business model. Morgan Stanley estimates it will save $ 488 billion for the cost of accidents per year by 2022 and an additional gain of $ 507 billion in productivity that we can do something more useful as discuss business opportunities while we commute in a car.
Google car is the best view of what we can expect to be embedded in a car driving, smart sensors and radar. Google does not work alone. Four years after the company unveiled its first project of self-driving car, Google released the names of its partners.
Roush, a small company based in Michigan assembled outside the car. LG Chemical, LG's Korean subsidiary will make the batteries. Other companies such as Continental, Bosch, and Frimo ZFLS will the powertrain, brakes and steering wheels, respectively.
The most contradictory to use in the car driving component LIDAR. LIDAR is used in aviation to trace around and it does not come cheap. Therefore, it is still questionable whether it is suitable for use in the car driving. Google is apparently underway to as LIDAR said Tesla LIDAR that is too expensive for a car driving and probably goes to the high-tech cameras as alternatives to LIDAR.
Velodyne was a company that began building the subwoofer technology in the old days, however, he began to LIDAR since he was 10 years ago and became the leader market. So far, the company has built three different products 80,000 $ sensor used by some trucking companies, a model of $ 32,000 and the last is a $ 8,000 model that released last year and is a size of a palm.
Quanergy just enter the LiDAR market claims that it is able to reduce the price to $ 100 in 2018.
Mobileye, a company based in Israel, who is working with Tesla among other car manufacturers to make high-tech cameras that is an alternative to LIDAR. The company is able to offer full hardware and software that includes 360-degree view around the car and cost less than $ 1,000.
Regarding the brains of self driving cars, it is the flea treatment. Some familiar chip makers such as Qualcomm and Samsung apparently moves to the automotive industry. Other known manufacturer of chips, Nvidia is also changing to produce chips behind video games to cars.
Tesla, Google and Delphi is reported to buy chips from Nvidia. However, it is reported that the manager of Nvidia deep learning which is the center of self driving went to work for Apple.

Tesla Limits Autopilot feature to prevent the driver from Doing crazy things while he is on

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Tesla Limits Autopilot feature to prevent the driver from Doing crazy things while he is on -

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has recently admitted that the company will add additional constraints the autopilot system that is already in place in its self driving car. The announcement came during the recent communication on the quarterly results of the company. All this is done to prevent drivers from doing crazy things while the function is activated, which in the end can endanger their lives and other road users.

The restrictions were planned after a video showing some people turning on Autopilot on backroads and leads without putting their hands on the wheel. This is not what Autopilot intend to do first.

There is no further information on what the constraints are the company to put in the semi-autonomous driving system. However, it is easy to guess that they will put a highway only parameter and an algorithm to control how long the driver has removed their hands from steering wheels. If it is long enough then most likely there will be alerts to remind the driver to put her back on the wheel.

A reminder to all homeowners with Autopilot Model S have there, please keep at least one hand on the wheel and only activate the function on highway. Tesla Autopilot feature could be stable, but it is a system, there may be undetected problems, so therefore it's better to be safe.

FLIR PathFindIRII helps drivers get a better night vision

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FLIR PathFindIRII helps drivers get a better night vision -

night driving is normally very difficult for drivers in particular when the road condition is poor, for example when road lamp crashed or bad weather. Fortunately, there is a tool on the market that might be able to help drivers to overcome these problems, FLIR PathFindIRII.

FLIR PathFindIRII is essentially a thermal night vision system that allows the driver to see clearly the dangers of the road, even if the driver is driving in total darkness. In addition to this, it is able to detect and warn the driver about nearby vehicles, people and animals.

PathFindIRII is different headlights. While headlights can allow the driver to see about 450 'straight PathFindIRII is designed to detect heat and is able to detect up to four times the distance that is covered by the headlights. Therefore, no matter what situation the driver rolls in, be it night or day, good or bad weather, he or she will be able to see clearly without having to worry about being blinded by the glare of used car headlights.

PathFindIRII system comes with a 320 x 240 thermal camera with 24 degree field of view. There is an optical heating occurs when the temperature reaches 4 ° C. In addition to this it also operates through smoke, dust and haze. It has a sturdy design so it does not break easily and installation is pretty easy to do.

Meaning Autonomous Cars for Car Enthusiasts

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Meaning Autonomous Cars for Car Enthusiasts -

autonomous car is the future. By the autonomous means clustering as will be ble to drive by Itself as well as it is reliable to Avoid Any potential collision or maybe-even inform the driver When icts time to bring it to mechanic shop for regular check ups. The Therefore MOST of the time, all the driver needs to do is to sit back and relax. The only time it requires driver That response is When It encounters the qui scenarios might not be as reliable to handle qui Hopefully the possibility of it happening is close to 0.

With all the Things That year since reliable autonomous to do, it might not be a good idea for Such as enthusiasts as They take pleasure in Knowing everything about the car from engine RPMs as well as driving it manually. HOWEVER, it est aussi que la difficulty to imagine roads will be filled with all autonomous cars. Most probably, it is going to be a mixture entre semiautonomous car and fully autonomous vehicles.

There is a lot of benefit Having a fully autonomous because a system qui allows autonomous cars to communiquer with Each Other as well as the qui infrastructure it supports. One of Them Is That it can lower down the number of accidents, take off boring parts of driving as well as make the vehicles and roads to operate in more efficient way.

HOWEVER, there are Some Things That year autonomous because will not be ble to do. Things like the complicated decisions That human Normally drivers made gold the insurance and the liability issues as well as the real-world technological limitations. Severe weather condition has REMAIN challenge.

Apart of all this excitement about autonomous cars, let's just hope That There is still Some room to have some fun while driving.

The analysis shows that car owners prefer Android Auto and carplay that Automaker By Car Infotainment and MirrorLink

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The analysis shows that car owners prefer Android Auto and carplay that Automaker By Car Infotainment and MirrorLink -

An analysis by Strategy Analytics shows that consumers prefer Android Auto and Apple carplay as the automaker infotainment -for as it was considered outdated. However, both Android and Apple Auto carplay would require users to know how to use them before you can use it. In addition to this, they must know this device is supported by the system and this feature is not supported by it.

The analysis was conducted by interviewing US consumers, Western Europe and China. From the study, it is also revealed that consumer interest in telematics and remote vehicle management such as using stolen vehicles, remote diagnostics and alerts Teen driving has increased sharply since 2014 in all age groups.

Apparently, traditional radio is still the primary source of entertainment for drivers on the road. Therefore apps like iHeartRadio and TuneIn is able to work well with Android and Apple Auto carplay. However, these applications use large amounts of data monthly allowance for broadcasting local radio that does not sit well with users. Therefore, it is also crucial that users should be able to switch between Android Auto native system or Apple carplay easily or it will create confusion and frustration for users.

From the study, it is also found that MirrorLink does not sit well with consumers that the menus are arranged in a manner inconsistent, which makes the text difficult to read. On top of that touch targets are too small or hidden making it difficult to function. Users also need to try several times before the connection is established and it works only for a handful of smartphones such as Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

As a result, automakers such as Hyundai are starting to leave the infotainment Android or Apple Auto carplay then they design the car equipment.

NiMo Intelligent Parking Space Manager allows people and earn money Finding parking space at the same time

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NiMo Intelligent Parking Space Manager allows people and earn money Finding parking space at the same time -

Finding a place to park your car can be quite annoying at times especially when we rush to go to your appointment. NiMo intelligent Manager parking space may be the solution you need. NiMo comes with a device connected to your car named NiMo Auto Beacon acts as a secure ID for your car and a NiMo Parker that you must install on your parking space using anchor bolts closed and the mobile applications compatible with both iOS and Android OS. The battery lasts at least 6 months on a full charge.

Every time you drive near your parking space with the NiMo Parker installed on it the NiMo Parker and closes automatically when you drive away your parking space, it will automatically open. If anyone else interested in parking your parking space, he or she will need to log in NiMo applications and reserve the parking space. Therefore, you can earn rental costs thereof. You can also check the status of rent and your total income from renting your parking space by using the applications.

Unfortunately, it is still impossible to know if it will work in each city. Stay tuned for more information on how to buy it!

Infotainment system Ford Sync 3 car Support both Google Android and Apple Auto carplay

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Infotainment system Ford Sync 3 car Support both Google Android and Apple Auto carplay -

Ford announced that its Sync infotainment system 3 drive will be able to support many times Google Android Auto carplay and Apple. The company added that for the Ford car owners which car was installed with Sync 3 car infotainment system, they will receive an update on the latest the latest features by the end of 'year.

Sync 3 existing car infotainment system promises many convenience features for pilots. When paired with mobile devices, drivers will be able to access functionality such as making or receiving a phone call or even playing music. In addition to this pilot will also be able to use voice commands to talk to Siri, ask for directions and even listen to music.

As it comes with LTE support, drivers will be able to start their cars remotely unlock doors, check the fuel level or locate their parking location with their mobile phone. Ford also added AAA and CAA services that are useful in the case if the drivers encounter an emergency situation, then they will be able to seek help immediately and help will be guaranteed to come to them wherever they are. Some other applications that added by Ford, for example, applications to open a Business Travel session (Concur) applications to alert drivers of nearby performances and shows (Eventseeker), and the application to direct drivers local attractions, nightlife and dining options.

Ford expects about 43 million of its car models will be equipped with Sync infotainment system 3 cars out on the street in 2020.

New Technologies Found in 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class Series

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New Technologies Found in 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class Series -

2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class series could have the simplest appearance than other Mercedes-Benz range. However, there are many new security features and characteristics may be semi-autonomous, which are installed in the car model.

The highlight of the car feature is characteristic of semi-autonomous security 'DRIVE PILOT' who like the Autopilot Tesla, but safer. He is able to keep the car in the hallways, even when the lane marking is unclear or may not exist. To clear path, speed up to 130 mph while for obscure paths or non-existence, the speed can go up to 81 mph. In addition to this, there is an "Active Lane Change Assist" which will help drivers each time they want to change lanes.

The car is also installed with "Director Evasive Assist ', by therefore, when it detects the car is about to collide with another car, it helps by adding exact calculated amount of extra effort to avoid a collision. If a collision is unavoidable, it emits sound inside the car to help reduce the loss of the driver and passengers of hearing.

in addition to the above features, the car is also designed to park with its' Remote functionality Parking Pilot '. therefore, if the parking space is too tight for the driver to enter the car or outside the car, the driver can get out of the car and let it tightens the parking lot. All they are performed remotely using a smartphone app.

The E-Class is the first car model Mercedes which is installed with communications Car-to-X via the system based on Wi-Fi. With this feature, the car will be able to communicate with E -class, not only, but all new cars and possibly other infrastructure that also support this communication function.

2017 car model E-Class Mercedes Benz, the company will offer 64 different colors of ambient light within which potential buyers can choose. It's very exciting, right?


Thousands of Robot Taxi service scheduled for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Thousands of Robot Taxi service scheduled for 2020 Tokyo Olympics -

Robot Taxi reported being test his taxi, car driving in a small region of Japan since last year . The company plans to use for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 people around driver.

Robot Taxi is a joint venture between DENA (a pioneer in the mobile Internet in Japan) and ZMP (a robotics firm of Japan). Instead of building its own cars from scratch, the company improves existing cars with self driving technology and marketing its taxi service.

Robot Taxi was developed to make it more convenient for elderly people to go to their destination that Japan has an aging population and it is difficult for them to get transportation available especially in the area rural. The company plans to make it less expensive than traditional taxi. As about 70% of the cost is actually the cost of labor.

Taxi Robot has some challenges. The main challenge is to get the autonomous driving technology to work on local roads and highways and maps as accurate as possible. There are also challenges in obtaining permission for the independent taxi to travel on the road. Such as the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, there is a statement that each vehicle or combination of vehicles proceeding as a unit shall have a driver.

Good news is that the Japanese government signed on taxis without drivers. Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister said he could tell that in 2020 Tokyo, self driving cars would be running around, and people would be able to use them to move.

Google Self Driving Car Driving Less Proven Crash human

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Google Self Driving Car Driving Less Proven Crash human -

Google has been reported to test self driving his own car on public roads since 6 years ago. Within these six years, he reported a series of minor accidents over 50 auto car driving who participated in the public test drive and has registered 1.3 million miles in Texas and California self driving mode. According to Google, the test fleet has 17 accidents reported on time and none of them is caused by self driving cars of the company.

After considering the severity and number of accidents that are not reported to the police, a study shows that human drivers are involved in 4.2 accidents per million miles while auto Car conduct offline are involved in 3.2 accidents per million miles. Therefore, one can conclude that self driving cars are generally safer than human drivers.

California has proposed state regulations that require all autonomous cars have the steering wheel, the accelerator and the brake pedal when operating on public roads in California. On top of that a driving license is required to sit on the driver's seat to take over the car for emergencies. In this proposal, Google criticized and said the same old status quo and fell short of allowing technology to reach its full potential, while excluding those who need to move, but can not drive.

Google is eager to show that its self driving cars are safe to operate on public roads.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will be the norm in 2022

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Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will be the norm in 2022 -

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and US Department of Transportation (USDOT ) recently announced that they have made an agreement with 20 automakers have AEB (automatic emergency braking) to be installed in all new vehicles manufactured by them in 2022 as part of the standard functionality. Currently, it is available for a fee of at least $ 1,000 to have it installed on the vehicle. Some examples of automakers that are included in the list are Audi, Ford, KIA, Mazda, Porsche and even Tesla.

AEB system will use sensors such as LIDAR, radar and cameras to predict a potential accident and warns the driver. If the driver does not react quickly enough, the car automatically applies the brakes to minimize the impact of the accident or to prevent the accident from happening.

This agreement will save about three-year process of bureaucracy and manufacturers that provide the system as part of their standard functions will be encouraged. IIHS predicts that nearly 28,000 accidents and 12,000 injuries can be avoided in three years with the AEB technology. NHTSA also announced that testing of the AEB system will be part of the 5-Star Rating Security Agency in 2018.

This is not the first time that NHTSA agree instead a formal regulatory process. In 2014, the agency requires that all new vehicles less than 10,000 pounds, which includes buses and trucks to be fitted with reversing cameras by May 2018. In addition to this, the 2012 model year vehicles are required having an electronic stability control as standard equipment.

All electric cars in Formula E series explained by a simple video

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All electric cars in Formula E series explained by a simple video -

Formula E is similar to Formula 1 motor racing competition which held periodically. The only difference is that Formula E is for all electric cars while Formula 1 is for classic cars. The similarity is that the car with the fastest speed wins the competition.

All the technology of electric cars is considered quite new in the automotive industry. However, the FIA ​​Formula E organizers have done a great job to make the video to explain how electric cars work in a simple way that even a non-technical person can understand. The video originally aired during the broadcast of the recent race in Buenos Aires. From the video, we can understand how the battery, inverter, motor and transmission work together to make the car can go the distance. In addition to this, in the video, it is also explained what are the limits of the electric car.

In the previous season, the cars that participated in the race were virtually identical. However, for next season, the organizer will allow teams to refine the parts that interact with the battery such as the car will be able to move further in a single charge. Therefore, teams will not be competing in the races, but behind the scenes as well

For more information on the formula E and details, you can visit the FIA ​​website .

For standalone Google must be stopped manually to prevent accidents

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For standalone Google must be stopped manually to prevent accidents -

Google has proposed to remove the steering wheel, brakes or the driver for its autonomous car. This can be achieved if autonomous cars Google, AOS can handle the situations that occur and not covered in their software. Currently, if there are scenarios occur and unsupported in a software as autonomous AOS, the driver is able to take control of the car manually.

It is reported that Google's drivers resumed their self-driving cars to avoid accidents on the roads California, AOS 13 times from September 2015 in November 2015. However, with the ratio of evidence Instead, privacy project director John Simpson, asked how Google could offer a car without a steering wheel, brakes or driver.

for 15 months of testing on public roads California, AOS, Google operated his car in standalone mode for 424.331 miles or 682.895 kilometers. During this period, there were 272 cases in which cars detected malfunction in itself and alerted the driver to take control of it. There were 69 additional cases so that the pilot took control of the car because they felt that the situations encountered could lead to potential accidents. 13 cases were supported by computer simulations and proved so if the driver has not taken the car, there would have been an accident.

For comparison, Tesla did not encounter situations where the driver needs to take control of its autonomous car. Nissan needed his pilot to intervene 106 times in 1485 miles of tests to not be completed back after too rapid braking or crashing after a slow braking. Mercedes Benz needed his pilot to take control of cars at least 1051 times in 1739 59 miles that it was initiated by the pilots as they were comfortable with the system behavior.

Delphi said its pilots had intervened 405 times in 16,662 miles, with 28 of them is precautionary because there were pedestrians and bicyclists near them and 212 was because the car had difficulties in identifying road markings or traffic lights. Volkswagen drivers intervened 260 times in 14945 miles and drivers Bosch intervened 625 times in 935 miles that planned tests.

John Krafcik, Google, AOS new president of the self driving car project named said that humans can intervene could actually make a probable accident. He also said that the car had to bear the entire burden to the Auto Show in Detroit. However, he also said that Google plans AOS would be influenced by automakers like Google will associate more and more.

Driverless Taxi could be available soon in Singapore

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Driverless Taxi could be available soon in Singapore -

driverless cars could be released on the market in 2020 and the National League of Cities expects that these cars are a common mode transportation in 2030. However, driverless cars could be released earlier that Singapore taxis without drivers.

NuTonomy is a start-up of the driverless car that started three years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The company has managed to get funding of $ 3.6 million since January.

NuTonomy was testing its driverless cars in Singapore and they just passed their first hurdle. For the next step, the company aims to make a pilot study for driverless taxis in Singapore and the public test date should be within this year. In the coming years the company plans to have thousands of driverless taxis to be easily available in Singapore.

It will be very easy for consumers to order a driverless taxi service. All they have to do is install a mobile application, similar to "Uber" and a taxi without driver will arrive at their sites and get them to their destination. In addition, the driverless taxi will run on electricity to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

It is possible to release the driverless car earlier in Singapore as there is government support. It is reported that the government has invested millions in automated vehicles. On top of that, despite known to have strict rules, however, approved the legislation will be promptly implemented in the country.

George Osborne, UK chancellor, announced that the driverless car will be available in the UK in 2017. Apparently, the government has also invested £ 15 billion for road infrastructure to support the driverless car.

China has increased in recent years. It can be seen as there are more and more cars on the highway, causing traffic jams and pollution. Therefore, the driverless car could solve this problem. Baidu, a Chinese company, has teamed up with BMW for its own version of the car without driver and has been testing in the United States. However, it might take a little more time for the driverless car to be released on public roads in China that changes in road safety China legislation could take some time to approve.

Japan was planning to release the driverless taxi service in time for 2020 Olympic Games. Japanese government promised in 2015 that they will ease regulations for driverless cars to be driven on public roads. Therefore, the driverless taxi will not only be available in urban areas, but in rural areas.

Four wheels Battery Powered Bike blow Minds

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Four wheels Battery Powered Bike blow Minds -

The four bike battery powered wheels is known as E-Wazuma. It seems more robust and colder than typical quad bike that normally seen on the desert or other related places.

E-Wazuma is manufactured by Lazareth, a boutique automaker based in a French village just outside Geneva, Switzerland. It has an electric motor of 40 horsepower installed inside each of the rear wheels and weigh 361 lb-ft with 52 times the new turbo 2017 Porsche Boxster S. The bike has almost zero lag and as soon as it began, the driver can feel the power and torque behind its powerful quad. It is certainly not for the timid.

Outside the building E-Wazuma, Lazareth is also known for building Maserati V8 LM-847 motorcycle that is just starting the Geneva Motor Show. The bike also has four wheels, but they are matched to provide the pilot with the same experience of driving a two-wheeled bike experience traditional riding with enough rubber on the road to handle the output V8.

Although E-Wazuma is just a prototype from now, however, the manufacturer claims they can easily build a version that is able to travel on the condition of the normal route. There is no news on the price or release date yet.